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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th July 2016 Written Update

Dev comes to Ishwari’s room and sees her limping and writhing in pain. He scolds her why did she get out of bed and says he will take leave from office and will take care of her. She says she is fine and should have prepared halwa for even Ranveer and Neha. He sits sadly. She says she knows him better than himself and asks what happened. He wanted to gift flat for Neha and Ranveer, but Ranveer rejected his gift, he does not know why Ranveer rejects his gifts always. Ishwari says just like he wants to be a tree who wants to give shades to many people, even Ranveer wants to be a tree and not a plant which needs help. He did wrong by hurting Ranveer’s self respect, he should never do that.

At Sona’s house, Asha discusses a problem with Sona sadly..Ranveer goes back home and tells Neha that he does not want to hide anything and says Dev called him to his office and offered flat, but he rejected it. Neha says he did right. He says he knows she would respect his self-respect, he knows she is finding it difficult to adjust in his house, but he will work hard and buy a flat for her with his money.

Ishwari goes to hall and sees mamaji and Radha sitting on sofa. She tells mamaji that she is confused. He asks what. Radha says even she ges confused sometimes when her 2 favorite TV serials are aired at same time. Mamaji gets angry, but calms down seeing Ishwari’s face, asks Ishwari what she wants to day. Ishwari says she wants to keep satyanarayan pooja at home as Neha marriage happened after a lot of hurdles. Radha says it is a good idea. Ishwari says Devwill not attend pooja. Radha says she iwll convince Dev.

Dev passes by and stops seeing Ishwari. Ishwari says she wants to keep satyanarayan pooja at home. He says she can keep any pooja for her happiness. Radha says he should attend pooja for his mami garib ki beti’s sake. Dev says when he cannot agree mom’s demand, how can he agree her demand, mom knows he will not agree, so she is keeping quiet. Ishwari asks him to go and pick iron then/exercise.

Dev works out with dumbles in corridor. Sona comes. He asks if she thinks he is hot. She says yes. He says so cute. She says she called him hot, but he is calling him just cute. He asks if she likes him. She says she loves him and will always be with him and accept his decisions, though she may not agree. She asks what is it. He says nothing. She says something is there, if he does not want to discuss it now, he can discuss later. He should wear something before that. He wears towel and says he does not want to hide anything, he will try to solve his problem, and if he cannot, he will seek her help. He continues that whenever he looks at her, he thinks there are no problems in this world and even if they are, everything will be fine, Ms. Khargosh. She says Mr. Dixit. He says it is Dev for her. She says before family knows about them, they should inform them beforehand. He says she is right, he will inform at an appropriate time. She says he should go and get ready for office. Ishwari comes and Dev gets nervous. Sona nervously greets him good morning and leaves. Ishwari angrily asks Dev why did not he go to office yet. He says he was discussing about her health with Sona, and leaves. Ishwari stands angrily.

Precap: Ishwari sadly tells Sona that everyone will attend pooja except Dev. Sona insists Dev to attend pooja. He says then she should also attend.

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