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Krishnadasi 30th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kumudini says aaba was at home at time of attack on Tulsi then who did it? God i have done many sins but dont punish my daughter for that, who has dine this?
Aradhya takes off her bathrobe in bathroom to take bath. Aryan comes there and asks who is inside? its urgent, open door, Aradhya says from inside that its your wife, i am taking bath. Aryan says you are lying, there is no sound of water flowing, open door. Aradhya opens tap and says now you listen it? let me take bath, Aryan says is this time to take bath? its emergency, please open door, Aradhyas says i am taking bath, i will come out in sometime, Aryan says i will break door, i cant walk to other bathroom, Aradhya ignores him and starts taking bath. Aryan forces door and it breaks. Aryan comes inside bathroom, Aradhya is shocked and hides behind curtain as she is not wearing clothes, they both are shocked and shares intense eyelock, Aradhya says to Aryan that please go outside, cant even i take bath peacefully? Aryan goes out of bathroom and holds door. Aradhya says you have broken lock of door, how will i take bath now? Aryan says i will hold door for you, take bath soon. Aradhya starts taking bath, Aryan cant hold his pee anymore, he asks Aradhya to come out and leaves door, its starts opening but Aryan holds it again. Aradhya comes out of washroom after taking bath, Aryan angrily tells her that i know you are devdasi and i have accepted it but i know you are playing all these tricks to tempt me but i wont be trapped in all this, he goes in bathroom.
Aradhya is in her room, Jayraj(Raj) comes there. She asks what are you doing here? Raj says i came here searching for Gayetri, he eyes her, Aradhya covers saree, she says i know your reality, Raj sits on bed and says its so soft, you sleep on it or your useless husband? i know when human’s desires are not fulfilled, they tend get angry. Aradhya hits him with box and holds vase, she says dont you remember the slap? Raj says how can i forget that slap? you will get punished for showing ego to me, i am going to become son in law of this house so we will play hide and seek in this house, i will see you later sweet heart, he leaves, Aradhya closes door and says i have to bring his truth out but nobody will listen to me in this house, he will destroy Gayetri’s life.
Raj says to Aaba that i think we should ask Gayetri before this marriage, i dont want to marry her without her consent, Aaba says dont worry about her. Aryan comes there with divorce papers and says to Deshmukh that David’s name will be removed from Gayetri’s life soon. David comes there with Damini, all are shocked.
Chimaji comes to Tulsi’s house, she opens door and says what are you doing here? Chimaji says i came to see if you are fine or not. Kumudini sees him and hides, she says what he is doing here? did he try to hurt Tulsi? now he is doing drama here. Tulsi asks with which relation you have come here? Chimaji says i got to know that you are fine so i will leave, Tulsi closes door. Kumudini comes to Chimaji and says if you attacked Tulsi and now came here to see if she will tell everything to all, Chimaji says why will i hurt her? Kumudini says you are worried that truth will come out that Tulsi is your wife and Aradhya is your daughter and to end this matter and to save your position, you are doing all this, Chimaji says DNA test have proved everything and i am in secure position as saint, i would not attack Tulsi for all this, i am surprised to see that you are so cunning but your daughter is so nice, she is stuck with you, he leaves. Kumudini says he is right, he wont get anything by hurting Tulsi then who must have done this?
David says to aaba that i have come here to stop my wife’s second marriage, Damini says David is still legally married to Gayetri. shashwat says you are talking about David? he threw his wife out of house on night of marriage? Aryan says to Damini that you cant keep blaming us, Damini says David is Gayetri’s legal husband, David says i wont allow you people to get Gayetri to marry other man, Gayetri says who are you to stop it? David says i am sorry, Gayetri i have done wrong with you, please forgive me and come with me, i will keep you happy, i love you. Gayetri says you leave me r hold my hand as per your wish, you love me right? so you will do anything for my happiness right? David nods, Gayetri takes papers from aaba and says to David that these are divorce papers, please sign it for my happiness, Aryan says see Damini we are not forcing Gayetri. Gayetri says he is right, infact i should file complaint against David, Aradhya thinks whats wrong with Gayetri? David leaves from there, Damini says sorry to Aaba and leaves. Aaba says who told David about Gayetri’s marriage? only this family knows about it. Nakku whispers in Pavitra’s ear. Pavitra says to Aaba that there is only one enemy of my kids, Nakku saw Aradhya going to David’s house, she must have told him, she is not done by destroying Aryan’s life and now she wants to destroy Gayetri’s life too, Aradhya says David loves Gayetri and she loves him too, Aryan says are you deaf? didnt you listen what Gayetri wants? Aradhya says she is lying, ask her to tell with her heart that she doesnt love David, Aryan says be in your limits, he drags Aradhya from there.
Aradhya is sitting in her room and recalls how Aryan didnt allow her to speak for Gayetri. Tulsi calls Aradhya and says i made your favorite dish today, did you have food? Aradhya says yes i ate food, Tulsi says i miss you alot, Aradhya says i miss you too, tulsi says if you ever loved Aryan with your heart then trust me Aryan will understand truth of your heart, he will understand your love, Aradhya gets emotional and says Pavitra is calling me, she ends call. Aradhya says Tulsi still have hopes that everything will be fine between me and Aryan but she doesnt know that only i truly loved Aryan, he just played game with my emotions. Aradhya gets Aryan’s message, message reads that i am sorry, Aradhya says he is saying for today’s mistake, this is all drama. She gets another message, it reads that i am sorry Aradhya, i shouldnt have behaved that way with you, Aradhya says how can this be possible? she gets another message, it reads that can you come to garden to talk to me? Aradhya says maybe Aryan realized his mistake, maybe he wants to talk about Gayetri, if talking to Aryan can make Gayetri’s life fine then i should talk to him. Aradhya gets another message from Aryan, it says that i am waiting for you, come soon, aradhya thinks why he is in hurry?
Nakku comes to PAvitra and says i saw Aradhya going into garden, Pavitra says this is not abig news, Nakku says i feel she is going to do another drama, she has gone out at this time, Pavitra says she can do anywhere, let me sleep, Nakku says i dont care, if she does another drama then dont blame me that i didnt inform you, she leaves.
Aradhya comes in garden and sees someone standing there with this back to towards her, Aradhya says Aryan you are really sorry with your heart? you want to talk about Gayetri? why you are not speaking up? what you want from me> Raj says i want many things from your, he turns towards Aradhya, Aradhya is stunned to see Raj there instead of Aryan, Raj says i messaged you from Aryan’s number, i get anything which is liked by my heart.

PRECAP- Raj says to Aradhya that my cheeks are saying to take revenge for the slap you gave to me, he holds Aradhya’s hand. Pavitra and Nakku comes there, Raj starts acting and says i am not that type of guy, please leave me. He comes to Pavitra and says she called me here and started taking chance on me as soon as i came here, Pavitra is shocked.

Written Update by Atiba

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