Krishnadasi 29th July 2016 Written Update

Krishnadasi 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi written update

Krishnadasi 29th July 2016 written update, Krishnadasi 29 July 2016 telly update, written episode 29 July 2016, Krishnadasi 29th July 2016 Written Update Review, Krishnadasi 29 July 2016 Written Story.
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Krishnadasi 29th July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Shravani is sitting with women and says oldie is playing game, i listened her talk with Nakku, flashback shows Kumudini making plan with Nakku and how Shravani listened everything, fb ends, she says to woman and says i added more drama in it, woman says i did good work, Shrvani says why did you have to exaggerate, why did Aryan interrupt in all that, she gives her money and says do drama in Panchayat then i will give you more money, woman leaves. Shravani says i have to do so drama, if Kumudini’s plan didnt work then i will start my drama, i have to fulfill my dream money money, someone approaches her from behind.
Shashwat comes to aaba and says why you are so silent? what is tension? Aaba says today is panchayat, Shashwat says i know but we cant do anything, you are not Sarpanch anymore, Aaba says i tortured many people using this devdasi ritual and never thought i will get payback and today i feel like that is happening, i know Kumudini very well, Kumudini did everything in mandir, to separate Aryan from Aradhya, she made Shravani devdasi and now he will have to take her responsibility, and it will be danger on Aradhya’s life, i had already seen one face of devdasi ritual, my sister gave place to Kumudini then what happened to my sister, i cant even recall it, we have to stop her, Shashwat how? Kumudini can stoop so low, she separated my daughter from us and we couldnt do anything, what can we do for them? Aryan and Aradhya are divorced too, Aaba says but they love each other, we will go panchayat for Aradhya, Shashwat says but you are not Sarpanch anymore, aaba says we can go as common villager, i dont have animosity with anyone, not Kumudini nor Shashwat, but i wont let anyone destroy Aradhya’s life, Shashwat says i will go with you.
Someone brings Shravani to godown, he tries to get closer to her, she says i feel like teasing you, if you need to make life good then you need to wait for money to come to us, i have to trap Aryan too then we will make love.
Aradhya is tensed. Aryan is driving his jeep. Aradhya says what to do? should i call Aryan? Aryan stops car and says i didnt tell Aradhya that i am going Pune. He starts to call her, she calls him at sametime, they both listen other number busy. they try to call again but its busy, Aryan says why her number is busy? i should message her, Aradhya says i should message him, she messages him to call me back, please, please, please. Aryan smiles seeing her message, he calls her and says where are you shortie, i was calling you but your number was busy, then i got your message to call you please please, Aradhya says you are busy, dont know which girl you have gotten, Aryan says i was hunting for a girl, her name is 2feet girl. Aradhya says i know, we both were calling each other, this is telepathy, Aryan says both wanted to call, why are you sounding tensed? wanna say something? she says nothing, Aryan says did you get to know about third person playing games? she says no, be careful, dont call or message while you are driving, Aryan says on one condition if you come to meet me, i am on same road where we met for first time and you had accident with my car, Aradhya says i am coming, he ends call.
Banwar says ow to drink wine without Markand? he drinks wine and says dont worry Markand, he drinks another and says i wont miff you Marku, he pours wine in two glasses again. someone comes in house from window, Banwari catches him thinking is thief but see Markand, he says where did you go? i was missing you, they sit to drink wine, they drinks it, Markand says you are only friend of mine, Banwari says after kick you realized it, Markand says that Shravani was drinking wine with her goons, Banwari says just see drama, if she becomes devdasi then we will earn money from her otherwise we will think of something else, they drink wine, Banwari says i will make you millionaire, Markand says you want to become richer than me, Banwari says dont worry, just drink wine.
Kumudini brings Shravani to mandir, she is holding her hand and says dont worry, two people are on my side in Panchayat, i am worried about Chimaji only, he tries to act all honest, and unbiased, but dont worry. She comes in mandir. villagers are gathered there. Shravani stands near Krishan’s idol. Panchayat is sitting there. Rukmini says to Chimaji that we wont bear disrespect of Krishdasi ritual, the one who insulted ritual, his father is sarpanch and aaji is part of panchayat, Chimaji says we are unbiased here, not relative of anyone. Aaba and Shashwat come there and says stop, i want to say something too, all are stunned to see aaba, Kumudini says Vidyadhar Rao, you dont have any position but still you are shameless, its about my grand son, what will he say? he was thrown out Panchayat too, why he is here now? where is Shastri? Aaba says its about Aryan and he is related with Aradhya, they are husband and wife, Kumudini says they are divorced, Aaba says they love each other, its about my grand daughter’s future, i want to stay here, Kumudini says this is not happening, Chimaji talks with panchayat and says you can stand on Panch side, aaba says i am villagers so i will stand one audience side, he stand with common people. Rukimini says we dont have to discuss about shravani, he has vbecome devdasi, its about Aryan, he wiped sindoor, he did mistake but why he hasnt come here? Chimaji says if he is at mistake then he will punishment, Rukmini says he can give money easily, he has rectify his mistake, Shravani’s woman says Aryan touched Shravani first so he has to become her protector now, Kumudini says one minute, protector is one who puts hand on devdasi’s head, the one who gives her pocket money and keep her in his house, woman says but she is living with Aryan, he gives her food and shelter too, woman says Aryan has to take her responsibility, all villagers agree, Shravani shed tears and says i cant accept it, Aryan saved my life, he is nice man, dont drag him, do anything with me but i beg you to not bring Aryan in all this, Kumudini looks on.

Scene 2
Aryan is waiting for Aradhya. Aradhya comes there and thinks that i have to tell him about Panchayat, he doesnt know what villagers are going to do with him for his goodness. She comes to Aryan and says i need to talk to you, he comes closer to her and touches her arm, he says i have to talk to you too, you didnt let me talk earlier but i cant bear it now, i have to say, you remember how i destroyed your hostel room? then i felt guilty and tried to say sorry but.. he shows her watermelon and says i brought this, Aradhya recalls how she broke it on his head, he says want to break it on my head again? she is surprised, he holds her hand and says i did wrong with you especially after Tulsi’s death, i thought you were lying to save aaba but you were just trying to bring truth out, i am really sorry, watermelon is less for mistake, he gives her stone and says beat me with it, Aradhya throws it away and emotionally looks at him, Aryan says even after that, i kept insulting you and your family, i threw you out of house, i was angry on you as i loved you, i love you still, for that dry act.. he brings dry fruits and says i want to say sorry for that, i know you dont understand what i am doing, the biggest mistake that i cheated you and made you sign divorce papers, he sits on knees and says so so so sorry for that, i dont expect anything, just hope that you forgive me, Aradhya cries seeing him and makes his get up, she says you dont need to do all this, you did everything because of situations, she hugs him and says i never had misunderstanding for you in my heart and i never will have it, Aryan cups her face and says from now on me and my life is yours, Aradhya says i am yours even after death, Aryan touches his forehead with hers and says we will catch real culprit, Aradhya says we will end war between our families, they tightly hug each other.
Kumudini says to villagers that my grand son is nice man, he is just helping her with food and shelter. villager says but Aryan touched her first after she became devdasi, Shravani says to Kumudini that i told you i am not good for you, because of me you are facing all this, i will leave from here and will go back to village, they might kill me but i cant let this happen with you, she starts leaving but villagers say you cant leave till panchayat takes decision, they ask Chimaji to take decision. Chimaji discusses with panchs, he says decision is that Shravani ahs become devdasi and since Aryan touched her first after sindoor was applied to her forehead so she is Aryan’s responsibility from now on, Kumudini and Shravani smirks. Chimaji asks Kumudini if she accepts this decision? Kumudini says i always respect panchayat, i am Krishnadasi so i cant let other Krishnadasi be homeless, she will live in my house from now on and Aryan will become her protector, Shravani thinks that sometimes this oldie does such good acting that i feel she is above me sometimes.
Aradhya and Aryan are sitting in jeep, they are holding hands, Aradhya has her head on Aryan’s shoulders, she says you should leave now, Aryan says dont say anything, i want to live this moment with you so dont disturb, Aradhya says if aaji gets to know that you are late because of me then she wont allow me in house, he says i will pacify aaji, i will tell her that you are the girl who completes me, who makes me happy and with whom i want to live and always wanted to live, Aradhya says she wont agree easily, Aryan says she loves me alot, i know how to make her agree, Aradhya says so much confidence in yourself? Aryan says super confidence, we have to make her believe that you are super daughter in law, you will have to help me, will you help me? they smile at each other, she says no evil eye should be cast on our relation now, Aryan says we were born on same day, we were brought together, we separated many times but our love never died, we cant be separated, you trust me? she nods, he says just smile, i want to go to work remembering your smiling face, he pulls his shirt, he says i have to go to work, dont destroy my shirt, i will mess up your saree, she says no, she hugs him, Aryan kisses her cheek, she pulls his cheek.
Chimaji says from today Shravani will live in Kumudini’s house, villagers are happy with decision, aaba says this is not justice, i wont want to disrespect decision but.. aaba says sorry to say but to save one girl’s life, you cant destroy another girl’s life, villager says who are you point fingers at decision? aaba says i am grand father of girl whose life is about be destroyed because of this decision, Chimaji you know they love each other, Shashwat says Aryan is not even here, how can you take decision for him? Kumudini says but his aaji is here, Panchayat has taken decision and on behalf of my grand son i have accepted this decision, Aryan wants to see this girl happy, aaba’s family has habit of interrupting my matters, aaba says nothing like that, Kumudini says everyone knows how much you hate girls, you even threw your grand daughter in tank to kill her, Shashwat says this is lie, Kumudini says Panchayat’s decision is final, i am taking this girl to my house and nobody can stop me, Chimaji will you say anything? Aaba says you are destroying their lives Chimaji, Chimaji says decision has been taken, and cant be dismissed, this session is over, Kumudini thinks now i have control over everything.

PRECAP- Kumudini says to Shravani that just do what i have told you, that girl will not come in your way. Shravani mixes some powder in milk, she thinks devdasi Shravani lets serve my protector, she brings milk and gives to Aryan, he drink it. Aradhya has seen it all and thinks that this means Shravani is playing all this game.

Written Update by Atiba

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