Krishnadasi 9th September 2016 Written Update

Krishnadasi 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi written update

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Krishnadasi 9th September 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Uday sits on his knees in Mandir infront of Aradhya and proposes her with ring, he says i want to marry you, Aradhya is shocked, Aryan angrily looks at him. Aradhya starts leaving from there but Uday says why you love someone else? someone else is in your heart? Aradhya looks away and says there is no one in my life but why you are doing this? Uday says tell me atleast whats wrong with me? if you want time then you have 1..2..3..4..5minutes, Aradhya says stop this drama, Uday says this is not drama, i am asking this from my heart, if you answer is no then say it. Aradhya starts to leave but Uday holds her hand and says wont let you go without listening your answer. Aryan grabs Uday’s hand which was holding Aradhya’s hand and says didnt you listen her? she is saying no, how dare you propose her? go away from here, Uday laughs and says great protective baba, i understand she is sister of your would be wife but such protectiveness? its between us, its personal, you should not speak, Aryan says leave or else.. he is about to slap Uday but Aradhya comes forward and holds his hand, she says dont you dare raise your hand on our guest, Aryan says he is irritating you, Aradhya says i didnt ask you protect me, this is my life, i can deal with it, Aryan says he is proposing you, do you understand it? Aradhya says so should i remain single for life? this is time of life to get proposed, its my decision, aryan says fine, if he irritates again then i will beat him, she says with which right? that you are my sister’s husband? and dont hurt Uday again because i am going to get married to him, Aryan is shocked, she says i wanted to say yes but i was waiting that you both leave then i answer him, she turns to Uday and says i have decided to marry you, Uday looks on, he says Aaru you have given me happiness of life, Shravani congratulates them, Aradhya says lets inform family, she leaves. Uday is tensed, Aryan goes behind her. Uday looks on.
Aaba comes to one house and says i will find Shravani’s truth today. He knocks on door. one lady opens it and asks what you want? Aaba shows Shravani’s picture and says i want to ask about her, lady says she killed my brother in law and left with her lover, she has put black spot on our family, aaba says she is widow? woman says if her husband is dead then she is widow only, someone told me that she is Krishnadasi now, aaba leaves. woman smirks.
Aradhya is running away from mandir. Aryan stops her and grabs her hand, he says you know him? you will marry him? Aradhya pushes him away and says i know he will keep me happy, you dont have to worry about me, Aryan says can you love him? you love me, Aradhya says i dont love you, dont be mistaken, i dont have any feelings for you, accept this truth, how many times i have to tell you that i dont love you, you said infront of everyone that you are ready to marry Shravani, if you do good for someone, you will be happy, Aryan says i said all that because of Shravani’s.. Aradhya says i dont want to listen anything, she leaves. Bhamini has listened all this.

Scene 2
Uday says to Gayetri and David that you both should have seen their faces, Gayetri says this shows that ARadhya got so weak infront of Aryan that she agreed to marry Uday, David says but they have agreed to marry other people, Gayetri says Aryan is not problem, we have to shake ARadhya’s head. Uday says this girl Aaru is great, she is dream girl, if Aryan doesnt marry her then i will marry her, David says dont go off track, okay? Uday says i understood but my heart.. it doesnt understand, David says keep your heart to yourself, keep doing acting, dont become real lover and nobody can come inbetween Aradhya and Aryan, this is universal truth, Gayetri says lets talk to family about Aradhya and Udays’s fake engagement. they leave, Uday looks on.
Kumudini says Shravani told me that Aradhya has agreed to marry Uday, she asks Pundit to give date for Aryan and Shravani’s wedding. Aryan comes there, Kumudini says Aryan Pundit is checking date for wedding, Aryan says stop this, i dont want to get married, she says you promised me to marry Shravani, Aryan says i lied to you because you blackmailed Aradhya, i still love Aradhya and i wont marry anyone else, Kumudini says she is marrying someone else and what about you? you keep saying her name. Aradhya comes there. Kumudini name the devil and devil is here. All look at Aradhya.
Woman who met aaba says to Raj that i did as you said. I told him as you said, he must believe that Shravani is widow, Raj says you did great acting, thank God Shravani told me about aaba’s doubt so we set up all this, he gives money to woman, woman says i had time today so i acted but i have performance coming up so i would be busy, he says no problem, Raj thinks that i have to keep an eye on aaba till i dont get Aryan’s wealth, he seems smart.
Kumudini says to Aradhya that you come here daily, what now? Aradhya says you may think that i am no one to you but i take you as my aaji, i am getting married, Kumudini looks on stunned, Aryan’s face is red due to anger, Nakku is happy. Aradhya says thats why i came to take your blessing, Kumudini smiles, Aradhya gives her sweets and touches her feet, Kumudini says God keep you happy with Uday always, this is great news, in 2years for the first time you have made me happy, i will dance in your wedding and i will give you one pearl from my mangalsutra to bless your wedding, Aradhya says you all are invited in wedding, Kumudini says yes, Aradhya looks at Aryan sadly, she starts leaving. Aryan says to Kumudini that tell Pundit to find date of wedding soon, i am ready to get married. Aradhya stops and turns to look at Aryan, all are happy, Aradhya looks on in tears, she leaves. Aryan makes Kumudini eat sweets, he goes to his room. Kumudini says Nakku did you listen? Aryan is ready for marriage, she makes Shravani eat sweets and blesses her, she says now problem Aradhya is gone from my Aryan’s life, God you listened to me.
Aradhya comes to her room. She cries. Judai plays. Aryan looks at Aradhya’s picture in his room’s wall. Aryan breakdowns and cries profusely. he caresses her pictures.

Scene 3
Pavitra is praying to Ganpati. Bhamini comes there and sits with Pavitra. Pavitra says take rest, i am here, Bhamini says i want to sit with bappa, what are you thinking? Pavitra says i am thinking about Aradhya.
Uday comes to Aradhya’s room and says you called me here by messaging me? its not your fault, tonight is beautiful and moon is infront of me, i am remembering Yash Chopra’s movie seeing this situation, Aradhya looks on. Uday says you are thinking about honeymoon? where you want to go? Aradhya says when i said that i want to marry you, i said it to show off to Aryan but i cant marry you.
Pavitra says to Bhamini that Aradhya agreed to marry Uday but she is not happy with this relation.
Aradhya says to Uday that i dont have any other option to make Aryan marry Shravani. you might think i am using you but you wouldnt want to marry girl who cant be yours, i am saving you, there wont be love in this marriage, i am just doing drama, till Aryan and Shravani doesnt get married, will you help me in this drama? i am not forcing you, you can leave, Uday says dont worry, i will be in this drama with you, Aradhya extends her hand and says friends? he hold her hand and says friends.. Aradhya says i am sorry i thought wrong about you, Uday says no sorry no thank you in friendship. Uday thinks her love for Aryan is so real, people like her exist in this world? so true and honest, i trust now.
Bhamini says God will make everything right Pavitra. Bhamini thinks that i thought Shravani needed Aryan most in this time thats why i did it but i might become snatcher of one’s right by giving rights to other.
Shravani comes to her room and sees Raj there. she locks her room and says what are you doing here? what if anyone sees you? Raj says relax, i would hide, i know it was you, first i doubted you but when you told me about aaba, i trust you again, Shravani says dont know what would happen to you if i was not there, there are less days remaining in our plan to succeed, he asks to bring chicken and wine, she says Ganpati is in house, he says bring whatever you find, let me sleep, she stares him, she leaves her room. Shravani says i am getting married to Aryan but this Raj still thinks that i will marry him, he is stupid, he knows a lot about me, i have to do something about him. She calls police station and says there is news, the Jairaj she is finding, he is hiding in Kumudini’s house.Its morning. Aaba is reading newspaper. He drinks tea and finds poster of Lavani dance. He sees same woman’s picture on poster whom he met as Shravani’s husband’s relative, he reads her name as Kamli bai, he recalls how she said that Shravani killed her husband. he says she works in acting troop? it seems like Shravani’s story is complicated. He calls Damini and says can you meet me today? i have work, he ends call, he says now police will solve this matter, i am going to bring Shravani’s truth out for my Aradhya.
Aaba meets Damini in mandir. She asks what you want? aaba says you know about Aryan and Aradhya’s love, then Shravani came, then Jairaj in drug case, someone is behind all this, Damini says dont go round round, you want me to search Kumudini’s house where Jairaj is hiding? this was the information you wanted to give, Aaba thinks why she is saying all this? Damini says sometimes you ask me search her house, sometimes she asks him to do that, its like police doesnt have any other work, all cases get withdrawn, tell me truth you want to disturb them because of Aryan’s marriage? some girl called police, Aaba says if i knew Raj is hiding there then i would have announced it, i want to ask why Kumudini would hide killer of her daughter? it can be someone else, Damini says if you didnt call then who called? it can be someone who was hiding Raj and now because of strained relation, she is trying to get him arrested. Aaba thinks she is right, who it can be? Shravani?

PRECAP- Aryan says to Uday and shravani that me and Aradhya, our past. Aradhya says forget past, we cant keep holding onto past, i am not same Aradhya, i am moving on. Later Aryan is in tears and says you can try as much as you want to throw me out of your life, remember one thing you cant love anyone else.

Written Update by Atiba

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