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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th April 2016 Written Update

Sona comes to Dev’s office and scolds him for uploading her profile on matrimonial site. She asks what if she posts her profile that an arrogant, boring 27 to 28 year old man seeks a girl for marriage. She continues shouting and leaves. He murmurs she is too much. His secretary jokes not to worry, she will not upload his profile.

Dev’s uncle writes his house furniture and appliance list to claim insurance. Radha comes from shopping and says she bought shirts for him and Vicky. He scolds her from where did she get money. She says jiji/Ishwari gave her and leaves yelling at him. Ishwari comes and says her brother that money is for spending. Brother says he does not like overspending someone’s money like this.

Sona goes home and Saurabh jokes that Dev’s parttime business of matrimonial will work well, he uploaded a nice profile of Sona. Dad also jokes that Dev is a very helpful man. Their nok jhok continues. Sona goes to her room and looking at praises for her on profile thinks what is Mr. Obodro, arrogant boss or helping friend.

Sona comes to work in the morning and sees Dev and Vicky exercises. Dev wins in pushup competition and Vicky says he won as he goes to high profile gym with good trainer. Dev says even he can go to his gym and they will compete after 1 month. He sees Sona and says she came late today. She says biceps, looking at his biceps, instead of okay. He asks which flowers she likes and thanks her for not uploading his profile on matrimonial site.

Sona goes to kitchen and sees Radha mixing spices in Ishwari’s food. Kichu complains. Radha starts yelling at Kichu and then Sona. Sona says she cannot let her serve this food to Ishwari. Radha starts fighting and throws plate on plate and cries loudly instead. Ishwari comes and takes her side and scolds Sona instead.

Whole family sits for breakfast. Radha continues crying. Ishwari consoles her. Bunty also comes. Nikki says let us play a game. Radha says she is not a kid. Bunty says even mama will play game. Radha agrees and says they will play antakshari. Nikki says they will play dumb charades and divides team between Bunty and Ria. She asks Sona also to join, but Radha insults her. Nikki asks Dev to join. Dev says he has work. Bunty says he will not become Bill Gates if he plays for 30 min. Radha insists Sona again and Sona tries to leave, but Nikki holds her hand.

Precap: Radha asks Sona to mop floor. Dev says it is not her work. Radha yells he has given lenience to servant. Dev angrily calls everyone.

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