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Krishnadasi 7th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Scene 1
Pavitra and Gayetri comes to mandir, Markand asks them to go for aarti, Pavitra says i will meet Aaba then i will come. All leave, Gayetri is taking out things from car, Markand comes to her and eyes her, he says i will help you taking things from here, David comes there and says Shivangi is calling you, he leaves, David asks Gayetri to give let him hold things, Markand eyes him and says he always come inebetween, i have to take care of him, he leaves. Gayetri shows things to David, David smiles.
Pavitra comes to Aaba, Aaba asks where is Aryan? she says i dont know, he asks about girl, Pavitra says she is coming in aarti, Aaba says i can do anything for my grand son, she leaves. Aryan comes to Aaba and says you are looking like rockstar with turban, Aaba says where were you? i was finding you.
Love Guru Shakti Arora, Anita hasanadani,, Asweriya Shakuja,, comes to Mahashivratri function, Shakti flirts with Asweriaya,, Anita scolds him, Ashweriya says Anita is my friend, she has already told me about you, Shatki says even your anger is good, we want to see you pray, Anita says yes i remember you used to pray from heart in school too, Ashweriya says Shiv is our care taker, i am lucky to serve to him here, i couldnt leave this chance, i have listened about this mandir alot, we dont leave empty handed from here.
Aaba says to Shastri that Aryan will do Aarti today.
Aryan starts aarti. Aswriya starts tandav dance outside. Aryan chants for Shankar Bhagwan. Aradhya is coming to mandir, Pavitra sees her coming and tells Aaba that Aaro has come. They go to see her, Aaba waits for Aradhya to come in mandir, Aradhya is coming near but before Aaba could see her, Shastri calls Aaba to give him parsad, Aradhya gets Shivani’s call and leaves from there, Gayetri says to Pavitra that dont know where Aradhya left.
Shivani calls Aradhya and tells her that she is in problem, she is in Krishnawati and standing infront of her house, she asks Aradhya to come here fast, she ends call, Aradhya says dont know what happened to her, i have to go to home but Gayetri must be waiting for me, i should inform her, she calls Gayetri but her phone is switched off, Aradhya sees a lady going and says give my note to Gayetri and tell her that i had to go to home for some urgent work, she gives her aarti plate to her too and says give it to Gayetri.
Aaba comes to Pavitra and asks about Aradhya, Pavitra asks Gayetri to call Aradhya, she says my phone’s battery is dead, Pavitra says call from my phone, Gayetri goes to call Aradhy, lady comes to Gayetri and gives her Aradhya’s note with aarti plate and say Aradhya had some urgent work. Gayetri sees note, Pavitra asks her to read, Gayetri reads “i am sorry, i had some important, i am returning your bangles, your Aayi gave it to me but its expansive gift and you people dont me well”, Pavitra says she is so cultures that she returned gift as it was expansive. Pavitra comes to Aaba and says Aaro had to go for some urgent work, Aaba says no work can be more important than meeting me, she doesnt have manners, Pavitra says no she is really cultured, she sent message too that she cant come, she is nice, Aaba says she can be of any nature but she will keep my grand son happy thats enough for me, he leaves, Gayetri says to Pavitra that we will make Aaro and Aaba meet some other time.
Aradhya meets Shivani and says how could you come here running from home? shivani says this was safest place, if i was in hostel then my family would have taken me from there, Aradhya says i know you and Varun love each other but running away from family is not good, you should take family’s blessing for marriage, Shivani says my dad was so angry that he wanted to kill Varun, you dont know my dad, he wanted to get Varun beaten up by goons, he would make me get married to anyone, we have no other option but to marry in court, Aradhya says think again about family, Shivanik says my family will not think twice, they will make me get married to anyone, they will not think about my future even, Aradhya asks where is Varun? Shivani says he is preparing for marriage, i dont have any friend who would help in this, i need you, Tulsi comes there and says Shivani you? when did you come? Shivani says sometime back, Tulsi asks whose marriage you are talking about? Shivani gets tensed and says about my cousin’s marriage, Tulsi asks them to come in home, i will make tea, she leaves, Aradhya asks if they will get married in Krishnawati’s mandir? Shivani says no, my mom dad knows that you are my friend and you live here so they can come here, we have to go away from here and you dont tell your Aayi and aaji, Aradhya says you know i dont hide anything from them and its difficult to convince Tulsi, you dont know people in this village, Kumudini is already ill, what will i say to Tulsi? she wont agree but lets try.

Scene 2
Shivani says to Tulsi that i want to take Aradhya to my cousin’s marriage, Tulsi asks where it is? Shivani says near panchneshwar, Tulsi says you both go, it will be good if Aradhya gets change from this situation, Aradhya says thanks Aaji, i mean Aayi, Tulsi leaves, Aradhya says to Shivani that you do so much over-acting, Shivani says i will call Varun.
Its morning, Shivani says to Aradhya that my parents wanted to have destination wedding for me but all plans failed, its good that i am getting married to Varun. Aradhya asks where is Varun? Shivani says i forgot to tell you one thing, Aradhya asks what? Aryan arrives there with Varun, Aradhya looks at him in surprise.

PRECAP- Aryan and Aradhya are sitting in front seats of jeep, Aryan comes close and ties her seat belt, she stares him. Aradhya makes Aryan drink water while he is driving. Kumudini and Aaba are at someone’s place, man offers juice to Kumudini, Markand tells aaba that i have done your work easy as i have mixed poison in her juice, Aaba is shocked, Kumudini is about to drink juice, Aaba gets tensed.

Written Update By Atiba


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