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Krishnadasi 25th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Aradhya thinks to call Aryan but Aaba comes to site and says you have made your aayi runaway, you are behind all this so you should be punished instead of Tulsi so tell me should we bring your Aayi or will yo bear punishment? Aradhya says i can give my life for my aayi, tomorrow i will present my case to villagers, Bwaneri ties her to tree, Aaba thinks that i will throw you out of Aryan’s life now, Aradhya thinks that Aryan have always saved me, Aryan come today to save me.
Purva is leaving haveli, Pavitra asks her why she is leaving? Purva says Aryan is interested in Aradhya, i have seen it, i stayed here as Aaba asked me but now i want to concentrate on studies, she leaves, Pavitra says what is happening? first i did Shashwat’s DNA test because of Tulsi and now because of Aradhya, Aryan is not on right path. Nakku comes to Pavitra and says lets go to see drama, Tulsi will be beaten by stones, Pavitra says shut up, you have shown me alot of dramas, because of you, i did Shashwat’s DNA test, i am ashamed of doing it, i kept listening to you and did wrong things, you have filled my ears alot, Nakku says i just brought news and you reacted on it, Pavitra says stop this drama, you are worst, i know what i have to do, i will meet Aradhya and throw her out of Aryan’s life and if you want good for yourself then dont show me you face for somedays, she leaves. Nakku says her work was done so she threw me out of her life, now i will show her how ba bad person is, i will tell you what i can do Pavitra.
David comes in hospital and finds Gayetri there. Gayetri is there for job interview, she goes to waiting area. David comes to meet doctor Saras. He says to doctor that a girl is sitting for interview, she would be nice fo job, she is facing financial and personal problems, she is my neighbor, she has marital problems, can you give her job? Doctor says i will see, Gayetri listens all this.
Tulsi is waiting for Aradhya, Kaka says dont worry, she will come. Tulsi says she didnt come, i will go back, Kaka says its dangerous, you should not go back, Tulsi is calling Aradhya but she is not picking up. Purva’s car is passingby from there, her car’s tire is punctured, she comes out of car.
Aradhya is tied to tree. Pavitra comes there and sees Aradhya ties to tree, she is stunned and says if Aryan gets to know this then he will come to save her. She comes to Aradhya and tries to open her ropes, Aradhya asks what are you doing? Pavitra says i am doing this to that you go away from my son’s life, save your life and leave my son, Aradhya says if aaba gets to know that you have done this then he will be miffed with you, Pavitra says you are more danger for me, i have to send you away.
Markand and his men collect stones.
Aradhya asks Pavitra to leave, dont do it, Pavitra says dont tell me what to do. Pavitra is trying to free her, Aradhya thinks that if aaba knows that she is doing this then he will be bad with her. Aradhya pushes away Pavitra, Pavitra says i am saving you and you are throwing me away? Aradhya says see Markand is coming with his men, if they see you then they will get angry, please aunty leave, Pavitra tensely looks at Aradhya, Kumudini sees all this from far and thinks whats going on here? i have to take advantage of this situation, its my right to break and make issue big. Aradhya says to Pavitra that you Aryan’s swear, leave, Pavitra leaves.
Banwari and Markand comes there, Markand says she made Tulsi runawy and now she was trying to runaway too. He says to villagers that she have made culprit runaway so she will pay for deeds now, now she will not be saved from punishment.
Kumudini comes to aaba’s haveli, Raghu says dont go in. Kumudini says i want to meet Aryan, Nakku says he is not at home and he wont meet you, Kumudini thinks that i have to do something, Aryan is not at home else he would have gone to save Aradhya. Kumudini shouts and says Aryan where are you? come, Aradhya is in danger, save her, she shouts and leaves, Nakku thinks that i will wake up Aryan for you Kumudini.
Nakku comes to Aryan who is unconscious, she says Pavitra called me cheat so now i will do cheating, i will make him run to save Aradhya, she makes Aryan eat herbs and leaves. Aryan becomes conscious and thinks what i am doing here? he has headache and recalls how Tulsi was in danger.
Aryan comes in Shashwat tells him to save her, Aryan says yes i will save Tulsi, Shashwat says not Tulsi but Aradhya, they have tied Aradhya and will throw stones at her, i cant go against aaba but i have seen you have power to against Aaba, do anything but save her, nothing should happen to Aradhya, Aryan hugs him and says dont worry, i wont let anything wrong happen with anyone, trust me, he leaves, Shashwat says i trust you son, Nakku sees him going and Pavitra your son is going to Aradhya.
Purva calls her friend and says Krishnavati is weird, they are going to kill a girl with stones, Tulsi is shocked to listen it. Tulsi comes to Purva and says they were going to throw stones at me but it wont happen now, Purva says you are Tulsi, ARadhya’s mother? she says yes, Purva says you dont know, they are going to throw stones at Aradhya, they are so ruthless, you should go and save her, Tulsi is shocked and leaves in car.

Scene 2
Kumudini comes to Chimaji and says you are sitting here in peace, will you not ask me why i have come here? Chimaji says people come here to find answers of many questions, Kumudini says i have questions and you have to answer them, tell me truly you believe in DNA report? Chimaji says DNA has proven that ARadhya is not my daughter, Kumudini says Aaba changed report to save your fake respect, Chimaji shouts Kumudini, Kumudini says your face has gone pale as you know Tulsi is saying truth, you thought that they will throw stones at my daughter but she ranaway and now villagers are going to throw stones at your daughter Aradhya, if you have little shame then go and save your daughter, Chimaji looks on, Kumudini says she will die, she cries and leaves, Chimaji thinks. Kumudini wipes her fake tears and says i have to do so much to show how much i care about Aradhya, Aradhya is not Chimaji’s daughter, Aryan is his son, what day has come that Aaba will throw stones at his grand daughter, game has started now only. Chimaji is tensed and recalls how Tulsi said that Chimaji is father of Aradhya, how Aradhya said that she will never call him father, how Kumudini said that people will kill her daughter.
Gayetri asks David what you want? what game you are playing? David says i just asked job for you, Gayetri says if you wanted to give place then you should have given place in your house as your wife, i wold get job with my credibility, she leaves, David looks on.
Aaba arrives at site, Kumudini sees him coming and says i wont let this event go off my hands, come egoistic aaba, let stone throwing start then i will show my drama, he doesnt know that he is going to beat his own blood, Pavitra hides near site too, Chimaji is hiding there too. Aaba says to villagers that this girl have broken rules of panchayat, she has made her mother runaway, now she will bear her punishment, start throwing stones. Villagers are about to throw stones at Aradhya but Shashwat comes there and ask them to stop, Aryan comes infront of Aradhya and gets hit by stone but doesnt let Aradhya get hurt, all are shocked seeing him there, Aradhya looks at him.
Tulsi and Kaka are going back to Krishnavati, she says i shouldnt have let be alone there.
Kumudini says my grand son got hurt, i cant stay silent now, Pavitra thinks how Aryan came here? he was unconscious. Aryan ask villagers why did they stop? throw stones at me, i wanna see your power too, beat me, Aaba asks what are you doing here? stay out of this matter, Aryan says i cant stay out, he starts freeing Aradhya from tree ties.
Gayetri is leaving hospital when she listens noise, she thinks door is closed from outside, she opens door and finds Shankari(Damini’s mother) tied there, she frees her and says nothing will happen to you, who tied you here? Shankari says she made switch babies, Gayetri says i will call doctor, Shankari says she switched babies, nobody got to know it, child’s aayi was sleeping, Aayi name was Pavitra and other’s name was.. she asks her to bring biscuits, Gayetri says you come with me, she takes her.
Kumudini comes there and frees Aradhya, she hugs her and says what they have done to you? she cries and acts dramatically, she says you villagers are not human, you are torturing a girl in name of justice? you all are animals. Tulsi comes there but Kaka asks her to not go there, Kumudini will handle everything, they hide too. Kumudini says Aryan has humanity, Aaba asks Aryan to leave and let them work, you are hurt, go and do bandage, Aryan says she saved her aayi thats why you are beating her right? now i saved her so beat me too, Kumudini says Aryan if you were not here today then dont know what would have happened, aaba your grand son knows about justice and humanity more than you, Krishanji has sent Aryan for Aradhya’s safety, just think you hate Krishnadasi family, you threw us out of village, you keep conspiring against us but why Lord send your grand son everytime to save us? she asks Aryan what relation you have with my grand daughter, Aaba says my grand son is great man thats why he saves her, he has no relation, Kumudini asks why Aryan is silent? Aryan tell everyone what relation you have with Aradhya, aaba says stop forcing relation on him else i will punish you too, Kumudini says you are trying to save your respect but i have proof of their relation, i will show to everyone, she shows video to everyone, aradhya is shocked, she shows video in which Aryan applied blood on Aradhya’s forehead, one man says that they are married, Aradhya looks at Aryan in shock.

PRECAP- Kumudini ask Aryan to scream the truth to everyone, Aryan shouts infront of everyone that yes i filled her forehead with my blood, all are shocked, Kumudini says if you have guts then accept her infront of all, you have started this relation so will you accept this relation infront of all? tell everyone if you agree with this relation? Aryan looks on.

Written Update by Atiba

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