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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 28th June 2016 Written Update

Dev says Sona Ms. Sonakshi Bose I love you. He starts praising her eyes that he loves his eyes because whenever she sees him, they glow. He loves his lips as they smile when they see him. He loves her a lot the way she is.

Ishwari, Radha and mamaji reach Ranbeer’s house to fix marriage date. Ranbeer’s bhabhi serves them kachoris. Radha starts throwing tantrums that she eats less spicy kachoris. Mamaji says kachoris are very tasty and invites Ranveer’s mom to come and taste Ishwari’s kachoris some day. Radha says it is very hot here without AC. Mamaji says coolness should be in hearts and not in temperature, AC and cooler will come and go… Ranveer’s mom says her pandit found marriage muhurath after 1 week, then there is no auspicious muhurat till 3 months. Ishwari says it is a good news indeed. Ranveer’s bhabhi says Neha is very lucky for Ranveer, he got a new better paying job. Radha continues her tantrums. Ishwari says they will leave now and takes her along.

Dev continues praising Sona’s beauty. Sona says she gets more nervous hearing this and says until he did not propose him, she thought she would lose him, but now she is really afraid seeing big dreams. Dev says they both complete each other. They both start their romance, dancing. Tu mujhme mujhme zyada hai…They both start staring each other. She goes and sits on chair and then walks near him staring at him. Song continues…in the background. She smiles and leaves.

Bejoy says his mom that he does not like her closeness with Asha. She asks why is he jealous. He calls Asha and asks if she knows what Asha did with her gifted sari. Mom says she knows Asha gave it to her sister. He says if she knows when Sujatha aunty came to stay here, what Asha did. Mom says she did drama to send her back, they both planned it. Sourav comes andasks if Sujatha aunty is coming back, she has to do drama again. Bejoy asks if this football also knows about it. Mom says yes…Bejoy asks where is Sona. Sourav says must be in Dev’s house.

Dev and Sona’s romance continues. Kuch rang ke pyaar ke aise bhi….song.. continues in the background. They look at each other’s eyes and continue smiling. Sona looks at watch and sys it is very late, family must be tensed, she needs to go. He says Sonakshii..She says even his family must be coming, please leave me. He says he will leave/drop her till home. She agrees.

Radha enters Dev’s room yelling she told him already not to buy precious gifts to Ranveer’s family. She does not find him in room and smells pleasant candles. She finds candle on floor. She calls servant and asks him to clean room. He finds Sona’s earring. She yells at him that she willl not reward him for this and sends him out. She thinks Neha dropped earring again.

Dev gets Sonainto his car to drop her home and sees earring missing, asks if wearing single earring is a fashion. She says no, it must have fallen in his room. He says tomorrow is special day for him. She asks what. He says his mom’s birthday and he wants her to help him shopping sari for mom. She says he is dumb in some issues. He says Sonakshii…and says he will pick her at 8 a.m. She says she comes for work after 9 and shops wll not be open so early. He says he can do anything for mom, he will get a shop open, says will come to pick her at 8 a.m.

Nikki and Ria fight whose jewelry is nice. Neha says they have to buy gift for maa’s birthday. Nikki says whatever they chose, mom will like Dev’s gift. Radha comes and asks why did she drop her eye ring again. Neha asks eye ring…Radha shows earring and asks why dd she drop it again. Neha says it is not her earring. Nikki says it is Sona’s earrring. Radha gets suspicious and thinks something is fishy.

Dev drops Sona home and she walks out of car promising to meet him tomorrow morning at 8 a.m.

Precap: Ishwari comes to Dev’s room in the morning and does not find him. She tells her daughters that every year Dev gets time from his busy schedule to take her out for shopping. Dev gifts her sari and says this time he did something different. Ishwari looks in surprise.

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