Krishnadasi 28th July 2016 Written Update

Krishnadasi 28th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi written update

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Krishnadasi 28th July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Aryan says to goons that if culprit calls you then tell me, they throws them out of house. Kumudini says i know who is behind all this, its Vidyadhar Rao, she stares ARadhya, Aryan says you are thinking wrong, she leaves/ Shravani says i wanted good for this family but i got blame, you people trusted Markand who tried to malign my dignity, she cries and leaves. Aryan stares Markand, Markand holds his hands and thinks that she is poisonous but no one is seeing it.
Aradhya comes to Shravani and says we didnt trust him, we were waiting for you to come and say truth, i am sorry, Shravani says dont say it, anyone can doubt, i know you people from few days, i am stranger only, Aradhya says what you did only our own people can do it, you took risk to find out truth, now i can tell my family that Kumudini aaji is not involved in Gayetri’s attack, will you help us in uniting both families? Shravani says why not, Aradhya thanks her and says i will bring food for you, she leaves. Shravani locks door and says they are so innocent, they dont know i didnt come to unite but to break them off, i got in danger because of Markand but i turned tables, my respect was raised too, my draam money money.. she laughs.
Aryan says to Markand that i am giving you last warning, dont come in this house again, get lost, she throws him out, Markand leaves. Aradhya comes there, Aryan says you were right, definitely some third party is involved in all this, we have to be careful to find out truth, Aradhya says so you are ready to shake hands with me? Aryan extends his hand towards her, she smiles shyly and shakes hands with him, both smile sweetly at each other and shares eyelock, they leave each others hands, Aryan says but things are so messed between families, Aradhya says we will set everything right now when we are together, i liked what Shravani did today, she tried to find out truth, he says yes, she says i will leave now, its late, Aryan asks if he should drop her? she says no i will go myself, good night, she smiles at him and starts leaving but turns to looks at him, he smiles at her, she says bye, he says bye, she blushes and leaves. Aryan smiles too. Kumudini has seen all this and thinks she is trying to trap my grand son, he is my grand son not her property, i wont let it happen.
Shashwat is getting ready. Pavitra asks where are you going? he says no need to tell you, Aradhya sees this, Shashwat leaves. Aradhya asks Pavitra if you both had fight? Pavitra says i broke his trust today, i needed money so called Monesh brother and took money from him, i had taken earlier too but Shashwat saw it today, i did bad with him, Aradhya says he must have felt bad, Pavitra says i needed money, the money you gave for Shravani’s gift, i had to give it for aaba’s medicine, i tried to find gift for Shravani, i stitched two old sarees together for Shravani to make new one, Aradhya says Shashwat will understand dont worry. Aradhya sees saree which Pavitra stitched and says its great, you have great talent and now you dont need to ask money from anyone, PAvita says i learned stitching clothes from my mother, ARadhya says there is NGO who hires women who do embroidery, they export clothes too, its great, we will go there, maybe there is some way, Pavitra says no what are you saying? Aradhya says you trust everyone why dont trust yourself? smile now, Pavitra says mother shows path to daughter but i am happy that my daughter is showing me path, she hugs Aradhya, Aradhya smiles.
Kumudini comes to her room and shouts that i wont spare her, Nakku asks what happened? Kumudini that Aradhya is trying to trap Aryan’s heart, she wants to prove that Aaba is not behind murder of Tulsi, my grand son is getting in her trap, Nakku says we have to break their bond before its late, Kumudini says i will break it, i have done alot of things in past too, i blamed Aryan for raping Aradhya to get them married, now i will throw her out of Aryan’s life. Shravani brings tea for Kumudini, she thinks seems like they are cookign some story, Shravani says dont be so angry, its not good for health, Nakku leaves, Shravani gives tea to Kumudini, Kumudini asks her to sit, she sits beside her, Kumudiini says i am like this, i cant control my anger, you take care of me so much, you saved me from such a big problem, Gayetri is alive and you nullified allegations on me by bringing those goons here, Shravani says you and Aryan have done so much for me, if it werent for you then i would have done suicide, Kumudini says dont say like this, Shravani says aaji i want to talk to you, she nod, Shravani says i was thinking till when i will stay here, i was thinking to find some work and find some shelter, Kumudini says you are not burden on us, Shravani says people talk rubbish, there is young guy in this house and i am young too, but i cant forget what you and Aryan have doen for me, Kumudini thinks that God thank you for showing me path, now see Aradhya what i will do with you.
Aradhya says to Pavitra that i have registered you in NGO class, we will go to mandir before going there, Pavitra says i will go tomorrow, Aradhya says you are scared? Pavitra says there will be young girls in that class, what will people say? Aradhya says you always say there is no age for learning, women will get inspired by you, you just have to show your talent, people will praise you, Pavitra says okay i will go with you, Aradhya says you took Shravani’s saree? she says yes, Aradhya says lets go to mandir there, they leave.
Kumudini, Nakku, Shravani and Aryan comes to mandir. Kumudini says to Shravani that Tulsi and i used to do pooja here, today Aryan will do pooja with me, you have to help us, Shravai says you allowed me to be in pooja even when i am widow, i am thankful, Kumudini says no tradition says that you cant be part of pooja because of you widow, you are part of family now, she gives her pooja plate, Shravani thinks that this oldie is giving me everything without asking only.
Kumudini sits for pooja. Aradhya and Pavitra comes there, Aradhya smiles at Aryan but he doesnt see her. KumKumudini asks Shravani to put flowers in Krishanji’s feet, Shravani comes forward and bends to do it, Makku comes behind her and pushes her, Shravani falls in feet of Krishan’s idol and sindoor is applied on her forehead, Kumudini says this is bad omen, she is shocked to see sindoor on her forehead, she says Krishan’s sindoor in her forehead? what this means? Nakku says this is huge mistake, sindoor is applied from Krishan’s feet so she has become devdasi, Kumudini says Nakku.. she looks on shocked, villagers says it was written in fate that she will become girl of Krishan, this is miracle, Aradhya says this was just accident, villager says you are educated doesnt mean you say anything, this is devdasi now, Aryan says nobody becomes devdasi like this, villager says you are devdasi’s son, you should know all this, you stopped her devdasi ritual but see it was in her fate and it is justified that she has become devdasi now, Aryan says you are illiterate people, just cause sindoor is applied on her forehead by mistake so she is devdasi now? villagers says you can say anything but it was not mistake, sindoor is applied now, Aryan says what if reverse of this happens? they say what you mean? Aryan says i will show you reverse, he comes to Shravani and wipes sindoor from her forehead, all are shocked, everyone agrees to it in mandir except Aryan. Aryan says stop this drama, go back home, let us do pooja, Kumudini says what you did? Aryan says this is blind faith, i did right, i wiped sindoor, villager says he wiped sindoor but she wont become unmarried like this, you cant change or reverse things, can you become Rao’s family’s grand son? once she has become devedasi, now she has to live like it, you stopped ritual earlier too, who will take her responsibility now? Aryan says what will you people get by making her devdasi? she lost her husband now only, why you are trapping her in all this? what will you get? atleast women should think about her, woman says whoever goes against devdasi ritual, we are against him, Aryan says she is my responsibility, i wont let anyone do injustice with her, he holds her hand says lets go Shravani, villager say to Kumudini that you are devdasi yourself, you are following this ritual till now, tell us who is right now? Kumudini says no need to shout, this is panch’s matter, we will talk to Sarpanch, he doesnt know anything about this ritual, i am taking responsibility, we will talk in panchayat, she takes Aryan and Shravani from there.
Kumudini brings Shravani home and says dont worry, me and Aryan are with you, nothing will happen, Shravani says if i have become devdasi then it means some old man will take advantage of me, i will be given to them? Aryan says i wont let it happen, i have taken your responsibility so i will protect you, nakku takes Shravani from there. Kumudini says to Aryan that you want to protect her? villagers will point fingers at you, i will talk in panchayat, Aryan says what if they take same decision? her life with be destroyed and i wont let it happen, Kumudini says you are young, you can do anything in anger, dotn get involved in all this, i will handle it, Aryan gets call from manager and says i wont be able to come for meeting, Kumudini takes call and says he will come for meeting, she ends call and says i will handle everything here, Chimaji will handle everything in Panchayat, if you dont trust me then dotn go, Aryan says i will go but remember that she is our responsibility, nothing should happen to her, Kumudini says she will live in this house only, dont worry, Aryan leaves, Kumudini says sorry Aryan but i had to do it, that ARadhya is prick in eyes so i had to choose this path, i am doing all this for you Aryan.
Aradhya is sitting tensely in her house, Pavitra comes to her and sits beside her and says you are worried for Aryan? what villagers said, you are worried about that, you are worrying about Shravani too, Aradhya says i am worried for Aryan more, Kumudini is follower of devdasi tradition, she is standing with Aryan today but tomorrow if she has to do anything for devdasi tradition then she can do anything for it, Aryan has gone against this ritual, result can be anything, villagers think that if someone gives place to devdasi in his house then it means man have relation with devdasi, Pavitra says Aryan is not king to give place to some devdasi, time ahs changed too, Aradhya says not in Krishnavati, after so much, we have mend things between us but now this storm again, i dont want to get separated from him again, she cries, Pavitra says i will pray to God to make everything fine. Aaba is seeing Aradhya crying and feels bad for her.
Kumudini meets villager to created chaos in mandir, she gives money to woman, woman says its all your blessing, Kumudini says game is remaining, we will enjoy later rukmini, you have to make scene in Panchayat, talk against me there, Rukmini says i will handle everything, she leave, Nakku says i thought i am player but you are a great player, Kumudini says just see what i do in Panchayat, film is remaining, she laughs.

PRECAP- Panchayat has sit down to give verdict, Chimaji says as per ritual this girl Shravani has become devdasi, she has sindoor of Krishan on her forehead and after applying sindoor Aryan touched her for first time so from today, she will be Aryan’s responsibility, Kumudini smirks, aaba is shocked. Aryan cups Aradhya’s face and says enough of all this, i am yours and my life is yours from now on, Aradhya says and i am yours even after death, they emotionally looks at each other.

Written Update by Atiba

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