Krishnadasi 7th September 2016 Written Update

Krishnadasi 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi written update

Krishnadasi 7th September 2016 written update, Krishnadasi 7 September 2016 telly update, written episode 7 September 2016, Krishnadasi 7th September 2016 Written Update Review, Krishnadasi 7 September 2016 Written Story.
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Krishnadasi 7th September 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Aaba says to Kumudini that you have thrown enough filth around here, get out. Kumudini asks Shravani to come, Shravani says you cant talk to my aaji like this. Bhamini says dont say this kumudini, she asks aaba if he behaves like this with guests? Aaba says she should know how to behave as guest, Shravani says she has come with me, you cant insult her like this, Aaba says you are marrying your sister’s husband, what respect you are talking about? get lost, Bhamini says she goes then i will go with her. Shashwat asks aaba to calm and just ignore Kumudini, aaba leaves. Kumudini asks Pavitra to bring cold water.
Aradhya is working in kitchen. Uday comes there from behind and eyes her. Aradhya thinks its Gayetri and says pass me aaples Gayu, ARadhya says food is ready, you know Kumudini aaji is fussy about food. She sees Uday there and stares him, she says i thought it was my sister, he says i am here at your service, she says we dont ask guests to work, Uday says i dont consider myself as guest aaru, Aradhya says but you are guest for us, Uday says leave it. Uday says i was your fan since college days, you used be great debater, Aradhya says you were in my college? Uday says your beautiful girls dont remember guys, dont tell me you didnt see me once in college? he laughs and says i know beautiful girls have many boys going around, you know i was nerdy with big glasses in college, no girl would look at me but i used to go to college for you, i used to listen your voice, i used to like you, she says what? he says i mean you were good and i liked you. I thought when i would come for David’s wedding, i will meet you too. What you think about me? Aradhya says what? he says i mean girls like you would like me? Aradhya says any girl would like you, you are smart and intelligent.. thats what you think? you are entertaining too? Uday says i know i am good, my mother used to say no girl can get guy like me, he starts cutting veggies for her. They have talk and enjoy. Aryan sees them bonding and stares Aradhya getting frank with Uday, he leaves. Uday says leave other girls, tell me you like me or not? Aradhya says listen Uday you dont know anything about me so we should not talk about me, Uday says i know i dont know anything about you but i know that i like you, i dont care what happened in your past but i like you Aradhya, Aradhya stares him and asks him to move, he does, she leaves. he eats fruit and says its sour.
Aaba comes in room and sees Bhamini packing bag, he says why? you dont want to see my face thats why hiding your face? or hiding your face because of what you are going to do? she says i didnt do anything for which i have to hide my face, Aaba says i accept that i did mistake and i asked forgiveness for it many times but i cant see anything wrong happening now, Bhamini says so insulting Kumudini and Shravani was right for you? Aaba says what magic Kumudini has done on you? she is snatching Aradhya’s happiness, dont you remember Kumudini always destroyed our family, Bhamini says leave others, i have seen own family members snatching family’s happiness, aaba looks away and says i know you are pointing at me, i accepted it and i accept that i did injustice with you and girls of house but you are doing wrong, you ranaway with Shravani and says now you are destroying Aradhya’s life, cant you see Aradhya is hiding her painful tears and sacrificing her love to make Shravani get married to Aryan, when did you become so heartless Bhamini? Bhamini just stares him.
Aradhya serves fruits to Kumudini, she doesnt take it, ARadhya serves Shravani. Uday comes there and asks Aryan where have you been? he asks Aryan to eat. he says you didnt recognize me? i am Uday, i was with you and Aradhya in college. He sees Shashwat going to kitchen and says i will take your plate to kitchen, you just sit, i will take it. he serves him food too. Pavitra asks Uday to let her serve it, he says no i am member of this house now, infact i think you should check girl for me and make me marry here so i become registered member of this house, Pavitra says done talking? she takes dish from him and leaves, Aryan glares at him. Aradhya comes there. Uday says you must have not eaten anything aaru, he offers her food, she says i am not hungry, she goes to sit. Uday comes to Aryan and says i am thinking to get married too, i mean we dont get girls easily, he looks at Aradhya while saying it. Uday says i need your help, Aryan asks what? Uday says she is your friend, help me to get her. Aryan says try yourself, you are all chatty with her, Uday says it wont be good if i praise myself, if you do that then she will agree, she is your friend, she will listen, just help me once and make me closer to her. Aryan says look at her, she looks short and sweet but when you get closer to her, she can make you crazy, Uday says what? Aryan says test out yourself, dont involve me, he leaves.
Aaba says to bhamini that tell Shravani to not destroy her sister’s life. Kumudini comes there and says whats going on here? aaba says whats your work between husband and wife? Kumudini chuckles and says husband and wife? first ask Bhamini if she even accept you as husband? Bhamini you dont take him as husband right? she asks aaba what you were saying that i have work inbetween all this? i can come anywhere, i came to call my in law Bhamini not you, ceremony is about to start, Aaba says i feel like she is using you Bhamini like shes doing with Shravani, i doubted her when she gave shelter to widow Shravani, Bhamini thinks widow? she is stunned. aaba sees her, Kumudini says he has gone mad, did you forget how he behaved with you and your grand daughters, lets go for ceremony, she takes her. Aaba says why she was stunned listening Shravani as widow? something is a miss.
Pavitra says to Gayetri that i am so happy for you. David and Uday comes there. David says Gayetri you asked me to tell everything to Uday about becoming friends with Aradhya. Gayetri asks Uday if everything is going per plan? he says yes, i have learned everything about them by heart, Aradhya actually believes that i was in her college, Aryan and Aradhya thinks that i am interested in Aradhya. Gayetri says very good, now Aradhya will realize that she cant think about anyone other than Aryan, David says Aryan cant see anyone else snatching Aradhya from him, Uday says its good plan. Pavitra says i am scared, Saras says everything will be good. Pavitra prays to God. Aradhya comes there, all are tensed to see her. Aradhya says why you are looking like you are hiding something? Pavitra says nothing, we were just making Gayu ready, Aradhya says even Uday and David were helping you? Uday says David was dying to meet Gayetri, you know love and marriage? so i helped him to bring him here, lets go, they all leave. Aradhya says why they all were acting weird?

Scene 2
Engagement ceremony starts. Gayetri makes David wear ring. Uday says David you got your girl, he looks at ARadhya and says dont know when my time will come. Aryan stares him and wishes David. Bhamini and Shravani wishes too. Shashwat says lets do aarti, Kumudini says i to prepare for Shravani and Aryan’s wedding, we should leave. Aradhya says stay till aarti, Shravani is part of family, we will like it if she stays till aarti, Bhamini says she is right. Aryan sees Uday smiling at Aradhya, he says aaji we will go after aarti, Aradhya tensely looks at Aryan while Aryan suspiciously looks at Uday,
Aradhya is doing aarti. Uday is standing beside her while Aryan is behind her. Aaba looks at Bhamini and recalls how Bhamini got shocked listening widow word? Uday chants for Bappa. aarti is done. Uday says why all are silent? lets dance now, its Ganpati time. He plays dhol. Everyone starts dancing except Kumudini’s family. Uday dances with Aradhya. Aryan is angrily looking at them. Aradhya slips and falls in Aryan’s arms. They share eyelock while Aryan holds her in his arms. David and Gayetri are happy to see it. Aradhya moves away from him and feels emotional, she tries to control herself by clapping for others dancing.
Bhamini is sitting in her room and prays to God for her kids and says bring happiness back in Aradhya’s life, i didnt do good with Aradhya, she is really nice girl. Aaba comes there and says i am not here to fight, i just want to ask one thing, when i said Shravani as widow then why did act so shocked? Bhamini says who is widow? Aaba says i was calling Shravani widow, her husband died in accident right? Bhamini says Shravani didnt get married, so how can she be widow? Aaba recalls how Aryan’s car killed her husband and then how he had to become her care taker and he spent night with her and how Shravani got pregnant and how Aradhya promised to make them marry. Aaba says this means that just to get married to Aryan, Shravani played that widow drama, both are shocked at this revelation.

Scene 3
Kumudini says to Shravani that you met everyone? this is your family’s house, nobody cares about you expect your aaji. aaba thinks that this girl seems to e in plan of Kumudini, she made everyone believe that she is widow, i have to uncover this drama. Shravani says shall we leave? Pavitra says i will give parsad for Nakku and all. Kumudini says lets go Aryan, Aryan looks at Aradhya and says now? Shravani says if you wanna stay then i will stay with you, Kumudini says engagement is done, everything is done and cant you see some people are feeling filthy with us being here. Bhamini thinks Shravani and widow? i have to find out truth. She says Kumudini i will come with you, i want to spend time with Shravani. Kumudini glances at Aaba and says bring your clothes too, there might not be enough rooms here anyway for so much people. Aradhya says place should be in heart, rooms can become bigger or smaller with time.
Shravani comes to her room and says i am tired of playing goody goody girl. Bhamini brings milk for her and says i used to make this milk for Pavitra when she was pregnant with you, Shravani looks on and says we didnt spend time in so long, you remember that small village and our small house where we used to cry for small things but in this house you will be queen, Bhamini says drink milk for baby, its rich with dry fruits. Shravani drinks it and says its nice, i want to eat food you cook, you should cook for me, Bhamini stares her, she asks what? she says i am seeing if this Shravani is my old Shravani or someone else? Shravani says what you mean? Bhamini says its been 2-3years you are away from me, from the time you started dancing, you forgot me, you just used to send me money, wont tell me what happened? Sravani says i started doing Lavani dance, i became Barkha Bai and earned money then i came in this village, i didnt know it was my village, you used to live in this house? you used to rule here? now i will rule here, Bhamini says thats all what happened? marriage? Shravani says marriage will happen now infront of you, Bhamini says what about marriage after which you became widow, Shravani is shocked to hear it.

PRECAP- Uday sits on his knees in Mandir infront of Aradhya and proposes her with ring, he says i want to marry you, Aradhya is shocked, Aryan angrily looks at him. Aradhya starts leaving from there but Uday holds her hand and says i wont let you go without listening your answer. Aryan grabs Uday’s hand which was holding Aradhya’s hand and says didnt you listen her? how dare you propose her? he is about to punch Uday but Aradhya comes forward and holds his hand, she says dont you dare raise your hand on Uday again because i am going to get married to him.

Written Update by Atiba

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