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Krishnadasi 28th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Pavitra says i have filed case against Tulsi, Aradhya says how can you do this? i know you have given birth to me but for 21years that woman raised me up with love, Pavitra says i know but aaba forced me to do that, flashback shows aaba asking Pavitra to sign papers, she does, he says this is FIR against Tulsi stating that Tulsi tortured Aradhya so she cameback to her house here, Kumudini played a big game so now i want to see Tulsi going to jail, if you try to tell this to anyone then i will torture Aradhya so much that you wont be able to bear it, infact i will pain Aryan and his family too, dont you remember how i tortured Micheal after throwing Saras out of my house, his husband Micheal still cant earn money because of me, remember all this, flashback ends, Pavitra says if i had not done it then he would have thrown you out of house and would have made your life hell, Nakku says if Pavitra didnt do it then Aaba would have killed her and you, Pavitra says nothing is more important than your life to me, i had to do it, i am sorry, Aradhya says i cant do anything, Tulsi has made me learn to fight against wrong, i will do anything and will save her from that jail, i cant leave her like this, she leaves.
Kumudini says to Tulsi in jail that see what aaba has done and that so called daughter of yours has changed colors in days, i will take you away from here, Tulsi says take this woman away from here, Kumudini says i am your mother, i have come to save you, Tulsi says you only know to destroy lives, ask her how she has snatched kids from two mothers, i feel pain to see her face, Kumudini says that Aradhya has brought you in jail, she has complained that you tortured her, see how cheater she is, Tulsi says go away from here, Kumudini says see Aradhya has put you in jail and herself sitting in that palace, you never understand anything, police throws Kumudini out of police station.
Aradhya is leaving Haveli when aaba ask where are you going? ARadhya says i am going to take complaint back which i didnt file, Aaba says you will not go anywhere, Aradhya says i respect you but that doesnt mean i can remain silent against wrong doings, my aayi is in jail, i have to save her, aaba says which aayi? that filthy blood? that devdasi, that your aayi? Aradhya says that filthy blood has raised me for years, its better to have good blood and be bad person or is it better to have filthy blood and be good person? aaba says see Pavitra you were taking side of this ungrateful girl, i did mistake by allowing her to stay here, i forgot that she must have no Rao blood after being raised by devdasies for 21years, she doesnt know how to respect elders, Aradhya says our relation cant be changed by you talking like this, its good if we respect each others thoughts, i want to save my aayi, i will free her from lockup and nobody can stop me not even you, she leaves.
Aryan says to inspector that listen to me, inspector says we cant give bail, Aryan says my aayi hasnt done anything, Aradhya doesnt even know that someone has filed Fir in her name, i know for whom you are doing this but Aradhya will come here soon, Kumudini says dont trust her so blindly, Aryan says i believe her blindly, when she will take her complaint back then you will believe her too, Kumudini says i know about Rao family’s blood, it doesnt take so much time to come here but she didnt come till now, inspector says leave now, come with bail papers. Damini comes and asks what is happening here? inspector gets tensed, Aryan says they have filed complaint against Tulsi for torturing Aradhya, her daughter in law, inspector says we have got complaint, Damini asks if he filed FIR? he says no, i am waiting for Aradhya to come and sign FIR then i will file it, Damini says dont you know that you cant arrest anyone without FIR, and Aradhya didnt live with Tulsi after she got to know that she her daughter in law then how Tulsi tortured her? i know for whom you are doing this, free Tulsi right now. Tulsi is brought out of jail, Kumudini thanks Damini. Aryan comes and support Tulsi, Kumudini says you cant break blood relation, it has so much strength, Aryan was so worried to bring you out of jail, he is your son and my grand son, Aryan thanks Damini and says lets go, Tulsi emotionally looks at him.
Aryan brings Tulsi out of police station, Tulsi sees Aradhya there, Aradhya starts leaving seeing them, Tulsi calls out her name but she doesnt stop, Aryan goes to Aradhya. Aryan says where were you? Damini have released her, did you call Damini? have you come to take complaint back? Tulsi comes there too, Tulsi says I and Aryan knew that you cant file FIR against me, why will she do it? Aradhya turns and says sternly that you are thinking wrong, i didnt come to take FIR back, i came here to see how much pain you are going through, Aryan says do you even knew whom you are talking with? Aradhya says she is your mother and a devdasi and devdasies should be treated like this, this was nothing, lets see next, i will make your family’s hell, Aryan, Kumudini and Tulsi are shocked to see her like this, aaba sees this all from far and smirks, flashback shows aaba saying to Aradhya that you devdasies have taken my peace, my happiness everything, if you try to free her from jail then i will kill her right there, now think if you wanna see her in jail or dead, if i get to know that you saved her from jail then even angels wont come to save her life, flashback ends. Tulsi says to Aradhya that our relation was so weak that it brokedown in a day? ARadhya says it was fake relation, what was base of our relation? you wanted to take revenge from aaba’s family and you swapped children to take revenge, these kind of relations break like this, we break them with heavy heart, i have broken all relations with you, Kumudini says you Aradhya Vidyadhar Rao, did you forget what she has done for you her whole life? your real blood has started talking, she loved you like a mother, Tulsi says stop it, Aradhya why you are talking like this? this is aaba’s language, i feel that aaba have filled poison in your mind against us, Aradhya says i am saying this with my mind, i am happy with my family, i have got my father, my mother, my sister everything, i dont want to see your face, this woman Kumudini have destroyed my life, she did my auction, she made me devdasi, now i am free from this label of devdasi, you must know how it is to live with this filthy label of yours, dont show me your face again, aaba is enjoying all this, Aryan says shut up, you are not in senses, she used to be your aayi, you used to fight for her, how can you change in a day? Aradhya says what aayi? whose aayi? we have been living away from our aayis for 21years and all this because of Kumudini, this family have done this, from when you have started taking their side? what magic they have done on you? if you can stand for your family then i can stand for my family too, if you care about your aayi so much then take her to pune and live there, i dont want to see your face, we will live in peace like this, she leaves, Tulsi cries and says Aradhya listen to me, Aryan says dont cry for that selfish girl, he leaves with her. Kumudini is angry, Aryan turns and looks at Aradhya going away, he is confused. Aradhya hides behind car and cries, she says aayi i am sorry, i am sorry aayi. Kumudini says what did i see today? i cant believe that the girl which i raised for so many years has now become so bitter, she didnt call us Krishnadasi but called us devdasi, she called us filth, i knew that something will happen when this truth will come out but i didnt know things will reach this point, she called us devdasies, i dont understand God’s game, Aaba smirks seeing all this from far.
Aradhya is on road, Gayetri comes there and says i was worried for you thats why i came here, i know how much aaba has forced you to do this, Aradhya hugs her and says i wanted to say sorry to aayi, i said so much to her, God should not make any daughter say all this to her aayi, she is my aayi even if she didnt give me birth, Gayetri says i know you are hurt but think that Tulsi is freed today because of you, if you hadnt called Damini then this wouldnt have happened. Flashback shows Aradhya calling Damini and says i cant tell you much but i havent filed any complaint against Tulsi, aaba is taking advantage of you being not here, Damini says i am reaching there, nobody can put any innocent in jail when i am there, Aradhya says dont tell to anyone that i called you , my aayi’s life is in danger,. Damini says dont worry i am coming, flashback ends. Gayetri says people may think that you have changed but you fulfilled your duty, Aradhya says how will i face aayi? how will i ask forgiveness from her?
Kumudini thinks that Aradhya cant do this, it must be aaba’s work. Aaba comes there and says what are you thinking? thinking of new trap? you said that day that think if upbringing is greater or blood is greater, now tell me where did your upbringing of 21years go? you raised that girl for years but in seconds she became against you, Kumudini says you are old now but your mind is still small, you can bark like dog, you always think that blood is greater than upbringing, remember you used to call Aryan as your pride and now see he is my grand son now, when he used to live with you then he used to call himself as your grand son but now he is heir of king Keshav, Aaba says dont you remember devdasi’s babies are illegitimate, kings and princes doesnt exist now, i am king of Krishnawati, i will make you dance now, Kumudini says you are here and i am here too, lets see who will make whom dance, she leaves, Aaba smirks.
Tulsi comes in her room and sees her picture with Aradhya.
Aradhya looks at photo of hers with Tulsi in her phone, she calls aayi.. otherside Tulsi feels her calling her. Aradhya says i said so much to you, you are my aayi from my birth, i was so helpless, i know you must be broken, dont know how you are bearing all this, i feel like coming to you and telling you everything, i love you even now, i am sorry aayi, i am really sorry, she tries to call Tulsi but Aaba comes to her room and says whom you are calling? Aradhya ends call and says no one.
Tulsi looks at baby toy, her hand gets cut because of it, Tulsi recalls flashback of how Aradhya used to take care of her, Aradhya says you are so careless, sometimes i feel you are my daughter and i am your aayi, Aradhya ties bandage tightly, flashback ends, Tulsi says she used to tie bandage so tightly, how could you become stranger so suddenly? you called me filthy, you cant say that, you can never say it, someone has forced you to do this. Tulsi tries to get up but slips due to injuries, Aryan comes there and supports her, he asks her to be careful aayi, he makes her sit down, he says i know you want to listen to aayi from Aradhya’s mouth, i dont know if i have right to call you aayi, Tulsi says you have full right to call me aayi, you are my son, my aayi snatched this right from you, i will never forgive her, Aryan says today when i saw our Aradhya i felt like she was not our Aradhya, my heart says that she cant be our Aradhya but my mind says that everything was true, i dont understand anything, should i believe heart or my mind? Tulsi says are you so angry with ARadhya that you have broken relation with her? you are her life, and she is your life too, you love her alot, Aryan says i love her and from today i hate her too.
Aradhya says to aaba that i did as you said, nothing is left now, they wont see my face, its good for them and for me too, aaba says dont teach me what is right or wrong, in future you will have to break all ties with that family. We celebrate tomorrow’s day in this house every year, its Aryan’s birthday, Aradhya says you will celebrate Aryan’s birthday? Aaba says dont even take his name, you were born on sameday too, we will celebrate your birthday in grand manner and dotn try to do anything else that family will be hurt by me, he leaves.
Aryan says to Tulsi that we hate people whom we love, she has hurt you alot, i felt like she has thinking like aaba, she called you devdasi, she sent you to jail, even if we think that someone forced her even then she is at fault, she used to talk big about fighting for right thing then what happened to her today, how could she hate you in a day whom she lived with for 21years, Tulsi says i dont know but i just want my Aradhya back, Aryan says she has changed.

PRECAP- Kumudini says to Aryan that i am going to give you surprise on your birthday, she asks Aryan to sign property papers, she says these papers are blessing for you, Aryan signs them without reading, he leaves. Lawyers come t Aaba’s house and shows him banner which says auction of Rao house, aaba says what is this drama in my house? lawyer says dont ask me ask Aryan, he has taken order from court to put everything of this house for auction and also this house.

Written Update by Atiba

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