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Krishnadasi 28th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Deshmukh says to aaba that Aryan is marrying devdasi’s daughter, i am seeing everything, we should have left with Purva, Aryan likes devdasi’s daughter, Kumudini comes there and says why you are talking to him like this? he is my would be in-law, he invites deshmukh to come in Aryan and ARadhya’s marriage, Aradhya and Pavitra comes there. Kumudini asks aaba to let them go, Deshmukh says we will not stay here, aaba and Pavitra goes behind them. Aradhya asks Kumudini why she is doing all this? Kumudini sits on Aaba’s chair and smirks, Aradhya says why all this? Kumudini says we are going to be in laws so we have to to all this, i have given contract to wedding planner, sh is fashion, she will do everything, nobody asked tea to me, she asks Nakku to bring tea for her, Aradhya is shocked.
Doctor meets Gayetri and says we are giving you job because of your qualification, she makes her meet head nurse Vishali and leaves, Vikshali gives her all details and leaves. Gayetri is in her office, she reads file and says my first patient is Sarasvati fernandez.
aaba says to Deshmukh that marriage didnt happen, i am telling you, i will set everything right, Deshmukh says what about Kumudini? aaba says its her work to do drama, she is jackal and cant become lion by shouting, if you are thinking that i am afraid then you dont know aaba, dont worry, Purva will be our daughter in law of our house, nothing is impossible for us, he asks Deshmkukh to stay, he asks him to bring Purva back as Aryan will marry Purva only, i will have to do some drama to take Aradhya away from Aryan’s life.
Aradhya is tensed, Shashwat comes to her and asks what happened? are you fine? she nods and says yes uncle, he says not uncle but baba, now you will be my daughter not daughter in law, because of you Aryan have ended his bitterness towards me, thank you, dont feel alone, i am with you, dont lose hope, you may take time to understand Aryan but he has heart of gold, if he irritates you then complain to me, i will beat him, they laugh, he leaves, ARadhya says he always help me like father, i wish i had father like him, only he seems to be happy with this marriage.
Gayetri comes to Saras and asks how she is? Saras says i saw you so now i will be fine, did you come to meet me? Gayetri says i have got job here so i will see you daily, Saras says but i got to know that you got married, where is your husband? Gayetri thinks that she doesnt know David has hurt me, Saras asks if everything is fine? Gayetri says no, some misunderstanding happened and my husband didnt accept me, Saras says dont tell anything further, then Aaba must have thrown you out of house right? Gayetri gets emotional.
Aadha is sitting in room, she is tensed and has headache. Aryan comes there and calls her name, she looks at him and then looks away, he asks are you thinking something? she says yes, Aryan says you are taking tension about something, Aradhya says how much you know about me? Aryan says my father acts like this when he is tensed, Kumudini sees all this and thinks that Aryan is pointing out that Aradhya is Shashwat’s daughter, i have to stop him. Aryan asks Aradhya if she is tensed related to him? Kumudini comes there and says whats going on here? i understand this happens before marriage, it has different fun, Aryan says nothing like that, wedding planner has come, lets go, she drags Aryan, she asks Aradhya to come too. Aradhya is tensed.
Wedding planner comes to Haveli, she says why it is so dark here? Markand asks her to take off her sun-glasses, she says oh yeah, she looks around and says we have to do changes, she looks at Nakku and says who are you? Nakku says i am working here for 25years, planner asks her t bring water, Nakku goes. Aaba comes there and asks who are you? she says i am Kamla, wedding planner. Kumudini says i have called her, its very less time in marriage and we have so much work so i called her, she will arrange everything nicely, your photo will in newspaper like it was shown in media, Kamla says first there will be sangeet ceremony, we have to make couples, she comes to Pavitra and asks her to stand with Shashwat, she does, Kamla says one couple done. She selects Markand and Shivangi. she says aaba is single, all are stunned, she says i will make your couple too, Aaba says i dont have time, he leaves. Aradhya thinks no one is happy with this marriage, Kumudini is forcing everyone.

Scene 2
Aradhya comes to mandir and says Aryan’s family is not happy with this marriage, i dont know why Aryan is doing all this, if he is marrying me in pressure? i need answers Krishan ji. Aryan comes there and calls her name, she looks at him, Aryan asks are you fine? why did you come here? what happened? why you seem upset since morning? you wanna share something? Aradhya starts to leave, Aryan holds her hand and says if you wanna tell anything then say, we will sort it out, aradhya says i cant marry you, she takes off her hand and says our marriage cant happen, Aryan is shocked and says what happened now? Aradhya says i am not joking, no one is happy with this marry, not your aayi, not your Aaba, Aryan says my baba is happy, its 33.33% vote that we have, even government is made on that basis, Aradhya says only government can run with this majority but not house, we need support from whole family, we need all votes, when no one is happy then whats the need to marry, i cant go to family where no one is happy seeing me, when no family member is happy then how will be happy? and what about you? are you happy? she stares him, she asks whats in your heart, you must have thought something about marriage, please dont be silent, atleast say something, Aryan gets conscious, Aradhya says i have got answer with your silence, you are doing sacrifice, you are marrying me in pressure, its compromise, Aryan says nothing like that, aradhya says you are doing favor and i dont want to live life under favor of someone, she leaves. Aradhya comes out of mandir, Aryan comes there and says nothing will happen as per your saying, i have decided to marry you and you cant leave like this, cant you see how much i am fighting? i have fought with Aaba, aayi, everyone. Aradhya says you have fought with everyone thats why you wanna marry me? Aryan says your emotional quotient is low, not everything is to be said but i will tell you.. listen.. I love you, Aradhya is shocked, Aryan is tensed, Tere ishq pe haq hai ek mera plays.. Aryan comes near Aradhya, he holds her hand and pins her to pillar, he comes closer to her, they share eyelock, Aryan puts hand on her back, Aryan comes closer to kiss her, Aradhya closes her eyes, he is about to kiss her but Aradhya runaway from there, Aryan sees her running away, he is tensed, Aradhya leaves from there, Aryan says i was so much enthusiastic, nobody says i love you like this.

Scene 2
Aryan comes to his room and says i shouldnt have done it, maybe i am idiot or she is idiot, he looks at her sketch and says i am sorry, i shouldnt have done it, Shashwat comes there and asks what? Aryan says nothing, you are not practicing dance? Shashwat says i thought to see you, Aryan says i said it what was to say, if i say it then its problem, if i dont say it then its problem too, she kept asking me why i wanna marry her so i said that i love her, Shashwat says dont you love her? Aryan says i do, Shashwat says she must have ranaway being shy, Aryan says dont know she she ranaway being shy or being angry, i said i love you by pushing her and in anger, Shashwat says i dont think she will mind that, because of her, we are closer, you can say i love you her 100times, you have to be romantic, Aryan says i said it, whats more i have to do, shashwat says say it delicately, make this moment memorable for her and make place in her heart.
Tulsi comes to shankari in hospital and thinks that if Kumudini is playing big game with Aradhya? maybe there is some big secret which i dont know. Shankari asks who are you? Tulsi says i am your friend, she gives her blocks, shankari likes it, Tulsi says tell me whats my name? Shankari says i dont know, she says i am Tulsi, Tulsi says i am kumudini’s daughter, you were telling about swapping, Shankari says Kumudini used to steal my toys, Tulsi is disappointed.
Aryan and Shashwat thinks how to tell Aradhya, Aryan says i will give her dry fruits, Shashwat says tell her to get well soon, she is not ill, she will throw dry fruits on you, Aryan says she has already done that, can do again, Shashwat says think something else, he says you call her 2-feet dinosaur, its cute, Aryan says i got idea, he hugs shashwat, Shashwat gets happy and hugs him back, Aryan gets conscious, Aryan says i am sorry, i should have done it long ago, i am sorry, Shashwat says its good that you cameback, he hugs Aryan, Aryan thinks. Shashwat says you are my nice son, Pavitra sees all this.
Aradhya comes in her room, she recalls how Aryan confessed his love, she blushes and smiles, she thinks that i like a guy who cant even say i love you properly, she recall how he came closer to her, she feels his emotions, Sanam re plays, she cant stop smiling.
Pavitra comes to shashwat and says what has happened to you? no one is happy but you are provoking Aryan to marry her, shashwat says atleast i am not making him learn how to doubt his life partner, i am making him learn how to love, which i couldnt get, atleast my son should get it, if you try to find happiness in your son’s happiness then it will be good for you and for him too, he leaves, Pavitra stands in tears.
Kamla is waiting for Kumudini’s family to start dance practice. Kumudini says we are here. She asks Aradhya to come in, Aradhya comes there. Kumudini says Tulsi didnt agree to come. Kumudini greets everyone, Aradhya does too, Aryan looks at her. Kamla says there will be two dances in sangeet, one will be of family and other will be couple dance, i will make family dance first as they tend to destroy it, couple dance will be next, Aryan says but generally groom and bride practice first as we will not have time, Kamla says dont teach me, sit there, Aryan stands beside Aradhya and touches her arm with his arm, she looks at him in surprise, aaba sees their closeness and thinks that things are going out of hand, i have to stop this marriage.

PRECAP- Shankari comes in ceremony and says to Kumudini that i will tell your truth to everyone, she says to Aradhya that 21years back when you were born, this women Kumudini came in hospital and Aryan was born sameday too, truth is that with my help, this women swapped Pavitra and Tulsi’s child, All are shocked listening this.

Written Update by Atiba

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