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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th June 2016 Written Update

Dev sits on dining table looking at Sona and works on his laptop. Ishwari comes and Sona serves her salad. She asks if he is fine. Dev smiles and says yes and leaves for working saying Ms. Bose they will meet in the evening. Ishwari smiles thinking her son is very happy.

At office, Dev gets engrasped in Sona’s thought while employee gives presentation and asks how is it. He asks him to mail presentation, he will read it later.

Sona waits for Dev till late evening. Ishwari sees and says she looks so weak with work pressure, she should go home and enjoy her mom’s food. Sona says Elena is coming to pick her. Nikki comes and starts chatting, asks how is her boyfriend. Sona happily says her breakup happened. Nikki asks why is she still here. Sona says Sourav is coming to pick her. Ishwari comes back and says she told Elena is coming, Nikki says Sourav. Sona says both are coming to pick her up.

Dev finishes work and hurries from office. Manager stops him and asks to sign papers. Dev says he is late. Manager says it takes 1 min. Dev signs papers hurriedly and walks out. Sona walks on road thinking Dev did not pick her at all. Dev comes in his car and says sorry. She smiles. He says he thought she would fume. She says she is. He convinces her and opens car door. She sits in and says she does not have right to get angry. He asks if this happens in love. They continue chatting. He stops near her home. She hugs him and leaves nervously saying bye.

Elena reaches home and sees family sitting seriously. Dad asks what is it. Sona says love. Family suprisingly asks whattt…Sona says she means if mom is writing love story. Mom says tragedy. Sona laughs loudly. Elena says Sourav Sona is laughing a lot. Sona goes to her room and picks phone to call Dev. Sourav and Elena enter and she says oh no. They asks why is she saying oh no when they entered and asks what is happening. Elena snatches phone and calls last number. Dev picks call and asks why she delayed so much. Elena says it is her, Sona left phone, she will inform her to call him back. He says okay and disconnects call. Elena and Sourav asks Sona what is happening. Sona says Dev broke up his engagement and yesterday he proposed her. They both get happy for her and congratulate her.

Dev sings song while working on laptop. Ishwari comes with Ria and Nikki. Nikki’s moth wide opens seeing Dev singing song. Dev asks her to close her mouth, else flies will enter. Nikki says she has college trip after 2 months and wants to attend, but mom is not permitting her. Ria says she could not go as she did not want to make mom and bhai angry, now she wants to stand up for Nikki. Dev permits Nikki. Ria and Nikki walk thanking him and discussing why bhai is smiling so much.

Ishwari asks Dev if he does not want to sleep and says in last few days, a lot happened, both her children’s engagement got canceled and even Dev’s contract, Sona was telling right. Dev asks what did she say. Ishwari asks who. Dev sits silently. Ishwari says she wants to see him in the place he dreamt of. He losing contract does not make him lose his dreams, he will cope up with everything. She asks him to keep smiling and leaves asking him to sleep. Dev SMSes Sona once Ishwari leaves.

Precap: Dev apologizes Sona and says he will do whatever she says. She gives him chilli plate and asks to have chillies in breakfast.

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