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Krishnadasi 6th July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Aaba looks at Aradhya and gives her gun, she is emotional, she holds aaba’s hand and says lets go home, you can think about it, i beg you to forgive Aryan, lets go home, please, aaba contemplates, Aradhya takes gun and says lets go, aaba starts leaving with her.
Kumudini is going from Haveli, Banwari comes and says do you even know your grand son’s life is in danger, Aaba have called him to factory and has gone there with gun, he is going to kill him, Kumudini is shocked and calls Kaka, she asks him to bring car.
Pavitra is checking Shashwat, Shashwat is injured by Pavitra’s mistake, she cries, Nakku says Doctor is coming.
Raj and Purva are waiting for Aryan to come so they can kill him.
Aaba and Aradhya are in car, she thinks that thank God, one bad thing stopped. aaba asks Aradhya to call him and tell him to not come to factory, Aradhya says my phone doesnt have charge. Markand calls aaba and says where are you? Kumudini came here and did drama, she fought and Shashwat got injured in all this, she had cut electricity, water supply and fought with Pavitra and Shashwat got injured in all this, Aaba asks Aradhya to get down from car, she says why? he throws Aradhya out of car and turns car towards factory, Aradhya says what if he is going to factory to kill Aryan? she stands on raod.
Tulsi breaks lock of hut in which she was kidnapped, she runs from there.
Kumudini is going to factory, she asks Kaka to drive fast. Tulsi and Aradhya are running on separate roads to reach to Aryan. Tulsi is tired and running as fast as she can.
Aryan comes in factory, he looks around for aaba. aaba reaches factory and is angry, he has gun with him. Aaba comes inside, Aryan sees him and comes to him without seeing gun in his hands, Aryan says forgive me, i lost my control when you pushed my aaji, i know about your anger but i never saw you like this and i raised my hand and threw you away, i never even thought in dream to raise by hand on you, he cries and says you can punish me but forgive me, Aryan sits in his feet, Aaba kicks him away, and points gun at him, aaba says you and your aaji have snatched my peace, my house, everything, Aryan is shocked seeing it, Aryan says if you get peace by killing then kill me, shoot me, he gets up and says shoot me, the shoulders which raised me, i will be glad to give them peace, maybe we will get peace from this revenge with my death, shoot me, he closes his eyes, aaba points towards him and recalls how he used to pamper him, how he used to be proud of him, then he recalls how Kumudini insulted him, called Aryan as her grand son, how she sat on his chair, how Aryan pushed him away, how Kumudini threatened him to not look at Aryan, aaba recalls how Aryan pushed him, he recalls Markand’s words that Shashwat is injured because of Kumudini. Aradhya and Kumudini comes there. Aaba shoots towards aryan but Tulsi covers Aryan and gets shot in her back instead, Kumudini shouts Tulsi.. Aryansa ys aayi.. all run to Tulsi, Aradhya asks her to get up, aaba is confused seeing this, Tulsi looks at Raj and Purva hiding there, she tries to point towards them but they hide, Aradhya tries to see what she is hinting at. Raj says to Purva that this woman destroyed our plan but coming inbetween my bullet and Aryan(he shot Tulsi not aaba), Raj says hope that she dies now, Purva says we need to run from here, Raj says wait till she dies. Aradhya says lets take her hospital, Tulsi says no, Aradhya cries and makes Aryan hold Aradhya’s hand, Aryan asks her to look at him, Tulsi closes her eyes and dies, Kumudini shouts Tulsi.. Aryan hugs her and is shocked.
People are closing market, news is spread that someone killed Tulsi. Chimaji listenes this and goes to their house. Raj says to Purva that its good she died, lets take advantage of this situation.
Aryan has Tulsi’s deadbody in his arms. He brings her home and lies her on floor, Kumudini is stoned, Aradhya cries seeing her dead. Aryan recalls how Tulsi loved him in past few days, Aradhya recalls how Tulsi used to pamper her, both recall their good times with Tulsi, how loving she was, how she said to Aryan that someday she will die, Aradhya recalls how she got separated from her. Chimaji comes there and sees Tulsi’s deadbody, he comes to Aryan and asks what happened? aaba is seeing all this from window. Chimaji asks her to wake up, you promised me to start new life with me and Aryan so get up.
People gather outside Aryan’s house, Raj says to one man that Aaba killed Tulsi, aaba was angry and had gun in his hands, he tried to kill Aryan but Tulsi got inbetween. Tamry says aaba crossed all limits today, one man tells Shastri that aaba killed Tulsi. Raj and Purva smirks.
villagers gather in Kumudini’s house and sees Tulsi dead there. Shastri says Kumudini how did this happen? Chimaji says who did this? who? Kumudini looks at him and says Vidyadhar Rao killed my daughter. Aaba looks at her from hiding behind window, Kumudini says he killed my innocent daughter, Aradhya says dont say this, Kumudini says i dont wanna listen, see Aryan you used to respect him but see what he did, she breakdowns and says fight was with me then why did he kill my daughter? what she did against him? if he has guts then ask him to face me, shoot me but what was my innocent daughter’s fault? Aaba comes inside house, Kumudini sees him and says killer is here, you kill me now, how dare you do it, all stop Kumudini and ask her to calm down, aaba feels bad about situation. Shastri says whoever has done this crime has to get arrested, Aryan looks at Aaba still holding gun, Shastri says we have to prepare for last rituals of Tulsi, Aryan says no till i dont punish my aayi’s killer, i wont do last rituals.
Aryan says I won’t do funeral of my mom until I kill the murderer of my mom. Jairaj says to Purwa, if Aryan kills him today our lives would set. Aryan grasps aaba’s collar and says peopple are right about you. You killed my ai. Aaba says I didn’t do it. Aryan says I saw with my eyes. Aryan says tell me why.. Aaba shoves him and runs out. Aryan follows him, aradhya follows him. A car stops near aaba he sits in it. Aradhya says aryan stop. Listen to me. The car flees. Aradhya says aryan please calm down what are you doing. Aryan says I will punish him until I kill him. Aradhya says you don’t know reality.
People are shouting against aaba and says we won’t leave him.
Shastri comes to Kumudni and says we have to do tulsi’s funeral. Kumudni says didn’t you hear what aryan said? We wont do funeral until murderer is punished.

Shashvat says to aaba what you did. You killed someone. I had to save a murderer because he is my dad. Whole village wants to kill you. Aryan will kill you. Aaba says even you think I killed her? Shashvat says you had pistol in your hand. Aaba says its truth I wanted to kill aryan there but I didn’t shoot. Someone else fired the bullet. Check this pistol all 6 bullets are there. Shashvat says its empty. Aaba says I loaded it. Shashvat says if it has not bullets then who shot? Aaba says you know everything I did I never concealed it. I ran because I didn’t do it. And I want your help to prove it? Will you? Shashvat says I saved you so you can prove it. You have to tell police. Aaba says I will, Shashwat says okay police can explain Aryan. Aryan comes there and says there nothing to explain, Aaba hides behind Shashwat, Aryan comes to Shashwat and says you can save him? you cant hide this psycho man from me, Shashwat says i understand your pain but he didnt shoot your aayi, Aryan says i saw him shooting, he came to kill me but killed my aayi, Aryan grabs aaba’s collar and says i wont spare you, aaba says i didnt shoot your aayi, i didnt kill her, Aryan says how can you lie? i saw you holding gun infront of me, Shashwat tries to stop Aryan.
Damini comes to Kumudini’s house, Aradhya thinks that Aryan can hurt aaba, he is really angry. Tamry says we all are with Kumudini, we will make sure to get aaba arrested. Aaba is brought there by Aryan and Shashwat, people attack and mob aaba, they shout that they wont spare him. Aaba is brought in Kumudini’s house by Aryan, all look at him in anger, Aryan sees Tulsi’s deadbody, Kumudini says good Aryan, this criminal should get punished, all chant against aaba, Aryan says he killed my aayi, i will punish him, Damini says you cant take law in your hands, Aryan says i am not Vidyadhar Rao to take law in my hands, i want justice for my aayi and law will do it for me, Kumudini says dont do this aryan, dont spare him, he will buy law and will get free, he can do anything, take revenge from him for killing my daughter, if you dont take revenge then i will kill him rightnow, she tries to attack Aaba but Aryan stops her, she cries, Aryan hugs her and says my aayi always fought for right deeds and i will follow her path, i have faith in law, he says to Damini that he killed my aayi, i want punishment for him, Damini arrests aaba, Shahwat says listen to me once, Damini says talk in court now, Kumudini cries that my Tulsi is gone, she is gone.. Aryan goes out of house, Kumudini and Aradhya follows him, Chimaji sits with Tulsi’s deadbody. Aaba sits in police jeep, whole village is chanting against him, aaba is broken, Shashwat shouts to stop it. aryan says my aayi never did wrong with anyone, you killed him for your revenge, you are not in right place, now i will do her last rituals, the love and respect that i had for you, will burn down with her pyre today, aaba breakdowns and sobs.

PRECAP- Aryan holds Aradhya’s hand and says i will break all relations with this girl and you all are witness to it. He takes Aradhya’s hand and starts taking pheras wrong way and says i want to end all drama with her. Shashwat says you both are husband and wife as per law too, Aryan shows divorce papers and says we both have signs on it and we are not husband and wife as per law too, pack your bags and leave my house with aaba and your family, Aradhya is shocked.

Written Update by Atiba

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