Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st November 2016 Written Update

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st November 2016 Written Update

Dev tells Sona that he does not feel Neha and Ranveer’s relationship will be back on track as Ranveer is superegoistic and does not want to compromise at all.

At Sona’s house, Elena tells Asha that she and Sona talked a lot yesterday. Asha tells Bejoy that he needs to pay electricity bills. He says he will. Elena gives him money cheque and says Sona gave it. Bejoy says he cannot take it. Elena says he told Sona that he will be her daughter always and he will not in-differentiate with her.

Sona goes to Neha’s room. Neha says if she has come to talk about Ranveer, she does not want to. Sona stands silently. Neha tries to plug in hair dryer. Sona stops her and makes her sit on bed and applies conditioner in her hair and says her and Ranveer’s love story is unique, she meet him in English class, Ranveer identified her issue and gave her separate class, they used to meet in cafe shop, she looked so relaxed those days. Neha hugs her and cries. Sona thinks Neha still loves Ranveer.

Sona then comes for breakfast and hurriedly starts eating breakfast. Radha yells why she is eating so hurriedly as if she will miss something. Ishwari says Sona has rejoined job. Radha yells. Ishwari says when Rhea can go to job, then why not Sona. Radha says how can bahu go.. Ishwari ways they should encourage someone and not discourage, they already have so much problems at home. Sona asks if she is still thinking of that issue. Ishwari cries that she will not understand how one feels when a daughter’s marriage breaks. She runs from there. Radha runs behind asking not to cry. Sona feels sad. Mamaji comes and asks what happened. Sona says there is so much tension in family. Mamaji gives her moral gyaan that husband and wife’s relationship is unique as they have to carry both families’s problems and if they cannot handle it, their family should help them.

Elena comes and walks towards Sona’s room. Vicky stops her and asks if she is so eager to meet him. She says she came to meet her sister. He says Sona has already left for office. Elena says okay then and tries to leave. He says he will drop her to college. She says she can go alone. He insists and says he wil not talk about anything else. She agrees. While driving, he asks if she gets angry with his speaking style. She says frankly she did not pay attention. He says he was not like this before, Dev made him like this. She asks what he means. He says Dev used to come first in school, even used to study and come 3rd and 4th and everyone used to comment him to become like Dev’s, he thought he should be bold to garner people’s attention. She says even she was compared with Sona in her childhood and her mom used to ask her to adopt Sona’s good qualities. She then she is understanding him, that does not mean she will forgive his arrogant behavior. He continues chatting and after dropping her near car says friends.. She shakes hands and says yes and he does not have to say sorry again. He thinks she will have to soon.

Sona while consulting a patient sees patient’s husband’s love for her and patient telling that her husband takes all responsibilites himself. She reminisces Ranveer and Dev’s words and hopes she solves her family issues.

Elena records Vicky’s conversation and relistens in her room. Sourav comes and asks who is it. She says no one. He says Delhi’s boys are not good. She asks if he needs anything. He says he needs her help. She reads weird puzzles, if egg came first or chicken, if stairs go up, if same stairs will come down. She asks what is this. Sourav says he was asked weird questions during interview. She says he should join job and help mesho. He asks what abbout his irritation.

At Ranveer’s house, Raveer’s bhabi suggests him to forgive Neha and patch up. Ranveer says it is not all his mistake and leaves house. Sona enters next. Bhabhi asks if she came to ask if Ranveer signed divore papers. Sona says even they are concerned and she came to talk about it. She tells whatever happened is not good, but Ranveer and Neha love each other and and are angry right now, once they realize their mistake after some time, they will repent. Bhabhi says she should have explained Neha first.

Rhea and Nikki go to Neha’s room and show her what they shopped for her. Neha likes it. All 3 sisters chat. Kichu brings gol gappe. Rhea and Nikki says it is awsome. Neha gets emotional and says Ranveer took her to eat gol gappe on their first date, things have changed so much, one time they were trying to find happiness for each other, but today they are trying to forget each other. Ishwari standing near door hears this and gets emotional.

Precap: Ishwari tells Sona that she does not what she is trying to reunite Neha and Ranveer, but she knows her daughter well and her house is different from other houses.

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