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Krishnadasi 5th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
(first part missing, will be updated soon)
Kumudini says to doctor that take Aryan’s blood, it will match with Tulsi’s blood as after all he is her.. she stops and says he wants to give blood to her so desperately so i feel his blood will match with hers, i cant give my blood as i am ill and aged too, Aryan nods to give his blood, Doctor takes Aryan, Kumudini says i havent hide anything from Lord, only this guy can save my daughter, she prays for her.
All men arrive at some isolated place, Banwari comes there and greets them, he says all businessmen have come, he says today is Guddi Parwah and its good day, this day will not come again, one man asks what are we getting today? whose auction will done today? Banwari says who will provide more money will get great thing, Markand comes there and says today will be auction of Devdasi, one man says if she is same girl whom you were making me marry? Banwari says you spoiled my plan that day, he says we will start auction soon.
Aryan lies on bed next to Tulsi, he sees Tulsi unconscious, nurse takes his blood and provides it to Tulsi. doctor comes there and asks Aryan to rest, she leaves, Kumudini comes there and calls Tulsi’s name, Tulsi wakes up and looks around, she looks at Aryan and says you gave me blood? he says yes, Tulsi says what is this aayi, you should have stopped him, Kumudini says dont worry about anything, you know he is stubborn, he wont listen to me, Krishan showed me way, there is nothing bigger than your life to me, Tulsi says if Aaba knows this then.. Aryan says i didnt do anything wrong that i will be afraid of Aaba, what i felt right, i did it, dont worry and rest, Kumudini looks on.
Aradhya is in car with Aaba, Banwari calls Aaba and says everything is set, just waiting for Aradhya, Aaba nods, Aradhya thinks to message Aryan that she is with aaba to Ghulab park, she messages Aryan that i am with aaba and going for deal, its surprise for you, i am going to Ghulab park, Aaba asks whom you are messagaing? Aaradhya says i am telling my friend where i am going, Aaba thinks that i should take her phone otherwise she can inform anyone, Aaba says to Aradhya that i am doing this deal for Aryan and i dont want anyone to cast evil eye on it, dont tell anyone, Aradhya doesnt send message to Aryan and thinks that if by not telling Aryan, it will be good for him then i am fine with not telling him.
Aryan sets Tulsi’s bed, Kumudini says to Aryan that i cant tell you what you have done today, you have saved my daughter’s life today, this only a son can do for mother, Aryan says dont say like this, she is like my mother, i am more than happy to give my blood to her, its like rectifying all mistakes of my aaba, Pavitra comes in room and is shocked to see Aryan with devdasies, she says Aryan? Aryan sees her, Pavitra leaves from there, Aryan goes behind her. Aryan tries to Pavitra, Pavitra says like father like son, only this was remaining, its good that Nakku told me everything, first your father did this with me and now you are doing it with me, why you are giving me pain? you know that devdasi have broken my house, you gave blood to person who destroyed my house, what has happened to you? you promised to take my revenge and today you are with them? you have made me feel like dead, she leaves, Kumudini listens all this, she says this had to happen and smirks.
Aaba brings Aradhya to isolated place, aradhya says why all shops are closed here? Aaba says all must have gone home to celebrate Guddi parwah, the client with which i have deal, he wants to see my site, its here only, Aradhya says i feel we have come early, i cant see anyone here, Aaba says i will call client, aaba acts like calling client, he says to Aradhya that clients are coming in two cars and they have lost way, you stay here and see if any car comes here, i am going in my car to find client, you have any problem staying here? Aradhya says no, you go, Aaba sits in car, Aradhya’s mobile is in car too, Aaba leaves from there while Aradhya stand on isolated place.

Shashwat thinks that Aaba has gone with Aradhya and i am not able to find Banwari and Markand, i should have stopped Aradhya. Pavitra and Aryan comes home, Pavitra says nobody cares about me here, Aryan says you are thinking wrong, we were wrong about them, Tulsi is nice person, Pavitra says you stayed with them for two days and you are taking their side? Aryan says nothing like that, you are most important to me, Shashwat says he is right, it was Aradhya who saved Aryan’s life and now her life is in danger, Aryan asks what? Shashwat says Aaba went with Aradhya, he is not picking up call and his men are not telling anything, Aryan says maybe he has taken her for some work, Shashwat says what work Aaba can have with Aradhya? i know aaba really well, her family is taking care of my Gayetri so well and we are staying silent, Aryan says i will go and find Aradhya, Pavitra stops him and says you wont go to save her, devdasies have done some magic on you and your father, you swear on me that you wont go to save her, Aryan looks on, she takes knife in her hands and says swear on me else i will cut my pulse, Aryan swears on her that he wont go to save her, he is tensed.
Aradhya is waiting for aaba, she gets trapped in net, Banwari and Markand comes there and laughs, Aradhya says Banwari leave me else police will catch you, Banwari says i couldnt complete my mission earlier, i will do it now, he says to Markand that we should take her to market, Aradhya says if Aaba comes here then he wont leave you, Markand says aaba doesnt know anything, we called him and said client is not coming, he left for home and we said that we will drop you home, Aradhya thinks that she didnt message Aryan too, what should she do now? Banwari says we will do your auction now, Aradhya is shocked.

PRECAP- Aradhya is in market, businessmen bids on her, aradhya is distraught. Aaba calls Kumudini and says today someone will write your daughter’s fate. Aryan comes there and fights with men, he mistakenly puts hand on Aradhya’s forehead while protecting her, his blood gets applied on her forehead like sindoor, she touches it and gets tensed to see Aryan’s blood on her forehead.

Written Update by Atiba

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