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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th May 2016 Written Update

Sona reaches home and sees daadi scolding Bejoy to buy a smartphone and stop using phone of her times. Bejoy says he will not accept phone from Saurabh. Sona says he should not be too cunning and enjoy life. Family is surprised to see change in her.

Ishwari reminisces Gujral’s proposal of Dev and Natasha’s marriage. Radha enters and says neighbor’s daughter’s engagement broke as she was found with some other guy watching English movie. It is better to get children married on time, asks if she spoke to Dev about Gujral’s proposal. Dev enters. Radha asks Ishwari to speak to him and leaves. Ishwari asks his opinion. He says he is surprised as shrewd businessmen like Gujral will not do business in loss. Ishwari says her son is so good that anybody would feel he is an asset for them and asks him to think about this proposal.

Elena asks Sona if she spoke to Dev. Sona says Natasha came in his life. Elena continues pestering her and she sends Elena out and locks door. Dev calls her and says he is a confused as always he took decisions for family, but today he has take decision for his life. Sona knocks door and says she will not talk about Dev. Sona says Dev she will call him later and disconnects call.

While on bed, Ishwari reminisces Dev in childhood asking her if it is necessary to marry. She asks why is he asking this. He says his teacher is marrying and asked his parents to move to their village as his house is small. Ishwari says old relationships have to be forbidden for new ones and asks him if he will leave her. He says never, he will not marry at all. She says he has to marry some day. She thinks that day has come.

In the morning, Sona comes to job. Nikki enters. Kichu asks if she is not having stomachache now as she skipped college. Nikki acts and then asks sona to play game with her. Sona says she will not as she lied. Nikki insists, Sona agrees and they both play TV video game. Sona loses repeatedly. Dev hears their from hall, enters in and teaches Sona how to play. She just looks at his face. Nikki goes out. Dev plays with her. Natasha enters and asks who is losing. Sona says she is and angrily leaves. Nikki comes back and asks Natasha to play with her. Natasha agrees.

Saurabh sees Elena chatting again and warns her. She jokes and he leaves. She chats with Vicky who is disguised as a good guy and chatting with her while sipping liquor in a bar. They decide to meet in a restaurant. Elena comes to a restaurant and waits for him. He sitting in a nearby table thinks he caught bengali fish with his buttery talks.

Sona goes to kitchen and cuts vegetables reminiscing Dev and Natasha’s proximity. She cuts finger by mistake. Dev rushes and scolds her why she is cutting vegetables when it is not her job. Sona starts shouting at him and asks to mind his own business.

Precap: Sona feels guilty for shouting at Dev and thinks she got angry when she saw him with Natasha, fumes more seeing Dev and Natasha feeding buscuits to each other.

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