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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th April 2016 Written Update

Sona comes home and says look whom she brought in. Whole family gets happy seeing Elena. Elena runs and hugs mom and asks who is she. Elena says she is fine, journey was adventurous, but Sona saved her on time. Dad calls her Puchki. Elena asks not to call her puchki and asks daadi to tell her son. Daadi asks dad not to call Puchki as puchki. Elena then hugs Saurabh and asks how is he. Saurabh says they tried a lot, but could not make him lose even a kilo. She laughs and asks what is he doing now a days. Dad says selling underwears and angrily walks in with family. Saurabh says Sona that Mr. Dixit’s call came 2-3 times by now. She realizes that she had to meet him in a cafe and sees 8 missed calls and rushes towards cafe.

Ishwari waits for Dev till late night. Radha starts her brainwashing again and says she waited for Dev half her life and should do as she says now. Ishwari asks what. Radha says get dev married. Ishwari asks why she always brings marriage topic and says Dev is still young.

Sona goes to cafe shop and thinks Mr. Obodro must have gone home by now, why would he wait for her till now. She sees Dev still waiting and greets him. Waiter asks Dev if he should repeat coffee. Dev says yes and asks Sona what she would like to have. Sona says fresh juice and says they can stand and talk as he was waiting for her since a long time and gulped many cups of coffee mugs. He says it is okay. She says her cousin came from Kolkota an got in trouble, so she went to pick her up and was calling her repeatedly. He says it is okay, he does not need explanation and says Dr. Sinha gave mom’s report and says her condition is stabilizing well. Sona says that is great. Dev says he wants her back to work and mom already is feeling guilty for her misbehavior, he will speak to even Radha aunty. She say it is okay. He asks her to come early in the morning tomorrow. She says she did not say yes yet and in bengali says he is very arrogant and rigid, then says he waited 5 hours for her, so she will say yes.

Radha starts acting seeing Ishwari and says Vicky that she cannot afford his course fees. He says all his friends have joined. She says his friend’s parents are rich like Dev and his parents don’t even have shelter to live. Vicky says he will join salesman job like his friend. Ishwari says when Vicky has rich brother like Dev, why should he worry about money. Radha hugs and thanks her and signals Vicky how she fools Ishwari.

Sona reaches home. Elena asks how was her date. Sona says she was in a business meeting and tells Dev wants her to be her mom’s nutrionist and waited 5 hours for her. Elena taunts that she loves Dev, so she is glowing. Sona says no. Elena says thenshe must have not accepted Dev’s job. Sona says actually yes as Dev loves his mom a lot. Elena says she promised to spend time with her. Sona says sorry.. Mom calls Elena and she leaves. Someone sends pics to her and she sees her and Dev’s pic in titanic pose.

Kichu tells Ishwari that he will prepare breakfast as per Sona’s chart but does not know how much salt to add. Ishwari says Sona will add herself. Radha gets jealous and asks if Sona will come again. Ishwari says Dev promised and will bring her at any cost. Dev comes and says Sona agreed. Radha asks even after so much insult. Dev asks if she agrees that she insulted Sona. Radha says no, but insult happened. Dev says his mom’s health is most important to him and he does not want anyone insult Sona. Maama comes and apologizes on Radha maami’s behalf. Ishwari asks why is he apologizing. He says when his life partner is doing mistake, he needs to apologize and warns Radha not to spoil someone’s house.

Elena tells Sona that her long distance relationship with her boyfriend is not working and she will not miss him. Their conversation continues. Elena sees Dev’s article in magazine and says he is so good looking and hot. Sona says he is very arrogant and confused. Elena says whatever it is, he is so charming. Sona says he is just her boss. Elena says then she should itroduce Dev to her, else she will consider that Sona is also behind Dev. Sona leaves for job.

Sona goes to Dev’s room and sees him wearing shirt and apologizes. He says it is okay. She says she came to take aunty’s reports to make diet chart according to it. He shows her report and she continues staring at her. He says everything is under control. She says everything is not normal. He asks what.. She says cholesterol. She says even it is under control. She says she is not..He asks what..She says she will check report again and inform him later. He stands confused.

Precap: Ishwari during breakfast tells family that some client made Dev wait for 5 hours. Ria says Dr. Bose. Ishwari gets angry. Sona and Dev pass by and get tensed.

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