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Krishnadasi 8th July 2016 Written Update

Aaba arrives at the court. People there shout that he must be hanged. The judge arrives in the court and the proceedings begin. The prosecutor calls Komodini as an eyewitness. Komodini comes to the witness box, eyeing Aaba with hatred. The lawyer inquires her to say whatever happened at the venue. Komodini narrates that this man pushed her out of the village 22 years ago along with her daughter. When they returned, he didn’t leave a single chance insult them. He wanted to kill her grandson Aryan as the house he lives in is named after Aryan. Tulsi came in middle, he shot the bullet to kill Tulsi. Another Pandit comes as witness, Aaba had sworn to kill Komodini and Tulsi. Yashvant also witness against Pradhyuman and demands strict punishment for him. The prosecutor presents the whole case, then calls Aryan in witness box. He accepts he is Tulsi’s son, and the court might think he wants to side Tulsi but there is a member from Pradhyuman’s family who is a witness to all the proceedings. He wants to call Aradhya on stage.
In the corridor, Aryan gives Aradhya that its time she returns all rights Tulsi has with her. Aradhya accepts Aaba as her father in law, she accepts she went behind Aaba as he left home to kill Aryan with a gun. She wanted to speak to him, she had already calmed him down. The lawyer asks her straight if he wanted to kill Aryan or not? She says yes. The lawyer qualifies if Pradhyuman shot Aryan and Tulsi died? Aradhya says there was a gun shot, but it wasn’t from Aaba’s gun and this is truth. Aradhya swears to Tulsi that Aaba didn’t kill, he held the gun but the bullet wasn’t shot from his gun. She has a proof about it, there was no bullet in his gun as she had taken them from his gun in the car. The defence lawyer hands the court all the bullets. The prosecutor blames that such bullets are available anywhere. The defence lawyer presents the postmortem bullet that doesn’t match Aaba’s gun and presents the ballistic report. Aryan blames Aradhya for not informing anyone. Aradhya insists she tried to tell him many times. The judge asks them to keep peace. The prosecutor asks why Aradhya didn’t inform police before. Aradhya says she informed Damini. Damini had told Aradhya that the anger for Aaba can be dangerous for him, jail is safest for him till then. Damini accepts in the court that he kidnapped Aaba only because it could be confirmed only after ballistic report. Aryan deters Aaba from within the court. People there were hopeful for Aaba’s release, Aryan sits broken there.
There, Banwari makes Patwari hold his luggage to the room.
Gayatri was worried about what must be happening in court. Banwari selects her room, and informs Gayatri that this house belongs to Komodini and she gave him a right to select any room. Banwari informs Gayatri that they soon have to leave the house. David comes deterring Muneem that Gayatri has a house to stay, he warns him that he would be the one to leave the house. Banwari says Aaba is going to jail, and this house would belong to Komodini. The court releases Aaba. Aryan holds the collar of Aaba, Komodini accuses Aradhya to be a disloyal. Aryan appreciates Aaba to have recognized Aradhya has a liar and betrayer. Aryan warns them that he would go to any extent, but won’t leave Aaba. Yashvant takes them outside.
Sashvant thanks Damini for helping them with the case. Damini asks to thank Aradhya, it was possible only because of her. Aaba suspects Komodini for being responsible. Damini insists that this isn’t the right direction, Komodini has no point in killing Tulsi. Aaba says Komodini was silent when her daughter was being stoned, she must think about it. Purva and Raaj appear from behind it, Purva thinks that Pradhyuman has lost his mind and is accusing Komodini. Raaj suggests her about creating a murderer, they smile.
Aradhya was in the corridor, the defense lawyer asks her to take the guarantee that Rao can’t leave the city until the case is resolved. She signs the papers.
Aryan does the last rituals of Tulsi. He was shocked to see a girl praying at the other side of the lake, but she had taken a veil. He informs the girl he also came for the same purpose. Aradhya says she is what she is only because of his mother. Aryan demands how she know about his mother, Aradhya qualifies she came from Puna and she met his mother there. She cries. Aryan recognize her respect for his mother. Aryan says there are people whom his mother brought up for years, still she didn’t come. He allows her for doing the Astiya visarjan of his mother with him and comes to stand beside her.
Davit hurries Muneem out of the house when Aaba returns home. Aaba strictly demands what he is doing here? Gayatri explains that Muneem wanted to send them out of this house taking Komodini’s name and Davit was only taking him out of the house. Aaba pushes Muneem out, Aryan holds him at the door. He announces that not Muneem but their luggage will be thrown out, this is this house’s owner’s decision. Aaba reminds Aryan that his granddaughter is his wife and she has half right over his property. Aryan says it was proven in court she belongs to him. He comes to light a newspaper in the ashtray. He says he is going to clarify a confusion, he is breaking his marriage with Aradhya but taking anti-rounds with her around this fire. Shashvant reminds him that they are husband and wife by law as well. Aryan shows her divorce papers that have been signed by them both. They were shocked. Aryan announces they aren’t spouses even by law. He demands if she was really happy while signing Aaba’s guarantee papers? Those were divorce papers. He orders them to get out of this house with her whole family.

PRECAP: Aryan hushes them out of the house, he will make them suffer. Aradhya says she and her family will stay at Tulsi’s house.

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