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Krishnadasi 7th April 2016 Written Update

The episode starts with Aryan hitting the old man with a rod and fighting the goons.He hugs a distraught Aradhya telling not to be afraid.Aaba leaves from there but kumudini watches everything.The goons attack again and Aryan beats them.Goverdhan tries to take Aradhya away but Aryan hits him and the man falls on the ground. A Goon tries to attack Aradhya with a sickle but Aryan saves her in time holding it and his hand bleeds.The man again tries to attack but Aryan protects Aradhya and accidentally puts his bleeding hand on her head,filling her hairline like sindoor.Both are shocked at this.Aradhya tells Aryan to look back as goons again come behind to attack.Meanwhile Aaba finds Markand and Banwari outside who plead him to forgive them but he drags them both from there.He takes them both to aryan and starts acting as if he was not at fault.He asks Aryan to take Aradhya home.Aaba then comes to his true form and tells markand and banwari that he was only doing drama.Kumudini witnesses the whole scene and records Aaba’s talking thinking to take advantage and leaves.
Aryan brings Aradhya to his jeep.He feels bad seeing her apalled and consoles her.She hugs him and cries.Aryan is surprised.Aradhya becomes aware and breaks the hug.She apologises and thanks him for saving her in the nick of time.Aryan starts joking to make her smile and jokingly remarks that he filled her maang like “khoon bhari maang”.Aradhya recalls Aryan mistakenly fiiling her maang.Aryan asks her not to be serious and says it was just an accident.Aradhya agrees and sees his wounded hand.Pavitra arrives there and begins her tantrums.Aryan manages to convince her but pavitra drags him away.Aryan and Aradhya look at each other tensed.Aradhya reaches home and sees Tulsi(actress changed)
praying in the temple.As she hurries to her room Tulsi stops her and sees blood on her forehead.Kumudini arrives there and starts her drama that her daughter is now married to Aryan.Tulsi is stunned.On the other side Aaba reaches home and pavitra falls at his feet and starts doing drama.Aaba assures her that he would definitely do something(perhaps he pointed towards getting Aryan married).pavitra and nakku smirk.There,Aradhya is furious and explains what happened actually but Tulsi argues that its not mere bloodmark but sindoor.Their arguements continue and Aradhya storms towards her room.Kumudini tells Tulsi that the day will come when she will understand everything.The screen freezes on her evil face.

PRECAP:Kumudini plots how to make Aaba accept Aradhya as their daughter in law.There, as Aradhya enters Aaba’s house she slips on something and lands in Aryan’s arms.(Sorry,if there is some mistake)

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