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Krishnadasi 26th August 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Aaba says dont know where Aradhya went. Aryan comes from behind and says aaba, aaba angrily looks at him then look away, Aryan says you have raised me up, you must know in heart that i cant do this, i cant cheat Aradhya, time is against us but soon truth will come out and i will be with Aradhya again, aaba says dont worry about my grand daughter and maybe i have raised you but you have that devdasi Kumudini’s blood, now i know why Kumudini celebrated Janmashtami peacefully, she threw filth in the end. Shashwat comes there and says Aradhya is not seen anywhere, aaba says call home and ask.
Gayetri asks Pavitra to not worry, Shashwat calls her and asks if Aradhya is at home? Pavitra says she is not here, where is she? Shashwat says we will find her, he ends call. aaba says where did she go? she promised me that she will stay here and fight everything, Aryan says i will bring her, Aaba says dont involve yourself in all this, Shashwat says you leave her alone, Aryan says i can tell where Aradhya is, please listen, Aaba looks at him.
Aradhya is lying in Bhamini’s lap and says when trust is broken then there is no reason to live, Aryan have shredded our love in pieces, i dont think i can believe anyone else in my life now. aba comes to Bhamini’s house to take Aradhya, he sees Aradhya lying in old woman’s lap, Aradhya gets up seeing him, Bhamini turns away from aaba, Aradhya says i just came to meet Akka, i didnt break my promise, Aaba says i am with you dont worry and this woman.. he sees Bhamini’s face and is shocked, Aradhya says she is Akka, Aaba comes to Bhamini’s side and looks at her face, his eyes are bulging out and he puts his hand over his mouth, he points at her and says she.. she.. how can this be? you are alive? Bhamini closes her eyes, Aaba says how? Aradhya asks what happened? you know her? Aaba says she.. Aradhya says you are misunderstood, she didnt mix posion in Sharad’s food, She says Akka this is my aaba, Aaba says how this can be? you know in whose lap you were sitting? she is your aaji and my wife bhamini, Aradhya is shocked and turns to look at Bhamini who is crying, aaba is still in shock, Aradhya says Bhamini Aaji? Aaba says yes, look at God’s trick, she cooked food for her Sharad only but God didnt let us eat it, he comes to Bhamini’s side and says its been 22years but why you didnt come to meet us? why didnt you come ? Bhamini feels dizzy and falls unconscious, Aradhya asks aaj what happened? she sees her neck red and mark on it, Aaba is shocked.
Kumudini says that girl went to finish my heir, thank God we reached on time, i was breathless that time, Nakku says i was too, Kumudini asks her to go to Shravani and see if she ate anything, she feels no one loves her here, dont forget my grand son is living with her. Shravani comes there and touches Kumudini’s feet, Kumudini says dont bend down, Shravani says forgive me i didnt think about you once, even didnt think that your blood is living inside me but now i will take care of you and your happiness lies with Aryan’s happiness so i thought to find right girl for Aryan. Nowadays we can find match on internet only, she brings out her phone, Nakku laughs and says marriage over phone? Kumudini says you are stupid, its like finding right proposal, they match kundlis too, Shravani asks what kind of girl Aryan will like? like Aradhya? Kumudini stares her, Shravani says i will write in description that you will like girl who will take care of you, serve you and respect Krishnadasi ritual, i have written details, Kumudini says why are you doing this? Shravani says truth is that i am Krishnadasi, i cant get married, i have to live alone but my request is that when my baby comes in life, he gets father’s name and place in this house but Aryan said that he wont take responsibility of my son, i feel like crying when i think about it, i have written all details, now you will find your daughter in law, she leaves. Nakku says she said right, Aryan wont accept, he would run behind Aradhya only, will he stay unmarried for life? Kumudini looks on.

Scene 2
Bhamini is in operation theater. Aradhya and Aaba looks from window. Aaba says that life brings truths out which we cant believe if its true or not, for 22years i believe that she died, i still remember that day, i was angry and she was angry too thats why she took this step, in anger i even didnt went to burn her pyre, i just accepted that she was alive anymore but now she is infront of me and is alive, infront of my eyes, this is all Krishan’s tricks, she lived near Krishnavati but stayed away from me, i mean she could live away from but she didnt even come to meet kids, why she kept kids away? aradhya says we should inform family now. aaba says yes, he calls Shashwat. Shashwat asks if he found Aradhya? Aradhya takes call and says dont panic what i am going to say, come to hospital, shashwat asks what happened to Aaba? Aradhya says nothing, she tells everything about Bhamini. Shashwat drops phone, Gayetri asks who is in hospital? Shashwat says bring Saras, Micheal, David, we have to go, they leave.
Raj is drinking wine with Shravani in store room, he says i did great acting, Kumudini was right, i should try in cinema, i would get roles easily. I got wine in reward, Shravani says cheers to enter Aryan’s marriage, she drinks wine and laughs. Shravani says soon Aryan will get married and then i will give birth to his baby, they laugh, Raj stops her from drinking and says you are pregnant, you should not drink, he laughs. Shrvani says if i was really pregnant then our lives would have made, Raj says you want to be pregnant with his child? sometimes i doubt your intentions, Shravani says you fool, i have all perfect characteristics that are needed to be daughter in law of this house, we have to make Kumudini believe that i am right choice for Aryan, and we have to keep her scared that her grand son can be affected anytime.

Scene 2
Shashwat comes to hospital with family. He asks where she is? Aradhya says in ICU. They all see Bhamini from window, Shashwat is emotional. Doctor comes out, he says due to stress and being old, her throat is bleeding internally, due to old wound, she has life threat too, we have to do operation, Aaba says old wound of neck? doctor says yes thats why she can speak, Aradhya says yes aaji cant speak, we talk in sign language, Aaba says do anything but make her fine, doctor says we have to call specialist to treat her and we need 50lacs for that. Shashwat says we have only 18lacs remaining of the cheque which Aradhya got. Doctor says there is one person who does charity in our hospital, he is here today, maybe he can help you. Aradhya says yes we will meet him.
Shravani is sitting in mandir of house and says where is Kumudini? why she didnt come till now. Kumudini comes there and sees Shravani sitting near mandir. Shravani sees her and says sorry my baby, i was trying to kill you but you know people call baby illegitimate if he doesnt have father, people make life hell by taunting you, forgive me God. She bangs her head on floor, Kumudini is stunned. Shravani says my baby, from now on your father is Krishanji, i was doing mistake to kill you, how could i do this? i cant hurt Aaji. Kumudini is standing behind her, Shravani says from now on Krishanji is my husband and i am his wife, whats your say God?, she touches idol’s feet, and pushes it so flower falls on her head, she says i know what you are hinting God, you want me to give birth to this child so i will bring him in this world, she takes sindoor and says this baby’s father would never fill my forehead with it so now your name’s sindoor will be in my forehead, she applies sindoor on forehead.
Aradhya comes in person’s office who does charity, he is sitting on his chair with back towards Aradhya. Aradhya says i have told you all details about case, help us to bring our aaji’s voice back, it will be debt, we will pay you back. He says i will help you for sure, he turns and its Aryan only. Aradhya is stunned to see him. Aryan says aaji.. i mean Akka saved my life, you know that and she is your aaji so i can do anything for her, i will help her, ARadhya says you think you will throw money and buy hearts? i dont want your help. Aryan holds her hand and says you are angry with me but dont pain aaji, dont be selfish, Aradhya says i am selfish? Aryan says you are bringing your ego inbetween, if you keep it aside then her voice can comeback, you might think that i am arrogant rightnow but we dont have time, agree with me, Aradhya stares him directly in eyes.
Aaba sits beside Bhamini whos is unconscious, aaba says i dont know how this happened. Shashwat says i still remember that day, Pavitra was in delivery room, aaba had announced that if Pavitra gave birth to daughter then he would bring hell, Aaba was so angry because Saras had runaway with Micheal, Aaba says it was my mistake, she tried to make me understand but i even said to her that daughter of irresponsible woman like her would runaway like that, and one day before.. he recalls flashback how she slapped Bhamini. He cries, Shashwat says i knew, i was worried, i was finding her and saw her in your room, hanging with fan, flashback shows Shashwat bringing Bhamini from noose and crying, servant says she is gone, Shashwat cries and says it all happened because of Tulsi, fb ends. Shashwat says i sent Bhamini with servant and i was in rage, thinking that Tulsi was at fault, she made Saras runaway with Micheal and i went to Tulsi’s house and dragged her by hair and out of village then when i came to hospital. Doctor told me that Bhamini died because of hanging through fan and her neck’s bone was broken too. Flashback shows Shashwat in morgue and tries to see her face but Aaba stops him and says you wont see her face, she lost her life, she destroyed her daughter’s life, she shouldnt get last rituals, she destroyed aaba’s dignity, Shashwat if you see her face then you wont see my face in life, Shashwat gets scared and moves back, fb ends. aaba says i even denied giving fire to her pyre, i was so angry, its true anger makes people blind. Shashwat says i gave fire to her pyre, Aaba says if she is alive then whom was there and burnt on pyre? Pavitra says more important is why bhamini did all that? now even that servant is not alive and Bhamini cant speak then how will we know how and why she lived alone for such long time? Aaba says hope her operation is sucessful and she gets her voice back.
Kumudini sits in mandir and says i am in dilemma, one side is Aryan, one side is my great grand son and other side is Shravani, i have to do something so all problem is solved.
Kumudini comes to Shravani’s room and says you didnt eat anything? dont do this with your unborn baby, eat something, Shravani says i cant eat anything, i am just thinking what will happen in future? but i will eat for my child. Kumudini says i have come to talk about Aryan’s marriage, Shravani says did you find any girl? Kumudini says i found nobody on internet? Shravani says so did you find any princess? Kumudini says something like that, Shravani says so is it Aradhya? Kumudini says dont take witch’s name, Shravani says tell me her name? Kumudini says she is one who is going to give birth to my Aryan’s son, she hugs Shravani, Shravani smirks and thinks i will drink whole bottle of wine in happiness.

PRECAP- Nakku does Shravani’s aarti and says to Aryan that Kumudini has fixed your wedding with Shravani. Aradhya is there too and is shocked, she starts leaving but Aryan holds her hand, she says leave my hand, if hand has poisonous wound then doctor cuts it,

Written Update by Atiba

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