Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th July 2016 Written Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 29th July 2016 Written Update

Sona wakes up early in the morning worried for Dev. Dev repeatedly in sleep says Sona don’t leave me alone. Ishwari sadly says his mother is here. Radha comes and asks her to go and rest. Ishwari says no. Radha leaves murmuring nobody listens to her. Elena wakes up and sees Sona awake and asks if Dev called her. Sona says no. Elena asks her to call Nikki and check. Sona says at 7 a.m., what will she say Nikki, she should directly tell that she is her bhabhi and is worried for Dev. Elena says she will be going for work after sometime, so she should stop worrying. Sona says she will go right now.

Mamaji comes to Dev’s room and scolds Ishwari to go rest as he cannot handle 2 ill people, he will call her when Dev wakes up. Ishwari leaves. Sona comes for work and asks Bhola how is Mr. Dixit. Bhola says mamaji told Dev’s fever is down now and he is taking tea for mamaji. Sona takes tea to Dev’s room. Mamaji asks why did she bring tea. She asks how is Dev. He says he is fine. She says he must be tired and should go and rest. He says he just came some time ago, but Ishwari was awake whole night taking care of Dev. Dev opens eyes and smiles seeing Sona. Mamaji asks how is he. Dev says fine. Mamaji goes to inform Ishwari. Radha comes and asks Sona what is she doing here. Sona stands nervously.

Ishwari comes to Dev’s room hurriedly and asks Sona what is she doing 3 hours earlier. Sona asks if she needs breakfast. Ishwari says yes but on usual time and asks her to go out. Radha tells Ishwari she saw bengalan coming in, so she stopped here to stop her from talking to Dev. Ishwari goes to Dev and reminisces him repeatedly calling Sona. Dev sees her and holds her hand and asks not to go away and sleeps on his lap. He says Sona took care of him with cold cloth compresses for a long time. Ishwari says she should have called her as she knows what her son needs.

Ranveer comes home and Neha shows him catalogue and says where they will keep TV, fridge and furniture. Ranveer just looks at her face.

Ishwari feeds breakfast to Dev. Dev says where is his phone, why did not it ring yet. Ishwari says because she switched it off, gives phone and asks him to check mails and switch it off again. He checks Sona’s message that she is worried about him and eager to talk to him. He looks out smiling. Ishwari notices that.

Once Ishwari leaves, Dev goes out. Sona stops him and Dev says someone will see them. She says she wanted to take care of him and if he had informed his family about them, they would not have to hide their love. He says he will speak to mom first. He goes to Ishwari’s room and says he needs to tell her something.

Precap: Dev tells Ishwari that he can tolerate anything but not dissappointment fo him in his mom’s eyes. Ishwari asksif he really loves his mom so much.

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