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Krishnadasi 25th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Scene 1
21years later, Kumudini comes on same road, she sings Krishna song and looks around. She rubs sand on her head and chants loudly that Pradhyumna Vidhyadhar Rao that today my wait of 21years will end, i was away from my Krishna, i had insult and was pained but not Krishna dasi has returned, i am coming back to my Krishna land. She plays mandir mouth organ/shank.
Pradhyumna Vidhyadhar Rao/Aaba sahib says who dared to change rituals? i play it first, who tried to challenge Aaba sahib?
Tulsi asks Kumudini why she did it? Kumudini says it was important to let Pradhyumna Vidhyadhar Rao remember that 21years have passed, Tulsi says let bygones be bygones, why to look back? Kumudini says the one who moves ahead has to look back but i am still standing on border of Krishnavati and waiting for day to return my home with my rights, Tulis says this is not right, Kumudini says dont worry, She says what were our mistake that were thrown out of village? why your hands and feet have nothing? flashback shows, Tulsi wearing bangles in hands and ghungroos in feet and dancing, Kumudini she blesses her. A queen says to them that we are grateful that you came here, we dont have status like you, you have married Krishna, you are devdasi, Kumudini says we are not devdasi but Krishnadasi, she says i will give one part of her mangalsutra to bless the bride and your daughter, flashback ends. Kumudini says they have separated Krishnadasi from Krishna, dont you want your self respect back? Tulsi says you believe that we are Krishnadasi but for world we are Devadasi, Kumudini says they can say whatever they want but i believe in Krishna only. Tulsi says it was our past, you forgot we were insulted byaaba sahib so much because of being Krishnadasi.
Aaba sahib comes in chowk, a man is hanged there, he says to people that if anyone try to raise voice against me then he will be hanged upside down, he says to Shastri(pundit) that the one who changed ritual should be brought to my feet until then i wont come in Mandir’s aarti.
Tulsi says to kumudini that its good we broke our ties from them else if we had respect then nobody would have thrown us out of house, nobody came to help us then,
Pundit says to Aba sahib that Krishna is miffed with us as there is no Krishnadasi in mandir, we have to do this ritual, dont stop this, please come, Aba sahib says okay i will come to bless the girl but aarti will happen once the one who insulted me comes and puts his head on my feet, he leaves.
Tulsi says i have not let Aradya stay away from me so how can i send her to hostel? Kumudini says you are so much worried about your daughter but not about your land? no regret of leaving your land? fate can people anywhere, we can fight with society but not with fate, we will come to meet Aradhya from Krishnavati, we will never call her in Krishnavati, Tulsi says you know Aradhya can come anytime and will say that i wanted to surprise you both, i have been running away from Aradhya’s question that who is her father, i dont know why you wanna open past doors which we will not be able to close it.
Tulsi asks why Aradhya didnt come till now? Kumudini says she has gone to some village for camping.
Aradya gets to know from a girl(kusum) that there is festival today as rain didnt happen in this from much time.

Scene 2
Ketki is getting ready to become dasi. Aradhya asks Kusum what will happen in festival? Kusum says Ketki will save us from this lack of rain in this village, she will be submitted to God, she will get ready married to lord Krishna then she will go to some rich man’s house, he is of her father’s age and doesnt have son so Ketki will give him that, she will become Krishnadasi, Aradhya says this Devdasi ritual and it is against laws now, this is very wrong, its like tying her like animals, she says to her Shivani that this cant be possible.
Ketki gets read as bride, she sits in palanquin, Ketki’s father asks his wife to not cry, all are giving blessings to my daughter.
Aradhya says to Kusum that this is wrong, we have to stop it, where it is happening is Krishnavati village?
Vidhyadhar/aaba sahib gets ready for ritual too. Aradhya runs to go to festival. Ketki is brought to mandir, Pundit asks her to come in, Ketki climbs stairs of Mandir. An old man(ketki’s man after marriage) gives money to Ketki’s father.
Ketki’s mother cries, Ketki says to her mother that i am afraid, mother says i cant do anything. Pundit says to Ketki that you are sacrificing for this village, with this marriage, rain will happen in village, you will bring wealth her, he asks that will she go to high caste people from now on to bring wealth? he asks her to accept it, she accepts. Aradhya is running towards mandir.
Pundit says to Ketki that you have to pray to Lord Krishna and bow down in his feet so that sindoor can be applied on your forehead then you will become Krishnadasi, first take rounds around lord’s idol. Ketki starts taking rounds/perhas. Pundit says you will become Lord’s partner, from now on you cant marry any guy but every man has God in him so if he offers you something then you can say no to him, Ketki accepts the promise, she takes another phera, she sits down to bow, Aradhya comes there and stops her, she shouts to stop this ritual, everyone looks at her, Ketki in tears looks at her, she gets up, everyone looks at Aradhya, Aradhya throws away sindoor, all are shocked.

PRECAP- aaba sahib shouts on Aradhya and says do you even know whom you are talking with? Aradhya says yes the one who doesnt respect his house/village’s daughters. Later people attack Aradhya’s house, Aaba sahib comes there and throws Sindoor on her face, people drag her out of house but Raghu dada/Aryan(male protagonist) comes there on horse, puts Aradhya on horse and takes her from there.

Written Update By Atiba


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