Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th October 2016 Written Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th October 2016 Written Update

Dev and Sona come from shopping. Radha cries that he told he will bring gifts from Paris. Rhea says they have shopped for traveling. Mamaji says Radha is garibhi beti and cannot has not gone to shopping like this. Dev says he has brought all this for Sona. Nikki checks and saays it is very pretty. Ishwari comes and gets jealous seeing shopping bags. Dev sees Neha standing near door and asks her why she is standing there. Neha says she is having headache and goes away. Ishwari says yes, Neha is really having headache. Nikki picks revealing nighite. Dev snatches and asks her to see what he is showing. Radha thinks so much shopping for Sona, Dev would have bought car for Vicky instead, bengalan is born with good faith.

Bejoy gives money and cheque to Sourav and asks him to clear his debt immediately. Sourav says he will clear loan when his partner repays half money. Bejoy scolds that he cannot eat with so much debt and asks him to clear debt immediatley so that he can eat peacefully. Sourav feels sad.

Elena goes to meet Sona. Sona takes her to her room. Nikki and Rhea enter and tell Dev never shops for them. Sona says she knows she wants her to shop and asks to make list. Nikki says she needs lots of Italian bags and she wants to make her friends jealous. Sona asks Elena where is her list. Elena says she does not have any list. Sona says she shops so much, but her sister does not. Nikki suggests Elena to prepare her list. Elena says Sona that she will leave now. Sona asks how is family, parents, Sourav, etc. Elena says they are all fine, thinks Sona does not know what is happening at home. She walks out and clashes with Vicky, says it is good she met him here itself. He asks really. She returns his money. He returns something she left in cafeteria and asks for coffee. She says never, she knows him well and warns to never try to befriend her. Vicky thinks within a few days, he will befriend her.

Ishwari in her room reminisces Dev shopping for Sona and telling Sona has made a lot of plans during their honeymoon. Dev enters and sees her tensed and asks what happened. She says she teaches him repeatedly and he ingores her teachings. He asks to be specific. She says since he came, whole family is talking about his honeymoon, how Sona wants to roam whole world, how they shopped for honeymoon, etc., he is just concerned about his and Sona’s happiness and not his sister’s, did ot think even once about his sister’s feelings. He says he can send Neha and Ranveer to honeymoon, but they did not take any decision, even Neha did not. Ishwari says Neha compromised due to situations. Dev says Ranveer did not agree to take help, what he could do. Ishwari says whatever it is, Neha has come here to share her sorrows with family, but he is showing off his happiness, she did not expect this from him. Dev stands dumb struck.

Sourav slices potatoes on a slicing machine and tells Asha that he practiced demo well. She asks why did he slice 3 kg potatoes. Bejoy comes and yells at Sourav and warns him to do a normal job than trying his own business ideas. Sourav stands sadly.

Ishwari sips evening tea with mamaji and Radha. Radha tells they have to go for a dinner at relative’s house. Ishwari says yes and asks Mamaji. Mamaji says yes. Radha yells Sona’s parents did not even call them for tea. Mamaji says after creating drama during marriage and returning gifts, any normal person would like to stay away. Ishwari says yes and says they will call them for lunch some day. Radha gets jealous and leaves. Mamaji asks Ishwari why she is looking tensed. Ishwari says Dev is going for honeymoon. Mamaji says anyone would go to honeymoon after marriage and not piligrimage. She says but…He says Dev is married and has t leave his mom’s pallu and even Ishwari should try to hold him. Ishwari leaves jealously.

Dev reminisces Ishwari’s words. Sona packs bags and says she needs something more. He takes list says that is all. She says she has given a list of huge books. He says that is all and gives fake smile, but feels sad from inside.

Ishwari sees Neha standing near pillar and crying. She asks what happened. Neha runs to her room and cries. Ishwari asks what happened. Neha says since she came here, she is seen only other’s happiness. She thought she would come here and share her sorrows, but she was wrong. She married Ranveer thinking she will find happiness, but she was wrong…

Ishwari in her room reminisces Dev lying her and going to a resort with Sona, Dev then telling he is yet to go to honeymoon, shopping, Neha crying, etc.. Dev comes and says she was right, he did not see Neha’s sorrows in his happiness, apologizes her and asks not to feel sad. She says he realized his mistake and loves his sisters so much. He says he loves his sisters and loves her most. She says then why is he going away from her for 15 days.

Precap: Ishwari cries in front of Dev that Neha is sufferig in life, but Dev is busy in his own happiness. Dev says he has decided he will not go to honeymoon. Sona is shocked hearing this.

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