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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 13th October 2016 Written Update

Dev gets Sona’s call. He happily picks and asks if she is missing. She says she is just checking if he can come and get mixer repaired at home. He says he can become anything for her. She says she called to inform him that family was talking about Vicky’s job. He says everyone must be excited, especially mama, mama has done a lot for him. Sona says yes, but.. He asks her not to worry, he will manage. Vicky enters and asks if he was speaking to bhabhi. Dev says yes. He calls his employee and says Vicky will be under his training and he wants Vicky to train in all departments like Rhea did and whichever departments Vicky excels later, he can head that department. Employee says it is a good idea. Dev says it is his wife’s idea and says he is proud of Rhea’s progress and wants Vicky also to excel in all departments. Vicky asks where is his cabin. Dev says he will get a cubicle and soon will get a cabin depending on his talent. Vicky fumes.

Sona comes down and asks if mamaji if he wants to have halwa. Mamaji says no. She says he should beore someone finishes it. He says before garib ki beti finishes. Sona keeps halwa into oven and sits with mamaji. Mamaji asks if she spoke to Neha. Sona says not yet as Neha is disturbed now, and once she calms down, she will come and speak to him. Mamaji says yes. Oven beeps and Sona goes to bring halwa. Ishwari comes and asks what was he talking with Sona. He says about Neha. Sona brings halwa. Ishwari asks her to go to her room as she wants to talk to bhaiya. Once Sona leaves, she tells he should not talk about Neha to Sona as she may discuss about Neha with outsiders and Neha’s name will be spoilt. Mamaji says Sona is very intelligent and understanding and will never do that. Ishwari says she does not want to take a risk.

Dev gets Sona’s call and says hi, asks if she is angry on her, what did he do. She says she is fasting for the first time and he did not even call her once to ask how is she feeling. He says sorry…She says he cannot give excuse.. He says she knows how important is this fasting to his mom.. Sona says Dev..wo… Dev laughs and they both say they have played this game before. She says he became fool. She says no she did not. He asks her to come and meet him outside his office. She says just yesterday she went to her parent’s house and now. He says he wants her to meet him outside his office within 30 min. She says okay.

Bejoy hears something falling in living room and comes running and sees Sourav with boxes. Sourav says his godown is full, so he brought some items here. Bejoy scolds him. Asha comes with shopping bags and says she shopped for them and Sona’s family, hope they like it. He asks if she bought sari for her. She says no, she has already 3 saris from Sona’s marriage. He says een he has 1 kurta. She says again Dev’s family should accept these gifts.

Sona meets Dev outside his cabin in his car. He gets fasting food/fruits for her and him. He says he sometimes is very sweet. He asks what about other times. She laughs. They both enjoy food. Kuch rang pyar ke…plays in the background…

Sona reaches home. Neha asks what did she bring. Sona says cooking books. Neha says she has Kichu and mom, why she needs books. Sona says even she wants to learn cooking. Neha says she is lucky that she can decide what she can do. Ranveer’s call comes and Neha disconnnects it. Sona suggests her to speak to Ranveer, she may sort her issues with him. Radha comes and starts yelling at Sona to not interfere. Sona says she is part of this family and has right to interfere, she just wants Neha to be happy. Once she leaves, Radha fumes in anger and brainwashes Neha.

Vicky fumes standing in a que with employees to take a photocopy, breaks que and yells at employees. He then walks into Tina’s cabin and orders to call Dev. Tina says boss is not in cabin. Vicky starts misbehaving and insulting her. He then reaches home and Radha asks how was his day, howmany people did he scold today. Vicky angrily throws his blazer and shouts he served coffee to employees and had to stand in a que, it is all because of bengalan. Mamaji enters and warns him to speak with respect about sona, she is bahu of this house. If he is made intern, it is good for him, he should learn job and then climb ladder. Radha yells her sonn will not become a peon and she will do anything to get his right.

She goes to Ishwari’s room and starts shedding crocodile tears. Ishwari asks what happened. She says Vicky is insulted at office and is given peon job, all because of Sona, she provoked Dev to give peon job to Vicky. Ishwari goes to Sona’s room and asks Sona if Dev wants his brother to work as peon. Sona asks what does she mean. Ishwari says Vicky had to serve coffee to his superior and had to stand in que. Sona says Vicky is given an intern job and once he excels, he will get a good designation, everyone does this. Ishwari says there is a difference between everyone and Vicky. Sona says she and Dev just wanted Vicky to work hard and climb ladder. Ishwari asks work hard, Vicky is Dev’s brother and will get a proper right. She says she just came to inform that Vicky will work with Dev and not under him.

Precap: Ishwari scolds Dev that she ordered him to give a proper job to Vicky, but he listened to his wife and gave him peon’s job.

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