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Krishnadasi 26th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Ceremony starts. Guests ask Pavitra to call her daughter in law, Pavitra says she will come soon. aaba comes there too, Aryan comes there and says thank you for coming here, there is one problem, Aradhya have serious headache so she wont be able to join us. Guests gossip that there seems to be something wrong. Aryan says go after having dinner only. Aradhya comes in ceremony wearing ghungroos only, all are shocked. Aradhya smirks at Aryan who is embarrassed, Banwari whispers that it seems like we will see dramaw today without ticket. Aradhya says i lied to my husband that i have headache to get time to get ready, Aradhya says to everyone that i was getting ready thats i got late, i have to look good as i am such big family’s daughter in law and also Devdasi, there is tradition that when we devdasies are happy, we show it by doing dance so me and my husband have planned surprise for you all. Aradhya touches aaba’s feet. She comes to Tulsi and Kumudini and says thank you for coming. Aradhya comes to Aryan and whispers that you gifted these ghungroos to me, wife tends to showoff gifts given by her husband, see how good these ghungroos are looking in my feet afterall you gifted them to me, their sund is nice too. Aradhya starts dancing like devdasi in ceremony infront of everyone, Aryan is stunned, Aaba looks on angrily. Aryan comes to Aradhya and pulls her towards him, they share eyelock, Aryan holds Aradhya in his arms and looks around, he smiles seeing guests and acts like everything is normal. Pavitra murmurs that she made pure ceremony as dance show, dont know what else she will do, guest says it seems like there will dance ceremony everyday at your house. Aradhya says everyone knows which family i belong to, i am so happy that Rao family accepted me and made me Aradhya Aryan Rao from Aradhya Tulsi, they have set good example, from now on there will be no caste, creed difference in our village, this is so good, right Aryan? Tulsi gets call from some private number, she cuts it. Aradhya whispers to Aryan that i will not do anything that will insult your family as your family is my family too but you dont leave any chance to insult, its in your hands now, if you want to increase your family’s respect or decrease it, think will you call me Devdasi or your wife? Aryan stares her. Kumudini says you both look so good as couple. Aryan says i thank everyone for coming to my wife’s face revealing ceremony, all are shocked to see Aryan recognizing her as his wife, Aryan says you people can go to garden. Kumudini says great work Aradhya, i hope no curse fall on you, you had such unique face revealing ceremony, she asks guests to clap for Aradhya, they do so, Kumudini says be happy you both.
Tulsi comes out Haveli and takes call, she asks caller what is his problem? mysterious caller says i can break secret of no. 317, Tulsi says what you know about no. 317? Man says i am person who can reveal secret behind this number, come to mandir to meet me, she says rightnow? its night? Man says you have to meet me rightnow else never, he ends call. Tulsi says who is this man? how he knows about no. 317? why he is calling me to meet at this time? i cant leave this chance else i will never know truth, she leaves.
At night, Aradhya comes out of shower in bathrobe, she is still wearing ghungroos. Aryan is in room, Aradhya says see i have not taken off ghungroos given by you, if you want then i can dance for you alone here. Aryan grabs her from neck and says i dont lust you, you will get punished for insulting my family, Aradhya says what will you do? will you kidnap me like your aaba? or will lock me in cave? she pushes him and says will you this in your heart as grudge? Aryan clutches Aradhya’s face in his hand tightly and says you think that i am afraid of police? what will you do? Aradhya says i remember Damini’s number, you want me to call police rightnow? Aryan leaves her face,. Aradhya says you can trust me, i will nerv let any problem fall on you or your family but when we will have kids then i dont want to tell them story of these families fight. Aryan says what did you say? Aradhya says we we will have kids together, Aryan says i told you many times that we will not have relation like husband and wife, Aradhya says we have not sit down to talk after marriage but now we are married so we will have kids together. Aradhya says you dont have much options so i am giving you suggestion to plan future with your wife, Aryan says to live life with someone, there needs to be love and respect between people which we dont have, i cant live in this room, you can live here, he starts to leave, Aradhya says you cant leave, Aryan says you are paper wife, Aryan says will you call Damini that i am not sharing bed with you? Aradhya says its heart’s rule, we are married and you have to stay with me, this is our room. Aryan tries to leave room but Aradhya comes in his way, Aryan shouts on her and tries to leave but Aradhya bites his and closes door of room from inside and hides key. Aryan asks her to give key to him, she says you cant leave from here, Aryan runs behind her and says this is not joke, Aradhya says i am not joking, she runs in washroom and locks it so that Aryan cant take keys from her.

PRECAP- Tulsi comes to Mandir at night, she asks if anyone is there? she looks around but doesnt find anyone, she moves ahead and falls in dig, she screams for help. Aryan and Purva are sitting on bed, room is decorated with candles and soft toys, Purva says to Aryan that you remember when i came for holidays, you tried to scare Gayetri and instead you scared me, i was so scared that i hugged you tightly, Aryan says i remember and smiles. Aradhya sees Aryan and Purva sitting on bed and getting cosy with each other, she asks what drama is this? Aryan says i can smell someone burning(taunting Aradhya to be jealous), Aradhya says now you will see what i burn down. Aradhya brings candle stand and throws it on bed, bed catches fire and starts burning, Aryan and Purva are shocked and gets down from bed, Aryan asks if she is mad?

Written Update by Atiba

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