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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th July 2016 Written Update

Dev tries to sliently leave to get Sona out from his room in lieu of bringing Neha to mantap. His friend stops him. He tries to leave again, but mama stops him. At Neha’s room, Nikki and Ria click Neha’s pic and taunt her that they will show pic to jiju/Ranveer and steal his shoes. Ishwari comes and scolds them for teasing sister and says Neha her daugter is looking very beautiful today and takes her down. Sona continues knocking door. Dev performs Ranveer’s rituals. Nikki and Ria show Neha’s pic to Ranveer and ask how is she looking. Ranveer says not good. Nikki says she will inform Neha. He says he is just joking, she is very beautiful. Dev gets tensed seeing Sona’s family coming and thinks what will he say when they ask about Sona. He greets them in and introduces them to Ishwari. Ishwari greets them in. Elena asks where is Sona. Dev says must be somewhere busy in work.

Sona continues to knock door. Dev asks Nikki to bring coins from his room. She says tants that he should give cheque to panditji. He insists and she leaves. She brings coins and he asks where is Sona. She says she does not know He asks if she did not go to his room. She says no, mom gave her coins. He tries to leave again, but mamaji says he and Ishwari should be with Dev’s family and stops him. Sona continues knocking door. Ishwari passes by and opens door and asks what is she doing in Dev’s room. Sona says she was waiting for phone call. Ishwari asks why her phone call will come in Dev’s room. She says she left phone by mistake here and leaves nervously. Ishwari reminisces Radha telling that she found Sona’s earring in Dev’s room and warning her that Sona is trying to trap Dev.

Marriage rituals continue. Ranveer sits in mantap. Nikki and Ria wait eagerly to steal his shoes, but Ranveer’s friend guards them. Nikki comes and starts conversing with Dev’s friend. Ria comes and says Ranveer is calling him. Friend leaves, leaving Ranveer’s shoes.

Panditji asks Ranveer and Sona to repeat 7 vows. Dev and Sona repeats vows looking at each other. Dev then performs kanyadan. Ranveer dorns mangalsutra into Neha’s neck and applies sindhoor on her forehead as Pandit ji instrutcs. Panditji says now they both are husband and wife. The both touch elder’s feet and take their blessings. Dev and Ishwari get emotional.

After marriage, Ranveer asks Nikki if she fooled his friend and stole shoes. Nikki nods yes. Mamaji suggets Nikki to get a huge gift. Ishwari says even he became child. Ranveer gives 10,000 rs and Nikki gets very happy and returns shoes. Bidayi ritual starts. Each family member with teary eyes hug Neha and wish her good luck. Ishwari and Dev look at car with teary eyes.

Precap: Dev cries keeping his head in Sona’s lap. Sona says if he does not speak his emotions to her, then to whom. Ishwari says mamaji if a girl comes in Dev’s life, he should inform her first.

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