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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 10th May 2016 Written Update

Vicky practices Dev’s signature unsuccessfully. Radha scolds him that he cannot even copy Dev’s signature correctly. He says he will see signature once and will copy for sure. He enters Dev’s room and searches for specimen copy. He finds Dev’s watch and thinks Dev has a good taste. Dev comes in and Vicky hides. He then changes his clothes and calls his friend Bunty. Bunty is busy talking to his girlfriend and tells her that her sautan is calling. He picks Dev’s call and says he was busy with his girlfrield and she calls him her sautan. He suggests Dev to stop sharing his feelings with and aunty and have a girlfriend. Dev says it will happen when it should be. Sona on her bed smiles and thinks she is in love.

In the morning, Sona enjoys breakfast with her family. Saurabh gets a call and he runs to pick newspaper. Bejoy snatches paper and laughs seeing him in underwear advertisement. Daadi asks what happened. Bejoy says Saurabh was selling undergarments and is modeling in undergarments now. Saurabh embarrassedly leaves. Asha asks Sona if she will attend relatives’ wedding Sona says no. Asha says will find a lot of boys there. Elena says she will accompany her and tell people that Sona will find her alliance herself..

Sona goes to work. Dev comes and sits for breakfast. She asks if he wants to have something. He sees chutney bowl in her hand and asks only chutney. She says no, she will bring what he wants. He apologizes her for yesterday’s incident. She says it is okay and ask how was her meeting. She says it went well. Garib hi beti Radha gets jealous seeing them and brings Ishwari. Ishwari asks what went well. He tells his business meeting with Gujral and his daughter and says daughter Natasha is one of board of directors and she is well cultured and intelligent. Ishwari says girls are becoming very intelligent and bold now a days and gives Sona’s example. Sona beds and strikes her head with Dev. She says sorry and strikes head again. Ishwari asks what happened. Sona says she used to think she will get horns if she strikes head once. Dev asks if she is serious. Sona smiles. Garib hi beti Radha yells that she has gone mad and laughs all day. Dev leaves for work without havin breakfast and taking Ishwari and Garib hi beti Radha’s blessings. Sona smiles seeing him leaving for work. Garib hi beti Radha notices that and fumes.

Ranveer takes Neha to his favorite roadside tea stall. She sips tea and says it is wonderful. He says he usually comes to this shop during his daily walks. Neha tells about her childhood incident where she steals sweets from her friend’s mom’s tea shop. He says means she was that small thief. She says sh was a kid then and Ria and Nikki babies. They get up and she slips. He picks and drops her till car. She gets in car and thinks she could not say no to Ranveer even today.

Dev enteracts with his employees. Natasha comes and Dev says it is a surprise, how come she is here. She says she came to discuss business with him. He says he left file at home. She says that is okay, they can go home and discuss meeting there. He says okay and takes her alone.

Kichu looks at list and asks Sona what is dev bharta. She snatches notepad and asks him to get brinjal out. Ishwari comes and asks what is she preparing. Sona asks if she will have bharta and tell she will substitute tomatoes with lemon juice and continues talking. Ishwari hears Dev’s car horn and runs down. Dev comes with Natasha. Ishwari asks how come he is early home. He introduces Natasha and says he forgot files here, so they came to discuss business at home. She says he did good. Natasha touches Ishwari and Garib hi beti Radha’s feet. Dev asks Ishwari to send coffee and takes Natasha along.

Bejoy practices yoga on sofa. Saurabh speaks to his partner and asks him to accept only cash from clients as he does not want to pay tax. Bejoy breaks his silence and scolds Saurabh. Saurabh laughs and says he won this challenge. Bejoy throws pillows on him and runs behind him.

Sona asks Kichu to add lemon juice and black pepper in bharta. He adds. She shouts why did he add lots of pepper. He says she told. She apologizes him. She then walks out and sees Dev and Natasha busy in a meeting. Dev tells Natasha that he loves traveling and asks where she wants to go in 1 year. She says sasural and says she dreams of a normal housewife.

Precap: Dev gets Natasha in car and tells Sona that he will drop her after dropping Natasha as he is going via same route. She says it is okay, their routes are different now. Natasha greets Sona and follows Dev. Nikki tells Ishwari that Natasha is very beautiful. Garib hi beti Radha taunts Sona that Natasha is beautiful and well cultured, Dev needs this kind of girl whom Ishwari will also like.

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