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Krishnadasi 25th August 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Raj says congratulations, Shravani is pregnant, all are shocked, Aradhya looks at Aryan suspiciously, Kumudini says what are you saying? She comes to Shravani and asks her to wake up. One man says she became widow somedays ago and now pregnant? she showed her colors after becoming devdasi, Krishnadasi Kumudini’s grand son is not so innocent after all. Kumudini says enough, she makes Shravani wake up and says happily that you are going to be mother, Aradhya is hurt listening this, Kumudini gives money to Nakku, she dances happily and says Krishan filled my life on this day, this day for celebration after all, she starts dancing and brings Aryan and dances with him, she says Aryan, she kisses his forehead and says you have taken Krishnadasi tradition forward, this is my grand son,
he is going to father, like i gave birth to Tulsi, Shravani is going to give birth to your baby, your baby. Kumudini says Chimaji arent you happy? you are going to be grand father, Chimaji angrily looks at her, Kumudini says Aryan is Shravani’s care taker so he didnt do anything wrong as per rituals, lets celebrate more at house, she asks Shravani to come too, Aradhya runs away from there. Shravani smirks at Raj, Aryan tries to go behind Aradhya but Shashwat stops him and points him no with his finger angrily, they leave. Aryan looks on.
Aradhya comes to her room and sits on bed, she cries and recalls her moments with Aryan, their first meeting, their holi together. She looks at saree given by Aryan, she looks at dinosaur soft toy Aryan gave her, she looks at her mangalsutra which Aryan made her wear, how they married again, how she caught Shravani and Aryan in compromising position, she cries and breaks her bangles, she lies on floor and weeps, Saiyyan plays.
Pavitra says to Shashwat that i am worried for Aradhya, she can take wrong step again, Shashwat says she is strong nothing will happen, Pavitra says her heart is broken, she can leave us again, aaba do something, she should not leave. Aradhya comes there and starts leaving, Pavitra stops her, Aaba says dont worry we are not weak to not be with you, Shashwat says we all are with you, Aradhya says i am fine, i have become strong in last one month, i can handle myself, i wont go anywhere now, i will stay here and dont want Gayetri’s marriage to be stopped, Krishan wants me to stay here too but rightnow i have to close some loose ends, till i dont do it, i wont be able to move, she is holding bag and hugs Aaba, she leaves.
Kumudini dances and says to Nakku that i want to scream that i am becoming grand mother, she says to Shravani that you have given me happiness, Shravani says that Aryan should accept this too, Kumudini says he will accept it. Kumudini breaks pearl from gold necklace and says this is precious pearl and is usually given to married women to stay married, i am giving you now, wear it on Aryan’s name. Aryan comes and throws pearl away, Kumudini says what you did? Aryan says dont do these drama, what is this pregnancy drama Shravani? i dont remember things but i know i cant do anything like this, Kumudini says baby in her stomach is yours, Aryan says have you gone mad? it cant be my child, he asks Shravani to tell him truth of this baby, Shravani says you are alleging my character and asking me this? you can say anything but i cant deny the fact that this is your child, Aryan shouts this is not my child, i wont accept this baby ever, i wont take his responsibility, Aradhya comes and says enough Aryan, all are stunned to see her there. Aryan says Aradhya? Aradhya says i never thought you would stoop so low, the girl whom gave shelter, whom you shared bed with, who is bearing your baby, you would talk to her like this? Shravani thinks that its good she is taking my side, Aradhya says you made her agree to lie to me last time, you want her to do again? Aryan says trust me i havent done anything like this, Aradhya says i am ending all love relations with you, your and my path are different, ARyan says dont say that, Aradhya says i will finish everything related to this relation, she throws aways gifts which Aryan gave her, she says instead of hiding truth, you should have guts to accept truth, Aryan says i am not denying any truth, listen to me Aradhya, Aradhya pushes him and leaves, Aryan goes behind her. Kumudini says to Shravani that dont worry, Aryan will have to accept it, dont worry, Nakku says seems like Aradhya is really going away from Aryan’s life, Kumudini says but how to treat my grand son’s mind? i will have to do something, she thinks.
Raj is in Shravani’s room and eats sweets, he says one lie changed your position, your reputation my wife, i mean my would be wife, Shravani says one Kumudini makes me marry Aryan then this drama and plan will end, Raj says what did you say? he sits beside her and says our marriage? you want our marriage too? she says yes, i have told you to not come out, if anyone sees you then our plan will fail, Raj says sometimes i feel if you are trying to deliberately stay away from me, Shravani gets tensed, Raj laughs and says joking, i did good acting today as doctor, Kumudini was dancing happily, she doesnt know that we have done all this to get her property, Shravani says till Aryan doesnt accept all this, nothing is going to work out, Raj says so what we have to do? She tells him some plan which is muted.

Scene 2
Aradhya comes to mandir, Aryan comes behind her. Aryan says to Aradhya that listen to me, Aradhya says its useless, leave from here, Aryan says to Aradhya that listen to me once, i didnt cheat you. he walks over rangoli and it gets destroyed, Aryan sits down to make it fine again, Aradhya says its no use to make it fine again, some things cant be fixed once they are destroyed, Aryan holds her hand and says how to make you understand? listen to me once, calm down, Aradhya says you think there is something left to listen? misunderstanding doesnt make any girl pregnant, you even denied to accept baby, if you have little shame remaining then go and accept them, you have used that girl, Aryan says i have used a girl? i wont say anything now because your trust is broken and i promise you that i will earn that trust on our love back, i will make you trust that i never lied, i never cheated on you, aRadhya says yyou have ended this love and relation, its all because of you, i dont want to listen anything, they stare each other with pain in their eyes. Aradhya shows him mangalsutra, she gives it to him, Aryan clutches it in his hand and looks at it, Aradhya is hurt. One man comes and says AryanShravani has gone to hospital for abortion, Aryan looks at Aradhya, Aradhya runs from there, Aryan runs too. Aradhya gets Gayetri’s call and says i am not coming home, Shravani has gone hospital for abortion, we have to stop her, she ends call and leaves. Raj gives money to man who gave news of abortion to Aryan and says you did good work, he says now plan wont fail. He calls Shravani who is operation theater, she says what Aryan and Aradhya coming here? it will be fun, i did dramd before coming here, Kumudini must be coming here too.

Scene 2
Kumudini comes to hospital and says if Shravani kills her baby then i wont be able to show face to anyone, we have to do something.
Shravani shows knife to doctor and says it can cut neck? doctor says your family has come, Shravani says is there handsome guy out? she says no, Shravani says when he comes then you have to start acting, doctor nods.
Nurse tells Kumudini that Shravani is in operation theater, Kumudini says what? what if she does something, Aryan comes there and asks about Shravani, Kumudini says that girl is killing baby because of you, it will be sin, stop her, Aryan asks where is she? she says operation theater. Aryan and Aradhya comes outside operation theater, nurse stops them and doesnt let them go in, Aradhya says we have to stop her. Inside Shravani says to doctor that tell them i am weak and cant bear abortion, doctor nods. Doctor comes out and why are you yelling? Kumudini says girl is doing wrong, doctor says she is adult, she can take decision, Aradhya says she has taken decision because she is miffed, doctor says she is weak and not suitable for abortion but she said that she doesnt want to give birth to unwanted baby, Aradhya says that baby is not unwanted, let me talk to her once, doctor says remember abortion can happen today only else it will be danger. She lets them go inside. Kumudini says how can you even think of doing abortion? Shravani says i cant give more pain to Aryan, Aradhya i have come inbetween you and Aryan, aradhya says its not your fault, Shravani says so is this child at fault? Aryan doesnt want to accept this baby as his then what is the need to bring him to world? people will call him illegitimate, child will ask me questions about father, what will i do? its better if i end it, Aradhya says dont think like that, abortion is not solution, Kumudini says Aryan has come here for you only, for you, doctor said that your life can be in danger because of this abortion, why you are enemy of your life and this baby’s? Shravani says what will i do by living? i have only pain in life, she cries. Aaba and Shashwat comes there too, Kumudini asks Aryan why he is silent till now? Shravani says the baby who doesnt get recognition even before birth, what will that child do by coming in world? Aradhya says every child comes to life with his fate, we are no one to decide if he should live or not, you are taking wrong decision, Shravani says but Aryan? Aradhya stares him and says Aryan has to accept too, we all know truth, Aryan is hurt, Kumudini says you are stone hearted, wont you say anything? Aryan says Shravani dont go for abortion please, dont put your life in danger, Aradhya is pained to hear it, Shravani wipes her tears and says thank you Aryan, i will be able to give birth to my child because of you only, Aradhya says i will inform doctor, she runs away from there, aaba and Shashwat goes behind her. Kumudini asks Shravani to not be tensed, everything will be fine, Aryan is with you, Aryan looks on.

Scene 3
Aradhya comes out of operation theater and sadly walks away, she recalls how Aryan promised her that he will come near her, he will always be waiting for her till she doesnt return with him, how he stood in rain for hours for her then how they got to know about Shravani’s pregnancy, how Shravani was going for abortion, how Aryan asked her to not go for abortion, she cries and leaves. Aryan and Kumudini comes out and says that i didnt do all this because i think i am at fault but i cant give pain to anyone, i cant see Aradhya going away from her family, Kumudini says you can say anything, i am just happy that you stopped abortion, you have accepted baby right? Aryan says you can think anything, when Aradhya doesnt trust me then there is no need to say to anyone, one day i will prove to Aradhya that i never did mistake for which i was punished, i know she doesnt trust me now but she is pained the most, i am begging you to not put salt on her wounds, Kumudini says you are worried for her only, let Shravani go to house, Aryan says promise me that you wont torture Aradhya, Kumudini says i didnt do anything with Aradhya, i dont care about anything else, i am worried about this girl Shravani who is going to give birth to my family’s heir, she leaves. Aryan is in pain and cries silently.
Aradhya is sitting in Bhamini’s house and cries. Bhamini sits beside her, Aradhya says everything is finished Akka, i thought i became strong but why i am feeling so much pain? i feel like i am tired for days, everything is finished Akka, there is no use in going back there, Krishna wanted that i go there and see the guy whom i loved so much was never mine, she breakdowns.

PRECAP- Aaba comes to Bhamini’s house to take Aradhya, he sees Aradhya lying in old woman’s lap, Aradhya gets up seeing him, Bhamini turns away from aaba, Aradhya says i just came to meet Akka, Aaba says i am with you, he sees Bhamini’s face and says how this can be? you know in whose lap you were sitting? she is your aaji and my wife bhamini, Aradhya is shocked and turns to look at Bhamini who is crying, aaba is still in shock.

Written Update by Atiba

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