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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 23rd May 2016 Written Update

Radha tells Ishwari that rich family’s girls should not mingle with poor boys and should be careful, she should warn Neha to stay away from Ranveer. Ishwari says Neha is intelligent and would have evaluated Ranveer well, even Ranveer is a nice boy. Sona enters and Ishwari asks if she is right. Sona asks what. Ishwari says she was talking about Neha and Ranveer. Sona says they are both compatible as student and teacher. Radha asks if she started matrimonial service also. Ishwari signals Sona to ignore Radha. Sona says she will go to kitchen and walks. Dev sees her and asks if she came early. She nods yes. He says he is clear now that he will not marry anyone.

Dev in his office reminisces Sona’s words and thinks why he is so confused. Tina comes and asks to sign cheque. He signs and returns. She jokes that she is leaving job. He asks why. She says he signed blank cheque. He takes back and writes amount and asks why did not she marry yet. She asks why is he asking this. He says he is thinking a lot now a days. She says yes and asks him to relax. Dev leaves for home.

Sona in kitchen dances holding bottle gourd, reminiscing Dev’s words that he will not marry and thinks he will not marry Natasha, but can marry her. Kichu comes and she stops and says she is checking if vegetables are fresh and asks him to prepare juice. He says it is time for soup. She asks him to prepare soup then and nervously leaves.

Dev comes to Ishwari’s room and Ishwari says he should not let Natasha wait more. He says he is confused and wants Neha’s marriage first. Ishwari says Neha is intelligent and will find her life partner, he should not let Natasha wait. Natasha enters and says aunty is right, she is waiting for long. Dev nervously asks what..Natasha says all ladies are going for shopping, Nikki and Ria are ready and she is waiting for aunty. Ishwari and Dev relax and Ishwari walks out with Natasha. Ria and Nikki come out ready and discuss it would be better if Nikki accompanies them. Natasha brings Nikki and Nikki says she is also accompanying them. They all leave except Radha who tells Dev that Natasha easily convinced stubborn Neha and even after being from such a respectable rich family, she does not have a bit of arrogance, he should think about marrying her.

Saurabh and Elena are busy in their nok jhok. Sona enters smiling. Elena asks if Dev proposed her finally. She says Dev told he will not marry Natasha. Elena says then there is a chance for her. Parents enter. Elena jokes that they should get ready for Sona’s marriage. Asha asks they are ready, but where is groom. Elena says groom will also come soon. Daadi says she has selected saris for each rituals. Family’s nok jhok continues. Sona then goes to bed and thinks of Dev’s words and thinks he will marry her. Elena comes and taunts her..

Sona reaches for work in the morning and thinks if Dev is at home or not. He comes down. She nervously says he is at home. He says yes and asks what happened. She says his shirt button is loose and she will fix it without getting nervous. He asks why will she get nervous. She silently fixes button. Their discussion continues.

Precap: Dev tells Sona that Natasha’s dad discussed with mom about Natasha and his alliance. Sona asks if he and Natasha love each other.

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