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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st July 2016 Written Update

Ishwari sits in her room sadly. Mamaji comes and says he knows she waits every year to go out for shopping with Dev, but Dev this time wanted to do something different. Dev always wants to excelt by trying different and even tried with her gift, so she should be happy instead. He says even he brought her a gift and gives her their childhood imli golis/tamarind cady and reminds how they used to buy it from lala’s shop in childhood. Ishwari gets very happy. Mamaji says he needs 50% return gift. She says she will give only 1 and feeds him 1 goli.

At Sona’s house, Sourav gives lottery ticket to each family member and tells Sona if she wins, she has to give him 80% and keep 20% as comission. Elena asks what if Sona does not win. Sourav says she will. Elena says Sona already won lottery and says Mr. Obodro…Sona gets shy. Door bell rings. Sona opens door and sees golgappa/puchka seller who says someone sent him here. Sourav and Elena take him in and start hogging puchkas. Dev comes and tells Sona that he learnt to gift. Sona smiles and asks if he wanders even at this time, it is not a good habbit..

Dev looks at Sona’s pic as his laptop screen saver. Sona calls him. He says he was about to call her. Their romantic talk continues…

In the morning, Neha, Nikki, and Ria discuss mom usually likes only things related to Dev. Nikki says she is surprised when she did not wear Dev’s gifted sari. Garib ki Beti Radha comes and says she has called cloth merchant to shop for Neha’s marriage and asks them to stay at home when merchant comes. Nikki jokes with her.

After some time, Neha and Nikki discuss what to gift Neha for her marriage. Nikki says honeymoon trip to Europe. Ria says Europe people go out in winter and suggests Goa. Nikki says it is very tacky, they should think something different. Sona enters and asks them to suggest a gift for Neha. They both laugh and say even they are unable to decide gift. Neha comes and asks what are they discussing. Sona says they are discussing sangeet theme of her marriage. Nikki says techno. Ria says it is not a US student’s party. Nikki says what about food, they will enjoy a lot. Sona says food should be good with a twist of health. They bot h say no. Dev hears that passing by and says Sona is right, food should be tasty and with a twist of health. Nikki says they are fasting to lose weight and enjoy at Neha’s marriage, but this diet food theme will ruin their plan. Ria says let Neha decide what she needs. Neha says diet food idea is as good as Nikki’s techno theme idea. Sona leaves for kitchen.

Dev follows Sona to kitchen and says Sona says he says yes to everything like a honest boyfriend does. He says no, but diet food idea is not good. Their nok jhok starts. Sona offers him almonds. He muches some and says she tricked him. Their nok jhok continues. Radha watches them standing at stairs an fumes in jealousy.

Radha goes to Ishwari’s room and tells she should keep a tab on Dev, else bengalan/Sona will take him away. Ishwari says she trusts her son. Radha says howmuchever a gardener protects flower, bee will use flower at last, soon Sona will fly away with Dev. Radha says her son is her proud and she trusts him.

Precap: During shopping clothes for Neha’s marriage, Nikki suggests something for Dev. He says he cannot decide. Sona message it is good. Dev says he likes it. Garib ki Beti Radha says just now he told he is confused. Dev and Sona look at each other nervously. Ishwari notices that.

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