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Krishnadasi 7th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Chimaji says to family that Aradhya is possessed by spirit in real, Tulsi says i dont believe this. Tulsi says this cant be possible, Chimaji says till we dont find answers, we have to protect others, Aaba says do something else my family will be destroyed. Nakku says to Pavitra that how can it be possible? this means she has spirit in her.
Kaveri says to Aryan that you are welcome here, i know whats going in your house, that spirit has comeback to your house after years, she was roaming around for years. Aryan says i dont know what you are saying but you are living at your land, you need to leave this place for our factory. Raj says she wont listen like this, he says madam are you deaf? leave from here, Aryan says if you need place then we will arrange home for you but you have to leave this place, Kaveri says no one can make me leave this place, i have been praying for years, she has comeback and this time she wont be trapped by anyone, she will bring destruction this time, she laughs. Raj says she is doing drama to not leave this place, its time to be strict with her, Aryan says she is not an easy woman to handle, lets leave this place then we will talk. Raj says to Kaveri that stop this drama, Aryan goes out.
Chimaji pours some powder around Aradhya’s bed, he makes circle from powder around her and says to family this powder will not Aradhya to harm anyone, she will remain caught in this circle, Chimaji says no one should go near Aradhya, i will try to find solution to bring her out of this situation, Tulsi says i will stay with her, i cant leave her like this, Chimaji says nobody should stay with her, he leaves. Pavitra says to Tulsi that ARadhya got angry seeing you, dont know how she will react after waking up when she will see you again, you should leave, Tulsi says i cant leave now, Pavitra says trust me, we will take care of her, dont worry, i will call you, Tulsi leaves.
Raj brings Kaveri out of cave. he says you leave this place, Kaveri says you destroyed my home which i made in years, Raj says stop this nonsense, he pushes away Kaveri, Kaveri falls down. Aryan comes there and says what you did raj? her head is bleeding, we have to take her home, he takes Kaveri with him, Raj says he is emotional fool.
Nakku says to Pavitra that we are gone now, Aradhya has become ghost, she wont spare us, Pavitra says nothing like that, Nakku says then how did sindoor went to black? Purva comes and says i will tell you how it became black, she remembers flashback when she listened Chimaji and Tulsi talking about sindoor and how Chimaji told her that if sindoor goes black then it will prove that she is become ghost. Purve went to Aradhya’s room and changed sindoor box with black color box, fb ends. Nakku says Purva you are on right path, Pavitra says soon that ARadhya will leave this house which i want.
Gayetri comes to David who is sitting out of house. David asks how is everyone? Gayetri says everyone is fine, i thought about everything and i think your feelings are genuine, i will go with you, David says really? what about aaba? she says i will make him understand, first you eat something and end this hunger strike. Gayetri feeds him food, he smiles at her, Gayetri shows him papers and says this is land papers which aaba gifted to us on our marriage, i dont want to take it, please sign it, David smiles and signs papers. Aaba comes and says great work, today Gayetri has done work which Rao family can do only, David asks what he means? aaba says once we trusted you and you cheated us, you know you have have signed divorce papers, now i can make Gayetri marry Raj easily, you get lost from here, David is distraught and says i wont let it happen, Aaba leaves. Gayetri says to David that everything is finished you should leave from here, Gayetri leaves from there.
Tulsi cries and says Krishanji that why you are giving pain to Aradhya so much? please end everything. Kumudini comes home and says i wasted whole day but i couldnt find any proof against Shashwat. She sees Tulsie crying and asks what happened to you? Tulsi says Aradhya.. they have done something to Aradhya, she tells her everything, how Aradhya behaved, she says even sindoor went black, Kumudini says who told you that this proves that she being possessed by ghost? Tulsi says i dont understand anything, Kumudini says but i understand everything, Shashwat is trying to kill you and otherside they are trying to prove that our Aaru is ghost, i will not spare them now, i will complain to police about them, she thinks that Shashwat can attack my Tulsi again, i cant leave him, i have to make Tulsi on my side to trap him, she says to Tulsi that come with me, she leaves with Tulsi.
Gayetri is crying in her room, Pavitra sees her. aaba comes there too, Pavitra says i will pacify her, aaba says no need for that, it was done by her only, let her cry, David’s story has ended finally, he leaves, Pavitra looks at Gayetri crying.

Scene 2
Aryan brings Kaveri to his home. He makes her get down from car, she looks at his house and says i wont go in this house, this house is haunted, ghost will finish everything.

Kumudini says that this Shashwat is so dangerous he tried to kill my daughter.
Aryan asks Shashwat to say something else she will keep saying lie, Shashwat says she is saying truth, i met her in mandir, she showed my chain, she asked me questions and i said that i am not afraid of anyone, she can do anything she wants, Aryan says i cant believe that you can try to kill anyone, you have some problem thats why you are accepting it. Damini says i have to arrest him, Aryan says to Damini that they always do this drama but their cases always turn out to be nothing, Damini says your father has confessed everything, Aryan asks Shashwat what he is hiding? why he is accepting all this? Kumudini thinks that i am making my grand son cry. Tulsi comes to Kumudini and says dont you feel pity on anyone? cant you see Aradhya’s condition? cant you see tension of this house? Kumudini says did they have mercy on us? you are talking like Aryan is your son then who is Aradhya? when Shashwat will get arrested then then this all drama of ghost and everything will be stopped, they are behind that only, i know that, she leaves.
Damini orders policeman to arrest Shashwat. They start taking Shashwat from there but Aradhya comes there and says in heavy voice that Thamba.. (stop), all look at her, Aradhya says where are you taking my son(Shashwat), all are stunned to see her, Pavitra says why she is calling Shashwat as her son? Damini leaves with Shashwat, Aryan tries to control Aradhya but she pushes him away and says what kidn of grand son are you? they have taken my son, i wont eat anything, Tulsi tries to comfort her but Aradhya says dont touch me Devdasi, my family got destroyed because of you, my Saras left everything because of you, she tries to strangle Tulsi, Aryan holds her and asks Tulsi to leave, Tulsi cries and leaves from there. Aryan tries to control Aradhya but she keeps pushing him away, Aryan asks her to look at him, he grabs her tightly, she faints in his arms, Aryan lifts her and leaves from there. Pavitra says to Aaba that she was talking like my mother in law, aaba gets tensed.
Aryan brings Aradhya to room and makes her lie on bed, he says why she was talking like my grand mother, what has happened to her? does have any psychological problem?

PRECAP- Aradhya dresses her Aryan’s grand mother and sits on couch. She acts like owner of house and says to Aryan that my grand son come here to me, all are tensed seeing her.

Written Update by Atiba

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