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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 24th August 2016 Written Update

Ishwari calls marriage broker who asks how is she. She says however she is, if he did her work. He says yes. Dev calls Tina and scolds her that he checked his email 100 times and did not get pics yet. He gets earrings from his cupboard and reminisces Sona dancing in rain. Ishwari comes to his room and he asks why she did not sleep yet, 8 hours sleep is most important for her. She asks why did not he sleep. He says he was about to sleep. He sleeps on her lap and says food was very tasty today. She says she prepared it for him. Radha comes and says looks like nobody wants to sleep today and starts chatting.

Sona goes on a date with Rithik. Rithik tells when he heard Sonakshi name, he thought she would be fat, but she is not, even if she was fat, she would not have mind. She says she wants to tell truth to him and does not want to hide. He asks who is the boy. She says was, she broke up. He asks if her parents forced her to break up. She says her parents never force her. He asks if she is ready to a marriage. She says yes, she is, but she still remembers her boyfriend. Rithik chats cooly without getting disturbed… Their discussion continues. After thier meeting, Sona walks with Sourav who says she should not have told truth so early.

Ishwari sees Sona’s earrings on Dev’s table and thinks why is he holding it still now. Nikki comes and says Dev took her and Ria’s help to buy this earring for Sona, she will ask bhai why he kept it outside. Ishwari says no need, Dev has moved on and she does not want to remind him about Sona.

Dev waits outside Sona’s house drenching in rain. Sona comes out of a car followed by Rithik holding umbrella. Rithik asks Sona if he can do a mistake of gifting her umbrella. She smiles. Dev is shocked to see Sona with someone else smiling. He leaves in his car devastated. Sona senses his presence.

Sona reaches home and Elena says it is not fair, she went on a date without informing her. Sona says she senses Dev everywhere even now. Dev reaches home drenched, shattered and goes to his room reminiscing Sona with a guy.

Precap: Dev breaks thinks shouting Sonakshi cannot do this. Ishwari sees that and stands in a shock.

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