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Krishnadasi 6th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Krishnadasi Part- Pavitra says this girl has made fool out of my son, she is dragging Aryan in whole village to make him tell people how to save water, she has made my son her puppet, she is slowly taking place in his life and in this house, she lost ring today but Aryan was taking her side, Aryan is in her control fully, she is nagin, what should i do? Nakku comes there and says you think i am cheater? but i know your pain, Pavitra says leave from here, Nakku says i came to tell you solution of getting rid of that Aradhya, Aradhya will do black magic on aryan and will fully control him, that day you will remember my talks, i will leave now, Pavitra stops her, Nakku smirks.
David says to doctor that i will arrange money but atleast give injection to Sara, Doctor says this is not in my hands, i didnt what i could do, you have to arrange money, he leaves, Gayetri has listened all this and gets worried.
Shashwat says whatever happened in house today with Aradhya was wrong, i will buy jewelry for Aradhya now to make up for it, he comes to jeweler and sees Gayetri selling her jewelry, he is shocked and thinks why she is selling jewelry? i should be ashamed that my daughter is selling her jewelry, that David has destroyed her life, i will not spare him, he leaves.
Nakku says we can get rid of Aradhya for life, Pavitra says this is not easy, she is with Aryan all the time, Nakku says there is only one to do this, that is to kill Aradhya, Pavitra is shocked.
shashwat is beating David, he asks what have i done? shashwat says you have destroyed my daughter’s life, she has lost everything because of you, he is about to slap him but Gayetri comes there and holds his hand, she says you have not right to talk inbetween us or to beat him, why are you beating him? what you did when i needed father? why didnt you stand up for me? i will solve everything myself, Shashwat says i saw you in jewelry shop, Gayetri says i dont need your fake sympathy, leave from here, she and David leaves, Shashwat says she is right, i couldnt speak up when she needed me and i couldnt take Aradhya’s side too who take me as her father.
Pavitra says are you mad? i am not killer, i just want to get my son back but i cant kill anyone. Nakku says if that girl remain alive then she will eat everyone alive like nagin, remember how Aryan used to run behind you earlier but now he is under her control, he just listen to her, Pavitra recalls how Aryan saved Aradhya everytime, Nakku says these devdasies do black magiv, dont you remember how Kumudini trapped king and destroyed aaba’s sister’s life? this girl is Kumudini grand daughter only, think about the happenings, Pavitra recalls how Aryan kept taking Aradhya’s side, Pavitra asks Nakku to leave, i am unlucky, after giving birth to 2girls, aaba warned me that if i dont give birth to boy next then he will get Shashwat married again but after Aryan was born, i thought my problems her solved but now i think that if i dont agree with Aryan then he will leave me, Nakku says Aryan is not even listening to aaba, he talks sweetly with Tulsi as if not you but he is his mother, he gave her his blood too, what else you wanna see? you will lose everything if you dont do anything now, Pavitra says do some balck magic that this girl leaves Aryan’s life, Nakku says i would have done it but these devdasies have ability to break all black magics, there is only one way to end this matter and that is to end the roots, if we do it properly then all will think that is accident, this is for your son’s life, there is no time to think else she will destroy your and your son’s life too, she doesnt love Aryan, she just want to take revenge of her aaji, she will destroy everyone in this house, understand what i am saying, Pavitra thinks and decides.

Swaragini Part- Swara angrily looks at Rajat, she shows note to Sanskar, she is in tears and recalls how rajat that Parineeta bhabhi is with him and if he tries to open her mouth then she will be gone, Swara thinks that i have to open my mouth, i have to stop Utara’s marriage, i have to bring Rajat’s truth to everyone. Swara comes to durgaparsad and says Mr. sharma is asking about you, he says okay i will check, swara gives him note and leaves. Ragini comes to Sulekha and says this note is given by servant, check it, she leaves. Swara and Ragini gives note to all family members, Swara tries to give note to Sujata but she drops it mistakenly, Rajat notices note on floor, Swara takes note and gives it to Sujata, Rajat angrily looks on, Swara says i dont know what is it, she leaves. All family members read note one by one. Sujata reads it loudly that “i want to talk something important, dont react after reading note, just come upstairs after reading note”. All family members act like having some work upstairs, they leave. Sulekha takes Sujata with her. Swara tries to go upstairs but waiter comes to her and stops her, he says check this tissue, tissue has note “to look around before opening your mouth, if you tell anything to your family then they will be dead”, waiter shows gun to Swara, she is stunned and looks around to find guns with all waiters, she gets tensed.

Krishnadasi Part- Nakku calls Aradhya and says Pavitra has called you, come Haveli, Aradhya says i will come, she ends call and thinks that Pavitra must be angry with me for ring, i will say sorry.
Aradhya meets Pavitra and says i am sorry for this ring, Pavitra says i am not happy with this marriage but Aryan’s happiness matters to me more than mine, i know Aryan wants to marry you and when this marriage has to happen then everything should go fine, from past days, everything is happening wrongly as if some evil eye has cast on us so i was thinking to do pooja and as you are going to Aryan’s wife so i want you to do this pooja, Aradhya gets happy and says yes for Aryan’s sake and for this house’s sake, i will do anything, i will come tomorrow for pooja, i will bring Shastri too, nakku says shastri is not needed, Pavitra has asked Chimaji, we have to do pooja today, at this time only, Aradhya asks what she has to do? Nakku says you have to take out food for poor and have to do pooja of sun, Aradhya says i will do it, Nakku says i will do arrangements of pooja, you make Aradhya ready, she leaves, Pavitra says i will give you my saree for pooja.
Aradhya wears Pavitra’s saree, Pavitra dresses her up and thinks that i am doing all this with heavy heart but God knows that i am doing this to free my house from this girl, sorry Lord, Nakku comes there and says are you ready? Aradhy nods and says to Pavitra that thank you for accepting me, this has made me happy, she touches her feet, Pavitra says shall we leave? Aradhya says you go, i will come, Pavitra leaves. Aradhya says Aryan will be so happy to listen that his mother gave me her saree and is making me do pooja like her daughter in law, she messages him.
Aradhya does pooja in Haveli’s mandir, Nakku asks her to go to terrace and not look behind, from terrace, do pooja of sun, aradhya nods and leaves. Nakku says to Pavitra that dont worry, i am with you.
Aradhya is going to terrace, Pavitra is following her, Nakku says when you get chance just push her off terrace, she will be injured and will be gone. Aradhya comes on terrace and starts doing pooja, Nakku asks Pavitra that dont forget that this girl will destroy your life, just kill her before she can do anything. Aradhya is doing pooja when Pavitra comes from behind, Aradhya is taking rounds with eyes closed and doesnt see Pavitra there, Pavitra recalls how Aryan said that he will marry Aradhya only, how he broke her swear and saved Aradhya, she recalls how Aryan took her side even when she lost their family ring, Pavitra doesnt want to push her down but Nakku hints her to just throw her off terrace, Pavitra recalls how Nakku said that Aryan used to love his mother but now he just listen to Aradhya, Pavitra pushes Aradhya off terrace, Aradhya falls down and hits fountain on ground, aryan comes there and sees this, Aradhya lies in pool of blood in fountain area, Aryan runs to her and screams her name, he asks Aradhya to wake up, he asks her to wake up, Aryan sees Pavitra on terrace and says why you did it aayi? why? he Asks Aradhya to wake up and cries as Aradhya lies unconscious in pool of blood, Aryan cries.
PRECAP- Aryan comes to Pavitra and grabs her, he says why you did it? Pavitra says i didnt kill her, she was doing pooja, her foot slipped and she fell off, Aryan says dont lie, i saw you pushing her off terrace, i saw it myself, how can you do this? she is my life, she is everything for me, you took my life away being my mother only? Pavitra says i will die without you son, Aryan says i am not your son, Shashwat says you couldnt care for your husband ever but atleast you could have accepted your son’s emotions.

Written Update by Atiba

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