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Krishnadasi 27th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kumudini says i have will of Keshav, its written in it that my grand son is heir of Keshav’s property, lawyer tell this to Raj, Rak says we dont know whose blood is in Aryan, what is the proof that he is Tulsi’s son? Aryan says control your tongue, Raj says we dont know about your mother and her affairs, Aryan says control your tongue, Raj says we dont know about your father, Aryan punches him, Kumudini says beat him more, Raney says stop it, we need to know that Aryan is Tulsi’s son, you will have to prove that Aryan is Tulsi’s son, Kumudini says i knew that he would point fingers at this, she shows report to Raney, Raney sees report and says Aryan is Tulsi’s son, its proved that Aryan is official heir of Keshav’s property, Raj says we know that he is Tulsi’s son but we dont know if he has blood of king, his mother must be with any man, Aryan holds his collar and says you dont respect your mother thats why you are talking about my mother like this, get lost from here, i dont care about anything, about that property but i am Tulsi’s son and just get lost from here, this is my village, i dont care about me being Aryan Rao or not but my villagers will be with me, just get lost from here in 5mintues else it will be bad for you, Raj leaves. Aryan says to Kumudini that i will never hug you calling you aaji, i have come here for my aayi, i wont allow Raj to hurt this family or aaba’s family, i know that dog has comet to snatch rights of others but i wont allow him to snatch my aayi’s rights, i havent come for you but for my aayi, Tulsi gets emotional listening this, he goes in house.
Pavitra says to Aradhya that i raised him as my son for 21years but i lost him in a blink and i dont want to lose you, i cant lose you else i will die, i know you love Aryan alot, more than me maybe, our relation hasnt become strong, i wont let you go from this house, what happened to Sara, same happened with Gayetri but i wont let it happen with you, i have no importance in this house but i will fight for you, i promise you that i wont let anything to your relation with Aryan. Pavitra says i did so wrong with you.. Gayetri comes and says why girls have to sacrifice everything in this house? why we have to choose family over our happiness, i wont let it happen with my sister, when we met first aaru, you helped me like we had some blood relation, now we have found you but i am sad that we lost Aryan, i kept him as brother but got to know that he is not my brother, we cant change relations made by heart, i have two relations with you, you are my sister and my sister in law too, Aryan will remain my brother for life, we cant break relations made from heart, Aradhya says Gayetri.. Gayetri tai, i have to bow down to Aaba’s commands in order to accept these new relations, Gayetri says you love Aryan? Aradhya says more than myself, Gayetri says he loves you too, remember you helped me to not bow down to aaba earlier so this time i will not let you bow down to aaba, she hugs Aradhya. Pavitra thinks that aaba must be angry, he did Aradhya’s shuddi karan but he hasnt accepted Aradhya fully, he has started hating Aryan too, he might be doing something to break Aryan and Aradhya’s relation, i have to do something, i have to talk to him before he does anything.

Scene 2
Aryan comes in mandir, he rings bell and starts leaving but Aradhya comes there, he stops seeing her, he hides and pulls her behind pillar, she says Aryan? Aryan says you were looking for me? he pins her to pillar, he says aaba’s grand daughter is meeting Krishnadasi Kumudini’s grand son, Aradhya says dont talk like this, he asks how are you? she asks how are you? Aryan says life has brought to situation where we cant say to each other that we are fine, one storm stops and another comes in life, Aradhya says i feel same like you, i feel like.. Aryan says just wait for sometime, i have faith that we will change this situation together.
Markand and Banwari are getting drunk. Markand says to Banwari that see Chimaji is coming, lets start. Banwari says to men around that its like movie going on in Krishnawati where lost kids are getting found again. You know aaba’s grand son is actually son of.. you know great saint of today Chimaji, he used to be lover 21years back, he has got grown up son now, he is Aryan’s father, his religion, saint drama everything is finished and now he has become Devdasi’s lover, one man says if we had done this then aaba would have punished us but what he will do now? aaba, Aryan and Aradhya comes there too. Markand says aaba used to call Aryan as his pride and now he has become filthy blood, aaba was dying to make her dance infront of world but Kumudini made him dance to her tunes, PRECAP, man says aaba used to show off his dignity, where is he now? did he go for DNA test? dont know whose blood is who, aaba’s another grand daughter is also devdasi? Aradhya comes and says before you point fingers at someone else character, see your character, Aryan says you guys dont have right to point fingers at Aaba, Aradhya says aaba is not at fault in all this, Aryan says say anything to me but not to Aaba, aaba says boy(Aryan) you dont need to fight for me, i dont want filthy blood to fight for me, i will see these men, one drunk man says we you cant let us bow to you now. Aradhya says to aaba that dont need to talk to these people, lets go home, she looks at Aryan who gives her smile, she leaves from there with aaba. Aryan looks at Chimaji and says lets go from here, Chimaji leaves with him. Aradhya looks at Aryan going to otherside, Aryan turns and looks at her, Aradhya thinks our family has so much hatred and its so deep, how will we finish it? Aryan thinks that Aradhya till you are with me, we will find someway and then we will not have to be separated from each other.

Scene 2
aaba comes home and says to Pavitra that enough of your love for that girl(Aradhya), Pavitra says i have given her birth, Aaba says but she was raised by that devdasi Kumudini, i feel this is new game of devdasi to tarnish my dignity, nobody has guts to say anything against and today a drunk man slapped me, he didnt have respect for me and this all because of your lovely daughter, i dont have any feelings for that girl, Aaba says to Pavitra that if your daughter Aaradhya wants to get position and recognition in our family then she has to break marriage relation with grand son(Aryan) of that Kumudini, Pavitra says how can i snatch her love and her happiness from my daughter? aaba says then go from here with your both daughters, Pavitra cries, aaba says you want me throw you out of house like Saras? Pavitra says dont say this, Aaba says then do what i want, are you with me or with her? Pavitra says this is my house, i ask forgiveness on her behalf, i beg you, aaba says i told you 21years back that i want a boy, now i know you have given birth to daughter, if you want to stay in this house then sign these papers without asking any question, Pavitra asks what are these papers? he says just sign them, Pavitra signs them.
Tulsi is arrested and brought to jail. Tulsi says inspector Aradhya is my daughter, she cant do this with me, talk to her. Inspector gets call from aaba and says i have taken risk for doing this work, Damini has gone out of city thats why i am able to do this, aaba says dont worry about Damini, i will see her, beat that Tulsi so much that devdasies get shaken up, i will give you enough money but just beat her, inspector says your work will be done, he ends call and says to female inspector that beat her, female constable starts beating, Tulsi cries , inspector says i feel bad seeing you cry but i cant do anything, you will have to live in this jail now, Tulsi faints.
aaba’s men beats drunk men who made fun of aaba, men say we will not do this again, aaba says only i will rule in Krishnawati, nobody can take this from me.
Aryan comes to police station and says i need to meet inspector Damini, my aayi is arrested, inspector says do you have affair with Damini? why you are asking about her? Tulsi shouts from cell to Aryan, Aryan tries to go to Tulsi and says my aayi is there, let me go, inspector stops him and says you are not Aaba’s grand son, i will put you in jail too, Aryan says you cant put her in jail like this, she is innocent, inspector says your wife has filed complaint against her for domestic violence, Aryan says what? inspector says your wife Aradhya have filed complaint, Aryan says i know whose work is this, let Damini come then i will see, Tulsi shouts to leave Aryan, constable pushes Tulsi in cell, Tulsi falls and hurts her hand. Aradhya is wearing bangles in her room and gets hurt on hand at sametime as Tulsi, she says aayi.. Shashwat comes there and asks what happened daughter? he sees blood coming out of her hand, he ties hankie on her hand and asks if its hurting? Aradhya says no ba.. baba, she smiles and says no its not hurting, can i say something? Shashwat says yes, ARadhya says i used to always ask Krishanji where is my father? how he looks like, you remember when we met first in police station, he nods, ARadhya says then i thought in heart that my father should be like you and see Krishanji listened to me and you are my real father, Shashwat says even i thought you as my daughter, because of my misunderstanding, i got angry on you but i always thought you as my daughter and today getting you as my daughter, i feel most proud of it, he hugs her. Aryan comes to aaba’s house and calls out Aradhya’s name. Pavitra comes to Aryan and says how are you? Aryan says aayi, where is Aradhya? they are saying that Aradhya have filed complaint against my aayi. Aradhya comes there and asks what happened? Aryan says you dont know anything? she says no, Aryan says my aayi is in jail, Aradhya says why who did it? Aryan says i knew you cant do this with person who loved you so much, someone has filed complaint against her and i know this must be done by Aaba, take complaint back, Aradhya asks what complaint? Aryan says they are saying that she was violent with you, they are physically torturing her, come with me, he gets Kaka’s call and says you do formalities with lawyer, i will come there, he ends call and says go to police station and take complaint back, i have to go, he leaves.
Kumudini comes to police station in anger, she asks where is Tulsi? where is my daughter? she throws things away, inspector says you cant meet her, meeting time is over, Kumudini takes his gun and says what time is over? she points gun at him, i will shoot myself, she points gun at her head and says i am mad woman, where is my daughter? she comes to Tulsi’s cell, Tulsi moves away from her.
Aradhya says i have to take complaint back, she starts leaving but Pavitra comes and says you will not go anywhere, Aradhya says what are you saying? didnt you listen what Aryan said, Tulsi aayi is in jail, they are torturing her, i have to take complaint back, Pavitra says if aaba gets to know it then it will be bad for you, Aradhya says we cant sit quiet because of aaba’s fear, if this thing had happened with you then Aryan would have done same what i am doing, she starts leaving but Pavitra says stop for me atleast, i have filed complaint against Tulsi on your behalf, Aradhya is shocked.

PRECAP- Aradhya comes to police station. Aryan comes to her and says where were you? have you come to take complaint back? Tulsi comes there too, Tulsi says me and Aryan knew that you can file FIR against me, Aradhya turns and says sternly that you are thinking wrong, i didnt come to take FIR back, i came here to see how much pain you are going through, Aryan says do you even knew whom you are talking with? Aradhya says she is your mother and a devdasi and devdasies should be treated like this, this was nothing, lets see next, i will make your family’s hell, Aryan, Kumudini and Tulsi are shocked to see her like this.

Written Update by Atiba

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