Krishnadasi 27th July 2016 Written Update

Krishnadasi 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi written update

Krishnadasi 27th July 2016 written update, Krishnadasi 27 July 2016 telly update, written episode 27 July 2016, Krishnadasi 27th July 2016 Written Update Review, Krishnadasi 27 July 2016 Written Story.
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Krishnadasi 27th July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kumudini says to Shravani that my daughter left you and i am alone now, Shravani brings fake tears in her eyes and says what if someone takes her life? i mean if someone loves you enough to take your loneliness, not as daughter but as grand daughter, aaji.. Kumudini looks at her surprised, Shravani says sorry i got emotional and called you aaji, will it work? she sadly looks at her, Kumudini says you can call me aaji.. laado.. i will make you get ready like i used to make Tulsi ready, she goes, Shravani thinks that boss said she is clever but i have struck cord in her heart, i feel like dancing.
Kumudini makes Shravani wear like Tulsi, she is wearing jewelry, Shravani thinks that she made me looks good, she says after my husband died, i thought colors left my life but you have filled my life with colors again, i am so lucky that i got you as aaji, Kumudini says you can start new life, you can again make your house again, she hugs her. Markand sees all this and says i will trap this bird, she doesnt have husband but i am here.
Pavitra meets a man, she asks for money, he says i gave you yesterday, she says you like to listen about my problems? man gives her money and says fine. Pavitra starts leaving but sees Shashwat at a distance. Shashwat says let me see that man whom you are taking money. Man comes there, its Monesh, he is Pavitra’s brother, she says you woundnt allow me to take money so i thought to hide from you, Shashwat says you didnt believe me? Pavitra says its not like that, we have expanses, our daughters are working, you even worked on wage rate, you dont tell me anything but i know, if all are working then why cant i try? Monesh says she is my sister, we help each other in difficult times, Shashwat says i understand your emotions but i am saying that we beg to people when we lose hope but i have not lost, he says to Pavitra that if you want to help then work like this but dont beg to anyone, he leaves, Pavitra gives money back to her brother and leaves to go behind him.
Markand comes to Shravani’s room and looks around for her, he says i will apply video setting here. he says now i can watch free video, he creates hole is washroom’s door and hides it with material, Shravani comes there and asks what are doing here? Markand says i was searching for my coin, he looks here and there and says its not here, he leaves. Shravani pouts and says its hot here, lets take shower, she goes in bathroom. Markand comes there and says i will get to see first video today, he takes out material from hole and tries to see inside bathroom through hole, he sees Shravani taking off jewelry and says its good, its time to in washroom. Aryan comes there and says what are you doing here? Markand says nothing, i was finding my coin, material falls from his hands, Aryan says what is this? Markand says nothing, Aryan says what are you doing here? dont do drama, what were you doing in her room? Shravani comes out of bathroom, Aryan sees hole in door and grabs Aryan, Aryan says how dare you keep wrong eyes on woman, i will send you to police, he beats Markand and drags him out, Shrvani starts acting. Aryan brings him to hall, Kumudini asks Shravani if she is fine? she says if Aryan had not come then he would have taken advantage, Aryan says you kept man like this here? he is alot worst than Aradhya.. call police, Kumudini says yes, Markand says i wont do it, Kumudini says sorry to Shravanim Markand sits in her feet and says i am sorry, if Shivangi knows this then she will kill me, Aryan says she should know about you, he beats him, Shravani says other woman would have not forgiven you but you are from this house which has given me shelter, everyone should get another chance to live like aaji has given me, your disrespect will be their disrespect so i am forgiving you, Markand says thank you sister, can i live her? Aryan says i will send you to jail, dont come inside here again, she throws him out and asks servant to throw this luggage, servant does so and locks door on his face. Aryan says sorry to Shravani and says it happened while i was here, Shravani says you saved my dignity, i lost my husband but i have got loving grand mother and guard like you, you are like God, she cries and leaves from there, Aryan and Kumudini looks on.
Shravani comes to her room and says what an acting i did, i am Sri Devi, now both of them are under my control, i had won Kumudini’s heart but now i impressed Aryan too, now she will make our relation, my dream money money.. she dances.
Markand is walking on road with luggage, he drinks wine and says i should have controlled myself, what was the need to go behind her? there are so many unmarried women here but i had to go behind widow, he slaps himself and says i have already gotten beaten by Aryan, Banwari was right i shouldnt have cheated where i lived, what was the need for Shravani to dress like that, i am a man so i had to get distracted, i am gone now, he drinks wine and says i have to find shelter, he says if anyone wanna take torn Markand? He listens someone talking about him in godown. He sees Shravani inside godown and saying to goons that i wanted to beat that Markand too but i had to like sad widow, i cried and i had to like sad woman, i am so happy today, i called boss and told him that step 2 is done too, she says to one goon Pakya and says i slapped you yesterday but because of you i won oldie’s heart, she drinks wine, Markand sees all this and is not able to believe it. he says Shravani the sad widow.. Oh God.
Aradhya comes to house with files, Aryan strikes with her, files fall on floor, they sit to pick it up, they hands touch, they look at each other, Aryan moves his hand away, music plays, he gives her files and says you didnt go to home? Aradhya says i was going to keep files in your room, you want to see them? Aryan says i am not going to give you extra money for extra work you are doing, she says okay, he sees marker’s mark on her lips and asks her to wipe it but she is holding files, he says one minute, he holds her face and wipes her lips with tissue. Kumudini sees them close and gets angry. Aradhya smile, Aryan smiles at her too, Aryan starts leaving but Aradhya if you got to know who did that with Gayetri? Aryan says not till now. Markand comes there, Aryan grabs him from collar and says i told you to not come here again, Markand says i have hot news for you, Aryan says we dont want to listen, get lost, Kumudini says let him speak, Markand says if i am wrong then kill me, Kumudini says i will do it, tell me, Markand that girl in your house, she is not Shravani, Kumudini says what? Markand says she is a cheater, Kumudini says what rubbish? Markand says has guy friends, she was drinking wine in bar and was talking rubbish about you, Aradhya says she is innocent, Markand says call her, she must be here if she is innocent, Aradhya says i will bring her down. Aryan says dont listen to him, Kumudini says i will br proved now. Aradhya comes and says Shravani is not here, Kumudini says all cheaters are in my fate, one was Aradhya and now this Shravani, Aryan says why you are comparing Aradhya to Shravani, Aradhya says we should wait, maybe we are assuming wrong, Kumudini says what if he saying truth? Aryan says lets wait for her.
One man says to Shashwat that i am opening new shop, i will tell you if i can give you work, Shashwat says thanks. One woman says to David that he was eve-teasing her, David says no, people start beating him in market, Shashwat sees this.
Shravani comes home, Markand says see this sad woman, ask where was she and what was she doing? Kumudini says shut up, Kumudini asks where were you? Shravani is tensed, and says i went to mandir, Kumudini says for what? give parsad then, Shravani says i dont.. Kumudini says Markand is right, you were drinking wine in bar, Aryan says you tell truth, Markand says she is drunkard, she cant tell it, she was enjoying wine in bar with her guy friends, shame on you, Shravani says its true that i went to bar..
Shashwat stops everyone and says he is nice man, people says tame him, shashwat says sorry, people leave. David is drunk and says sorry.. Sahshwat says you told me that you are tensed, wine is not solution for anything, David cries, Shashwat asks what happened? sharing can heal pain, tell me whats the problem, David says no, Shashwat says why you dont want to tell me? David says i will handle, he leaves.
Shravani says i am not a cheater, i went there to find who tried to put Gayetri in tank and tried to trap you, i went to mandir but i saw two goons talking about how they tried trap you in Gayetri’s case, i went behind them to bar and became their friends to find out truth, infact i even tried to act like drinking wine and said ill words about you so that they believe i am against you, someone told them to work it like everyone believes Kumudini did it, Markand says she is lying, she is trying to save herself, Shravani says if you dont believe me then i have brought those goons here, ask them. Shravani’s goons are brought there, Kaka says Shravani called me and wanted my help to catch goons so i went to help her. Aryan asks goons who asked you do all this, Goons says we dont know, someone called us in dark and gave us money to do that to Gayetri and trap Kumudini in this case, Aryan says police will beat you both now, Shravani gets tensed listening this, goons says dont call police, we have families, money was needed and we did it for money, we will become witness to police but forgive us, Aryan says i will leave you only if you agree that if that man who gave you money, if he tries to contact again then call me, they agree, Aryan leaves, they leave, Aryan says just hope we find real culprit, Kumudini says i will tell who is real culprit, its Vidyadhar Rao, Aryan says you are wrong, I and ARadhya was talking, someone is doing all this to extend our animosity, Kumudini says yes, its same person who killed your aayi and trapped me for murder, he is doing same even now, she stares Aradhya and leaves, Shravani thinks that if i play like this then i will achieve my goal soon.

PRECAP- Kumudini says i know what that Aradhya want, she is trying to win my grand son Aryan’s heart, Nakku says we have to break their bond, Kumudini says i will do it. Kumudini is in mandir with Shravani, she asks Shravani to put flowers in Krishanji’s feet, Shravani comes forward and bends to do it, Makku comes behind her and pushes her, Shravani falls in feet of Krishan’s idol and sindoor is applied on her forehead, Nakku says this is huge mistake, sindoor is applied from Krishan’s feet so she has become devdasi, everyone agrees to it in mandir except Aryan.

Written Update by Atiba

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