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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 15th July 2016 Written Update

Ishwari goes to kitchen to prepare besan halwa for Dev. Radha enters and askswhat is she doing in kitchen. Ishwari says she is preparing halwa for Dev, he loves it. Radha asks her to rest as doc advised her not to stand for long. Ishwari says she will rest after she prepares halwa for Dev, Dev does not ask anything and it is a surprise for him.

At Sona’s house, Asha and Bejoy come back from shopping holding many bags. Bejoy says he had to spend 3000 rs extra for gifts. Everyone likes gifts. Daadi says her sari is best and she will go to watch Bengali movie with everyone. Family laughs.

Bhola comes to kitchen and says he knows to prepare halwa and she should go and rest. Ishwari says she will after preparing halwa. Radha also comes and tries to convince her, but she does not. She then waits eagerly for Dev in the evening and once she hears Dev’s car horn asks Bhola to serve it to Dev, he will be surprised to see his favorite halwa. She reminisces Dev in childhood finishing whole halwa. Dev enters and Bhola serves him halwa. He enjoys pleasant smell and is about to take a bite but stops and asks Bhola to take it away, it is high in calories with ghee, dry fruits, etc. He picks bowl again but then returns saying Miss Bose says it is unhealthy, especially at night. Ishwari hears this and feels very sad.

Dev drops Sona home in his car. On the way, Sona tells how her dad had to spend 3000 rs more to buy gift from lottery money. He starts praising her and says her hair is so soft. She says she uses shampoo. He says even he uses shampoo. She says what type. He says just shampoo. She Tina must be selecting shamphoo for him, he should marry her. He says she is looking jealous, he gets SMS. She asks whose SMS is it. He says he seems a possessive girlfriend. Their conversation continues. They both write their names on each other. Sona writes her name on Dev’s hand and Dev writes his name on Sona’s neck and says her handwriting is like doctor’s handwriting and his is crystal clear. He drops her home and returns home. Ishwari waits for Dev sitting on dining chair reminiscing Dev telling Miss Bose does not like him having high caloric food.

Dev returns home and sees Ishwari waiting for him, asks why did not she sleep yet. Ishwari says no. He brings halwa bowl and tastes it praising it. Ishwari says he does not have to eat it. He says he knows it takes a lot of effort to prepare this halwa, but his mom’s halwa is out of this world. Ishwari gets happy and goes to sleep.

Sona goes home and looks at herself in mirror. Elena comments that she has become more beautiful after falling in love, even she wants a boyfriend now to become more beautiful. she sees Dev’s name on her Sona’s neck and asks to show it. Sona resists and Elena calls Asha. Sona helplessly shows it.

Ishwari in sleep dreams about Dev rejecting her halwa and saying Miss Boss does not like him having high caloric food, Sona coming out of Dev’s room, etc…

In the morning, Sona comes to work and sees Ishwari doing household chores and asks her to rest. Ishwari ignores her. Sona says she should not hide anything with doctor. Ishwari walks out. Neha and Ranveer come home. Nikki and Ria get very happy seeing Neha and hug her. Ranveer jokes they forgot jiju. Everyone laughs. Dev and Sona look at each other and smile.

Precap: Sona asks Ishwari to let her work. Ishwari says she likes doing her work, what if someone comes and pushes her hand. Sona asks if she angry on her.

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