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Krishnadasi 5th July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Purva and Raj are driving car, Tulsi is in back fo their car too.
Nakku comes to Haveli and says why lights are switched off? i have to work in kitchen. Markand comes there in towel and covered with soap, he says water is not coming in bathroom, go and bring water for me, he leaves. Shashwat comes there and says why there are no lights or water? he goes to check. Nakku tells Pavitra that Kumudini came here and did so much drama, she even made me servant of hers, Pavitra asks where is Aaba? Nakku says he left in anger, Pavitra gets tensed.
Tulsi sees Aradhya’s miscalls in her phone and thinks why she is calling me? she wanna tell me something? Raj’s car tyre is punctured, he says i have appointed one man to spy on Aryan, Aryan has gone somewhere, he told me. I am going

to change tyre now, Tulsi thinks that they will see me in back of car, she goes out of it and hides behind car, Purva catches her and asks Raj to come fast, Tulsi pushes her away and runs from there. Raj says she knows about our plan, we have to kill her, they run behind her, Raj asks her to stop.
Shashwat says to Pavitra that seems like someone has cut electricity connection, Pavitra says who can do it? Kumudini comes there and says i did, i wont let you live with peace, Shashwat says its height of shamelessness, Kumudini says you are shameless to live in my grand son’s house, he is your son in law and you are living here, Pavitra says you wont allow us to live, Kumudini sits on aaba’s throne, Shashwat says what will you get by doing all this? Kumudini says i will get peace, see aaba has hurt me on head, call aaba to come here and sit on my feet and say sorry only then i will think about giving back water and electricity, we Krishnadasies are soft hearted, i will forgive him, she shouts Vidyadhar Roa, why you are hiding in room, Krishnadasi Kumudini has come, come and lets have fight.
Aradhya is driving fast and following aaba, she is about to strike with one man, he says what were you doing? what if i had got hurt? she says its about someone’s life, let me go, she starts car and leaves. Aradhya says i just hope Aryan doesnt go there, she sees her phone’s battery down too.
Aryan is driving car and thinks that today i will clear all misunderstandings with aaba and our relation will become like earlier, i will pacify him today and even after living separately, we will have same feelings.
Tulsi is running away from Jairaj in jungle. Aradhya’s car comes on road, she looks around and says where is aaba’s car gone? she comes out of car and says where did he go? she tries to call Aryan. Raj is running behind Tulsi in jungle, Tulsi hides behind tree. Purva says where can she go? Raj sees Tulsi’s phone on ground and says she must be here, they see Tulsi and runs behind her, Tulsi takes wood stick and says dotn come near, you both dont know what i can do for Aryan, Raj says if you are done then give this stick to me, Raj tries to come forward to her but Tulis hits his head with stick, Raj falls down, Tulsi runs from there, Purva asks Raj to get up fast else that old lady will runaway.

Scene 2
Aaba comes in factory and sees his and Aryan’s photo, he recalls how he used to be proud of Aryan, how he used to pamper him then how auction incident happened, how Aryan pushed him away. aaba says for 22years i showed you my fatherly love but now you are prick in my eyes and till i dont remove away this prick, i wont get peace, she tears photo and throws it away.
Tulsi hides in some hut, she says i have to tell Aradhya or Aryan about Raj and Purva’s dangerous plans otherwise my son.. she cries. Aradhya passesby that hut only. Inside Tulsi thinks what should i do? Aradhya is looking for Aaba’s car. Tulsi looks out of window and sees Aradhya standing on raod, she calls out Aradhya’s name and says look at me, Aradhya feels Tulsi’s voice and says how she can be here? Tulsi comes out of hut and sees Raj and Purva standing there, she tries to run but they capture her. Raj says you run alot but today we will finish you, today we will finish you Devdasi and your son too. Purva keeps hand on Tulsi’s mouth. Aradhya is far from hut and is not able to see Tulsi, she looks around. Tulsi faints. Purva asks if she died? Aradhya sees aaba’s car and goes from there. Raj gets call and says to Purva that Aryan is coming here, lets kill Aryan first then we will kill this Tulsi, Purva says lets lock her in hut then, they locks her in hut, Tulsi is still unconscious.
Aryan is driving and sees Aradhya and Tulsi’s miscalls. He calls Aradhya but her phone is switched off, he calls Tulsi but her phone is in jungle where Raj had thrown it. He says both are not picking up, did Kumudini do more drama? he calls Kumudini. Kumudini thinks that if he gets to know that i am here then my enjoyment will be finished, he takes call, Aryan asks what is happening where is Aradhya and Tulsi? she says i dont know, you care about everyone except your aaji, she ends call. Aryan says aaji never listens, i am feeling tensed, both are not picking call, i should go and see.
Kumudini says to Shashwat that seems like you dont want to get electricity or water, i am going to my house, its so hot here, she starts leaving but Pavitra says who will give electricity and water back? Kumudini says you wont melt down without electricity, Pavitra says what do you get by doing all this? you are evil women who took two kids from their mothers, not even me but you snatched son from your own daughter, you are so evil, Nakku says even witches dont attack their houses, Kumudini says be in limits you servant, Pavitra says she is right, Aryan used to live here and Aradhya who used to be your grand daughter lives here today, your grand son lived here, he was son of this house, Kumudini says yes you are right, he was son of this house but now he is my grand son, 22years back i gave you my grand son and left with your daughter, every year you used to celebrate Diwali with all lights while me and Tulsi were living in dark without any happiness but now i have got lights in my house, i will make your life hell, you all will live like i lived, what you will do? will you make your daughter Devdasi Aradhya dance? Pavitra says enough.
Aradhya comes in factory, aaba says what are you doing here? leave from here, Aradhya says you are doing big mistake, lets leave from here, Aaba says you are my grand daughter but dont interfere in my work, leave, Aradhya says no i wont allow you to take Aryan’s life, remember how you used to love him, dont do this, lets go from here, aaba looks away.
Pavitra says to Kumudini that this is enough, i wont listen against my daughter Aradhya, Kumudini says this is not enough, your father in law is upset with you as you gave birth to two daughters and see one daughter is Gayetri fernandez, her husband has divorced her and she has no happiness and your other daughter is devdasi, she is on same path, i suggest you to tie ghungroos in your feet and make them dance only then they can bring food for you, Pavitra says enough, she slaps Kumudini hard, all are shocked.
Aaba says to Aradhya that i will finish that filthy blood, Aradhya says he may not be your blood but he has your upbringing, remember how you used keep awake for him when he used to be ill, how you used to care for him, then how can you kill him? Aaba shouts that i will kill him, i will shower in his blood today, he has taken my respect, he has broken my dignity infron of all, Aradhya says he loves you alot, what did you and Kumudini get by this revenge? what did you get by knowing Aryan is not your grand son, you and Kumudini have made our lives hell with this hatred, leave all this and embrace Aryan, Aaba says i am here to kill Aryan and you are saying to embrace him? Aradhya says dont hug him but i know he loves you alot, i also know the void in your heart can never be filled by anyone which Aryan’s absence has created, dont do all this.
Kumudini says to Pavitra that you slapped me? Pavitr shouts yes, i should have done that when you swapped kids, you have made our lives, i wont spare you today, i will end this once for all, she grabs knife, Shashwat tries to stop her but she says this woman have taken all my peace, destroyed my life, she grabs Kumudini by neck and points knie on her neck, all are shocked, Kumudini asks her to leave.
Aryan is driving and thinks that dont know what Kumudini aaji is upto but rightnow most important is to meet aaba.
Aradhya says to Aaba that if truth had not come out then you would have killed me instead, she points his gun on her head and says kill me, before killing him just kill me, Aaba looks on.

PRECAP- Aryan and Aaba are in factory, Aryan touches aaba’s feet and says forgive me, Aaab pushes him away and points gun at him, aaba says you and your aaji have snatched my peace, Aryan is shocked seeing it, he gets up, Kumudini, Aradhya and Tulsi comes there, aaba says you have snatched my respect, my dignity, my house everything, he shoots at Aryan but Tulsi covers Aryan and gets shot in her back instead, Kumudini shouts Tulsi..

Written Update by Atiba

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