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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 27th June 2016 Written Update

Sona comes for work as usual in the morning. Dev informs her that Neha’s marriage is fixed and feeds her sweets. Ishwari calls Kichu. He takes her aside and she asks how did this happen. He says her whole incident.

Neha meets Ranveer and tells she is very happy about their engagement. She continues that loves him a lot and is surprised with his change…

Dev at Ishwari’s room and discusses about Neha’s engagement arrangements. Sona brings juice for Ishwari. Dev leaves for office. Sona then gets a courier. She thinks she knows Dev must hav sent it. She sees a beautiful pink sari with beautiful necklace and earrring set. She sees a note to get ready wearing these. Dev sends movie passes for his sisters and asks Ishwari and Radha to Ranveer’s house with shagun. Nikki insists Sona to accompany them for movie. Sona says she has work at home. Ishwari says she would have come if she was not busy, so Nikki should not force Sona. Sona realizes that Dev sent everyone out for a romantic evening alone. She looks at her jewelry set again. Garib ki beti Radha comes suddenly and Sona hides gift box in kitchen rack. Garib ki beti Radha yells at Sona as usual. Sona sees earrings on floor and tries to stop her, but she picks earrings and alleges her that she is eyeing on her niece’s earrings. She goes to Nikki’s room and scolds her for throwing earrings carelessly. Nikki takes them and asks Ria if they belong to her. Ria says no. Even Nikki says they are not hers. Sona comes and says she dropped earrings by mistake. Neha says they will look good on her. Sona asks them to enjoy movie.

In the evening, Ishwari, Radha, and mamaji get ready to go to Ranveer’s house with shagun. Ishwari tells Sona she will drop her home. Sona says she will go alone as her family called and informed that they are not at home now. Radha comments though they have big car, they cannot drop anyone and do charity. Her husband scolds her and all 3 eldes leave.

Dev while giving presentation sees Bunny written on one of slides. He says Nikki must have done it. Tina laughs silently. He then imagines Sona sitting in front of her and says he is coming. Sona thinks Dev wants to spend a romantic evening with her. She gets ready wearing Dev’s gifted sari and jewelry and enters Dev’s room, but tries to leave not seeing him. Dev calls her from behind and is seen lighting candles. She enters and asks if she is looking, she does not know to wear sari properly. He says sari is worth 50,000 rs. She says it is very costly, he should return it tomorrow. He loves her for who she is and not by looking beautiful wearing sari and jewelry. She shies. He says if she shies also and says Ms. Sonakshi Bose I love you.

Precap: Dev and Sona dance and romance. Sona’s earring falls down. Radha picks and scolds Nikki that she dropped it again. Nikki says it is Sona’s. Radha thinks something is fishy.

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