Krishnadasi 3rd August 2016 Written Update

Krishnadasi 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi written update

Krishnadasi 3rd August 2016 written update, Krishnadasi 3 August 2016 telly update, written episode 3 August 2016, Krishnadasi 3rd August 2016 Written Update Review, Krishnadasi 3 August 2016 Written Story.
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Krishnadasi 3rd August 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Aradhya comes out of her house. She says Aryan was in sleep? he listened to me, why he didnt come till now? dont know where is Markand too. she is waiting for Aryan and Markand. She calls Aryan but its switched off. Aryan comes from behind and hugs Aradhya, she screams and sees its Aryan, she says i was calling you, where were you? he says you missed me? i was missing you too, thats why i came here, Aradhya asks if he is drunk? he says dont say anything, just stay close, he pulls her closer and says stay close baby.. she says baby?? he smiles, they look at each other, Aryan says your love has tied me in fist, when you are with me i feel life is good, Aradhya smiles, Aryan caresses her face, music plays, ARadhya closes her eyes, Aryan says wait for somedays then it will be me and you and we will make life of dreams, he smiles at her and hugs her tightly, Aradhya hugs him, Aryan says i will keep you close always, Aradhya feels comfort in his arms and says i want to talk something about Shravani, she sees Aryan dizzy and sleepy, she asks him to come to senses, Aryan faints and falls on floor, she asks him to wake up, lets go home, i will bring water for you, dont move, she goes to bring water. Kumudini, Nakku and Kaka have been hiding there. Nakku says to Kumudini that i told you Aryan went out of house in inebriated state, Kumudini says its good that you told me else this girl would have taken advantage of him in his drunk state, she asks Kaka to hold him, Aryan whispers Aradhya i love you. They take Aryan from there. Aradhya comes out of house with water bottle but doesnt find Aryan there, she sees Kumudini’s car leaving from there.
David stealthily enters Raj’s house at night, he opens cupboard to find his marriage album, he says once i find Raj’s wife’s photo, paper falls from album but David doesnt see it. He tries to find her photo and drops him shawl on floor, shawl covers paper, he sees pictures but face of bride is not shown in any picture. he listens someone coming, picks his shawl from floor and paper is in it too, David doesnt know it.
Shravani is sleeping in Aryan’s room, she wakes up and sees Aryan not there. She says where did my fake groom go? She goes to check.
Kumudini bring Aryan home and asks Nakku to throw water on his face.
Shravani says what if he tells everyone about my plan?
Kumudini makes Aryan lie on sofa and throws water on his face, he wakes up and sees aaji angry, he asks what happened? Kumudini says you went to meet Aradhya and she made you drink wine? only this day was remaining to see? arent you done with her? Shravani thinks he went to meet Aradhya? he went to her in inebriated state too. Kumudini says to Aryan that girl is trapping you, i wont spare her, why did you go to meet her? i went there on time otherwise dont now what she must have done, Aryan says she didnt make me drink wine, she had some work so she called me there. Shrvani thinks Aradhya is always around him, thank God he didnt see me on bed. Aryan thinks that i cant aaji about Aradhya now, Aradhya comes there, Kumudini says you shameless girl? why did you come here? Arahya says i just came to see how is Aryan? Kumudini says i am here to see how he is, Aradhya says i want to talk to him for two minutes, Kumudini says you were pointing fingers at Shravani but you have come to meet other man at night? get lost from here, Aryan puts hand on Aradhya’s hand, she sadly looks at him, Kumudini says get lost, Nakku drags Aradhya out, she turns to look at Aryan but he doesnt look back at her.
David comes to his house and is angry, he says i didnt find one photo of Raj’s wife, how will i find about her, he throws away shawl and sees paper in it, he recalls how he picked it up from floor of Raj’s house, he takes paper and opens it, its Raj’s letter for his wife, Raj writes that my wife when i saw your Lavani dance, i gave you my heart that day only, people used to come to see Barkha Bai’s dance, but i could imagine you when i would close eyes, i decided to make you mine, when i got married to you, many were jealous, even today you make my heart skip beat when you are infront of me. David says thank God i got some information, now i have to find about lavani dancer Barkha Bai.
Aradhya is sitting outside Aryan’s house. Aryan stealthily comes out. She makes him sit and asks if he is fine? Aryan says i have headache, Aradhya says you were drunk, you said you dont drink wine? Aryan says be polite, Aradhya says its your deeds, Aryan says i swear i didnt drink wine, i just drank one glass of milk given by Shravani, Aradhya says you drank milk given by Shravani? Aradhya says something must have been mixed in that milk, Aryan says what? Aradhya says something was mixed in that milk, Aryan says why will she do it? Aradhya says she is hiding something, remember how she reacted when i gave her little suggestion, think why she chose your bathroom to take bath? she even came out of bathroom in towel, she brought goons home too, dont you think its all unusual? Shravani is involved in all this, Aryan says but we cant doubt her like this, Aradhya says this is not coincidence, she was there when Gayetri was locked in tank too, think she has some connection with those goons, Markand said things about her too, Aryan recalls how Shravani was insisting him to drink milk, Aryan says she was standing infront of me to make sure i drink whole glass of milk, now i feel doubtful too, lets find truth tomorrow.

Scene 2
Its morning, Aradhya prays to Lord and says dont know who this Shravani is, if she is cheater then we have to find out, we dont know what her mission is, she should not trap my Aryan in any problem. She sees her mobile and says he must be sleeping till now. She calls him, he takes call and says you are awake? she says you are awake so soon? were there insects on your bed? Aryan says you are one insect in my life, i couldnt sleep, come here fast, Aradhya says i am coming, you search Shravani’s room, she ends call. She sees Aaba and Shashwat cooking in kitchen. Aaba says to Shashwat that you are not cutting veggies nicely, you are cutting like kids, what is all this? he laughs on Shashwat, Aradhya is shocked to see all this, aaba says you are going to destroy poha, he tells ingredients to Shashwat, Shashwat makes tea. Aradhya comes there and says what competition is this? aaba says you all work so hard and we were free so we thought to make breakfast for all, Shashwat says you dont know all great chefs are men, Aaba says we are chef, we will bring breakfast, Aradhya says you people dont need to do it, you people dont know this department, Aaba acts like he is offended, he says challenge? Shashwat says you will see how good breakfast we have made. Aaba brings Aradhya to hall and shows her Pavitra sleeping there, he says she was tired of working, when we used to work then she used to take care of us, now when she is working so why cant we take care of her? you will see how happy she will be to see we made poha, he leaves. ARadhya says to Lord that thank you for bringing sad moment as then goodness wouldnt have come out like this, i just pray that this goodness come in my inlaws house too.

Scene 3
Aryan comes to Shravani’s room stealthily, Shravani comes out of washroom and says you here? Aryan says i came to ask are you fine? so much happened last night? Shravani thinks if he has doubt on me? she says i am fine, he says i wanted to know about your bathroom door’s repairing too, Shravani says you take care about everyone, thank you, he says come for breakfast, he leaves, Shravani says he came to check bathroom’s door or to check my beauty? seems like he is cooking stories to see me.
Aradhya brings Pavitra in hall where Shashwat and Aaba have presented their dishes, Pavitra is surprised. aaba asks them to eat, Aradhya and Pavitra eat and make faces, aaba says how is it? Aradhya gulps down and says its good, Pavitra says yes i will eat more, aaba says i am telling if Shashwat had made it then it would have been worst, he eats poha and is shocked and makes faces, Pavitra says everything is perfect, Aradhya says it tastes great, aaba says this all happened because of Shashwat, they blame each other, aaba makes weird faces, Shashwat says take tea, i have made it, Pavitra drinks tea and her face shows how bad it is, Shashwat drinks it and says i thought it was ginger paste but seems like i have put garlic paste in tea, aaba says why not toothpaste? everyone laughs, aaba says he is donkey, useless like his father, everyone laughs, aaba says we father-son duo can only eat, cant cook, Aradhya says i feel you both should make this breakfast everyday, we will eat and drink it daily, aaba says i dont agree, Pavitra says we are laughing after so many days, a family who laughs like this in difficult situation, no power can destroy it, Aradhya says aaba sahib.. aaba says call me just aaba not aaba sahib, Aradhya says i have to go, i have to meet Aryan, Aaba says eat something, she leaves. Aaba says to Pavitra that make something edible for us, she says okay and smiles.
Shravani serves breakfast to Aryan, he says where is Nakku? Shravani says i am not stranger, i thought you have accepted me as a family member so cant i serve you? Aryan says you have breakfast too, Shravani says no first their man eats then woman eats in our village and i have fast today. She asks Aryan why he is not eating? poha is his favorite, aaji told me, Aryan says i used to like poha made by my aayi only, can you make edli, dosa, sambhar, juice, upma, can you make everything? she says in breakfast? i need time to make it, Aryan says take your time, i wont need to have lunch then, Shravani says i will make it quickly, he says okay, she leaves. Aryan says i will do scanning of your room in that time, where are you Aradhya? he goes.
David comes to market and sees manager of skits, he says to man that i want to arrange Barkha Bai’s skits, do you have her number? manager says she has fired us, we dont have her new number, David says if anyone you know who knows her? manager says you can go to Sheela bai, she is really clever and doesnt allow anyone to stay close to her, maybe she knows about her, they leave, David thinks that if i get to know about Barkha Bai from Sheela then i will be able to save Saras and Micheal and from Raj’s clutches.
Aryan comes to Shravani’s room and searches here and there.
Shravani is working in kitchen and says so many dishes? is this Shravani bai’s hotel? how will i make everything? what to do? i should order everything from hotel, will make juice to pass time, she calls hotel to order.
Aryan is searching her room. Shravani has got her delivery of food, she serves in plates, she says now superman will think that i made it all in 15minutes, he will be impressed, she takes it from there.
Aryan is searching her cupboard when sees someone opening door, he gets tensed and turns to see its Aradhya, he says you scared me, they start searching her room together.
Shravani comes to dining table and doesnt find Aryan there, she calls out his name and says where are you? breakfast is ready.
Aryan says there is nothing here, we are uselessly doubting her, Aradhya says i will check in washroom, she goes.
Shravani says he might be in his room, she goes to check him. Aryan mistakenly kicks dustbin in her room, trash falls out, Aradhya says there is nothing in washroom, she searches trash, she says i have seen in detective shows, they get proofs in trash. Aryan sees powder bottle in trash, he smells it to confirm. They listen Shravani calling out Aryan’s name, Aryan says she is coming, Aradhya says you said she wont come so soon, Aryan says i dont know, Shravani comes there, Aryan and Aradhya are shocked.

PRECAP- Aradhya calls chemist and tells powder’s name which they have retrieved from Shravani’s room, she asks her if she can tell her whom bought it from her? she says i was not the one who sold it, other seller Rakesh sold it, Aradhya says send Rakesh to Aryan’s house. Rakesh comes to Aryan’s house, Aryan shows him powder bottle and says can you tell use who bought this from you? Rekesh points at Shravani and says she bough it from me, Aryan smirks at her, she is shocked.

Written Update by Atiba

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