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Krishnadasi 29th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
(few parts missing, will be updated soon)
Aryan and Aradhya comes in garden of Haveli, its decorated, Aradhya sees many delicacies on table, Aradhya says you want me to become fat by making me eat so much, Aryan says who can dare to go against you, you are dinosaur, Aradhya stares him, Aryan says sorry, Aradhya says its okay, you have worked hard so i wont say anything, Aradhya says i will taste icecream, Aryan says eat pastry first, she says why? Aryan recalls how he had put ring in pastry and thought to propose her when she will find ring in it, he asks Aradhya to eat pastry after icecream, Aradhya drinks juice and eats icecream, he asks her to eat pastry, she says i am full, i am not hungry, i will leave, i will tell Aayi that i will not eat food as i have had dinner with Aryan Vidyadhar Rao, she starts to leave, he holds her hand and says i know you are destroying my plan, you are doing it deliberately, he makes her sit again, he asks her to see pastry clearly, Aradhya says its to eat not to see, she eats pastry, Aryan thinks that she ate engagement ring, Aradhya coughs, Aryan says i told you to not eat and see it just, he gets afraid and says i will call doctor, he goes to bring water but falls down, Aradhya says why you are shouting, Aryan is surprised to see her fine and says you gulped down the ring? Aradhya shows him ring and says you were talking about this ring? Aryan says are you mad, i thought you had gulped it down, i got tensed, Aradhya says i am sorry, i was just checking you, i wanted to see how much you love me, you can say anytime that you love me but i wanted to see your love, i liked how you reacted seeing me in trouble, Aryan pulls her closer and says i got so afraid, you took my life, what if anything had happened to you, Aradhya says then you would have been happy, Aryan says shut up, he hugs her, Tum hi ho plays, Aradhya hugs him, they feel peace in each others arms, Aryan caresses Aradhya face, he smiles at her. Aryan says you know this is our family ring, Pavitra kept it for her daughter in law, i brought it to make you wear it, he sits on his knees and says i am really sorry for that day, you know i am like this, that day i was just emotional.. so i thought to propose you nicely today, Aradhya smiles, Aryan asks her hand, she gives it, he says i dont know which finger i have to put ring on, Aradhya smiles and tells him ring finger, he thanks her and makes her wear ring, aradhya closes her eyes, Aryan says i love you, i really love you, Aradhya opens her eyes, Tum hi ho plays, he asks can i kiss your hands? Aradhya nods slightly, he kisses her hand passionately, Aradhya wipes her tears and smiles, they keep looking at each other, mera chan hi.. meri aashiqui tum hi too plays.. Purva comes and sees all this. aaba says to Purva that you still think that Aryan and i can have future even after seeing all this? aaba says i am older than you and have experience, i am assuring you that not this devdasi’s daughter but you will be our daughter in law.
Tulsi is checking records in hospital, she says there is no file of year in which Gayetri was born, i wish Shankari remembered everything, nurse comes and asks her to do fast, she says where are files of 21, 22years back? he says they are in godown being old and i dont have key for that, Tulsi leaves.

Scene 2
Aradhya calls Aryan to place, he comes there and asks why did you call me, i ahd important work, i think you dont have any work but wanted to meet me only, Aradhya says i dont like to meet you, i wanted you and me to invite Gayetri specially together, Aryan smiles and says we have same thinking, i was going to Gayetri only, we will go together, Aradhya says i want to invite Saras too, is there any problem? Aryan says i dont understand your logic, Aradhya says its emotions, Aryan says i dont understand you, Aradhya gets miffed with him and looks away, Aryan looks at her face through mirror, he says we have to go to Gayetri and Saras today only and we have less time, Baatain kuch ankahe si hone lagi plays, Aradhya cant stop smiling, she comes to Aryan and pulls him, he smiles, they share eyelock, Aradhya gets shy and says we shall leave, Aryan says you got pacified easily without even me doing anything, i was going to leave you alone, aradhya gets angry and says you are so cheap, i thought you are different but you are like other boys, just leave, Aryan gets tensed and says i am sorry Aradhya, i was just joking, i am really sorry, Aradhya laughs and says i am joking, look at your face, its so red, Aryan says you pull my leg alot, they sit in car and leaves.
Kumudini invites Saras and her husband to wedding, Saras says i cant come there, aaba wont allow me to come in haveli, Kumudini says things are changed, you wont believe how much aaba has changed, you know Aryan is getting married to my grand daughter, everything is changed and doctor have said that you can leave hospital, you know aaba has a dance performance with me tonight, do come, Saras gets happy to get invitation, Kumudini thinks i cant wait for tonight, its going to fun.

Scene 3
Sangeet ceremony starts, Kumudini comes in Haveli, Kumudini says to Kaka how are arrangements? i have done it, the work which i gave to you, do that, Kaka leaves. Kumudini says to Kamla that you have done great work, Kamla says after all i am Kamla. Aaba comes there, he looks at Kumudini and gets angry. He sees Saras and her husband coming there. Saras tries to touch his feet but Aaba asks who called you here? he asks his men to throw them out, Kumudini comes and says they are my guests, will you behave like this with your in-laws guests? aaba says dont test my patience, i can break your neck if you push me to wall. Kumudini calls media person and takes photo with aaba, she says to Aaba that make nice face else people will laugh on your frowning face, aaba smiles. Kumudini asks Saras to not be afraid, this is your father’s house, be happy, its your family’s marriage, i will make your husband Micheal meet everyone, she smirks at media person pointing that he is involved with her, aaba sees it and thinks that she jump in joy but once i make my move then she will be silent. Tulsi brings Aradhya in venue, she says you are looking beautiful, be happy always. Aryan comes there, Shashwat sets his pocket square, Aradhya is coming towards Aryan, Aryan smiles, Aradhya cant stop blushing. Kumudini blesses Aradhya that no evil should cast on you, you are looking beautiful. Tulsi brings Aradhya and makes her stand beside Aryan. Aryan and Aradhya sits down on sofa chairs. Aryan whispers to Aradhya that i didnt know you can look this much pretty, Aradhya smiles. Kumudini brings Saras and Micheal there, Aryan and Aradhya touches their feet, aaba is angry, Shashwat hugs Saras and meets Micheal. Tulsi looks at Kumudini with doubt, she leaves from there, Kumudini sees her going.
Tulsi comes out of venue and says why didnt she come till now? she has to come before Sangeet ceremony ends. She calls Damini and asks where are you? Damini says we are on our way, Tulsi asks if Shankari is fine, she nods, Tulsi says come fast. Kumudini sees her talking on call, she says why Tulsi is asking about Shankari to Damini. Kaka calls Kumudini and tells her that Shankari left hospital, Damini came here and took her from here, they are coming to Aradhya’s sangeet ceremony, Tulsi has invited them, Kumudini ends call and thinks what cooking in Tulsi’s head? i have to stop her, she goes behind Tulsi but Aaba stops her and asks where she is running? meet my guests, there are many media people, Kumudini says he had to come at this time only, i have to talk to Tulsi, aaba takes photos with Kumudini. damini and Shankari comes in sangeet ceremony, Tulsi greets them, Kumudini sees them and thinks that if Shankari opens truth about child swapping then my all plan will fail. Shankari and Damini comes to Aradhya and Aryan, they greet her, Shankari says she is Aradhya? where is your aayi? Aradhya points at Tulsi, Shankari says she cant be your aayi, she is not your mother, Damini says what are you saying? Shankari says no she is not Aradhya’s mother, Damini says see he is Aryan, Pavitra’s son, Shankari says you are forgetting everything, she is not Aradhya’s aayi, Aradhya asks her to calm down and tell everything, Kumudini says she is mental case, she asks Damini to take her away, she drags shankari, aaba stops her and says she is guest, this is not way to behave with her, let her talk, Shankari says to Kumudini that i will tell truth to everyone about your deed, she says to Aradhya that Kumudini is not your aaji, 21years back when you were born, Kumudini came in hospital, sameday Aryan was born too, Kumudini says shut up, Sangeet is going to start, lets start it, she holds Aradhya’s hand and says lets start it, aryan says leave her hand, she does, Aryan says let her speak, you have already given alot of pain to Aradhya, dont stop anyone from talking, she asks Shankari to tell truth to everyone, no one will stop you. Shankari says i was nurse, on that day, Aryan and Aradhya was born and with my help Kumudini swapped kids, Aryan is Tulsi’s son and Aradhya is Pavitra and Shashwat’s daughter, all are shocked, Kumudini is tensed.

PRECAP- Aaba says truth has come out and relationships are clear now, now Aryan and Aradhya will not get married. Aradhya sadly looks at Aryan, Aryan is distraught too, Kumudini stands there in tears.

Written Update by Atiba

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