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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th April 2016 Written Update

Sona scolds Dev for recording her voice. Their argument starts and power goes. She gets afraid. Servant says even inverter is not working. Dev switches his mobile’s torch on and walks around home to find candles. Sona follows him. His mobile switches off and he asks her mobile. She gives mobile and he asks where is torch. She says no torch in it. He then goes into kitchen and finds matchbox, lights stick and stares at her face. They then sits on sofa and she says she needs to go to washroom but is afraid of darkness. He asks how can anyone be afraid of darkness so much. She says Saurabh makes weird voices in dark and she got afraid. He says he will take her to washroom. She asks to speak to her. He says how can he and takes her to washroom and stands out.

Neha’s English teacher gives her fairy tales book and asks her to read. She asks what fairies mean. He says angels’ stories. She says she does not believe in angels or prince/princess. He says she should believe in all this and prince does not have to come on horse and can come in auto also and can be found even in malls, class, etc.

Dev laughs on Sona loudly that she is afraid of dark. She gets embarrassed. She then reaches home and sees dad beating Saurabh. Dad says Saurabh is playing with his dignity, neighbors think he has taken distributorship of undergarments and one lady asks to inform when cotton variety comes. Saurabh requests Sona to take her side. Dad spares Saurabh. Saurabh says he has to deliver order to neighbor tomorrow. Dad runs behind him. Sona and mom laugh.

Sona goes back to work in the morning and sees Nikki and Ria laughing on a joke and Dev getting irritated. She asks why Dev is silient. Nikki says he never laughs. She reminisces him laughing and asks if he really does not laugh. Nikki says they are his sisters and know him well. Sona goes and gets busy in kitchen. Mom calls her and asks if she uploaded her profile in matrimonial site. Sona checks her profile on site and sees Dev’s office’s mobile number. She goes and tells Ishwari that she needs to go home early as she has some important work. Radha yells and says she should do her important work on Sunday. Ishwari permits her. Radha asks her to keep dirty plates in kitchen. Ishwari says she will pick and tries, but Sona takes plates and leaves. Ishwari asks Radha not to be harsh on Sona.

Dev reaches office and assistant informs him that already 63 calls came for Sona and she cannot interview them all. He says she should. Sona reaches office and asks her why did Dev add her profile in matrominal site. She forcefully goes to Dev’s cabin and asks how dare he is to add her profile in matrimonial site, if he is her brother, uncle, relative..She continues shouting and Dev silently listens.

Precap: Nikki gathers family to play dumb charades and asks Dev to join them.

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