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Krishnadasi 23rd May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Aryan is worried, he comes outside store room. Aradhya comes near door of store room from inside, Aryan is about to open door but he recalls how Aradhya made him get arrested on rape charges, he stops and closes door again, he leaves, Aradhya moves away from door, Aryan stops and is in dilemma, he leaves, Aradhya is sad
Haveli’s door knocks, nakku opens it to find Tulsi with Damini, Damini asks where is aradhya, family members come there. Pavitra gets tensed, Tulsi says i wanna how my daughter in here, Shashwat says she is resting in her room, Tulsi asks Pavitra why she is silent? where is my daughter kept? Aradhya listens Tulsi’s voice and says Aayi here? she tries to open door. Tulsi says to Aryan that my responsibility is not over just by marrying off my daughter, i wanna know where is Aradhya, in what condition she is, Damini asks why you people are silent, Tulsi says there is something wrong thats why they all are silent and their faces are pale. Aradhya breaks door’s lock with rod, she runs from there. Tulsi asks to search their house, Shashwat says there is some misunderstanding, nothing is wrong. Aradhya comes there and says Aayi you here? Tulsi asks where were you? are you fine? Pavitra gets tensed, Aradhya says relax i am fine, Aryan told me to sleep for sometime thats why i slept, dont worry i am fine, you came here at this time and brought Damini too? Tulsi says i was feeling that they are behaving bad with you, tell me if they are having bad behavior with you? i have brought Damini too, Aradhya says all are nice to me, they have even decorated my room, its late night, you should go home, Damini says i think Aradhya doesnt have any problem here, we should leave Tulsi aunty, Nakku says to Damini that this is house of nice people and you came here at this time? Tulsi and Damini starts leaving when Aradhya calls out her aayi.. all get tensed, Aradhya comes to Tulsi, Tulsi asks what happened? Aradhya looks at Aryan and says dont worry Aayi, i will handle my problems and will solve them, dont your trust your upbringing? you have made me strong and i will face all situations, i will never fail and will never breakdown, i will never lose hope, dont worry about me, go home and sleep, Tulsi says i will pray to God for you, remember your Aayi is always with you, dont forget this, Aradhya says i will see you off. She greets Tulsi and Damini, they leave. Aradhya closes door of house. Pavitra comes to her and says you have brought danger here, we live with fear that you might send us to jail any moment, Aradhya stares Aryan who is looking at her.
Kaka tells Kumudini that Tulsi has gone to Aradhya’s house with police. Kumudini says she will not let me sleep, i brings things on track but she keep trying to take it off again, Kaka says she did right, i am worried for Aradhya, Kumudini says you think that i dont care about Aradhya? you are taunting me alot these days, go from here, he leaves. Kumudini says to Lord Krishan’s idol that i have nothing against Aradhya but she has to pay for being Aaba’s grand daughter.
Tulsi is with Damini. Damini says thank you Tulsi aunty for helping me, i will send Shankari’s things to poor. They collect Shankari’s things. Damini’s finds Shankari’s box and says she used to keep looking at this box. Damini drops box mistakenly, its opens, Tulsi finds gloves in it, she recalls flashback how shankari gifted it to her when she gave birth to child, she says to Damini that Shankari gifted these gloves to me then what they are doing with her? you know your mom wanted to tell me something about child swapping but she couldnt tell me, if you help me then we can solve this case, Damini asks what case? Tulsi says your mom wanted to tell me something but she couldnt, she remembers how Shankari took Pavitra’s name too, she thinks that Pavitra is involved in this too but i cant tell anyone till i dont find out truth, she sees tag of no. 317 on gloves and thinks that this can take me to truth.
Aradhya pulls Aryan and says lets enjoy your marriage night, Aryan says marriage night and with you? Aradhya says if you dont have marriage night with you then i will call Damini, Aryan says i promised my mother that i will never spend a night with you, Aradhya says i will complain Damini that your family is keeping me away from you then your whole family will go to jail, Aryan says you came on your standard, you showed that you have blood of devdasi, Aradhya says you told me that you showed your real standard seeing my face, and let me tell you that we will share one room for sure, if i cant come to your room then you can come to my room, its special room that you have given to me and that is store room, Aryan is irritated and looks away, Aradhya brings handcuffs and ties her hand and his hand with handcuffs, Aryan asks whats this? Aradhya says we will live in one room and that is sure. Purva is seeing all this. Banwari and Markand hides and sees everything too. Aryan asks Aradhya what is this? Aradhya says gadh bandhan is done, we will live together, Mr and Mrs. Aryan Rao, Aryan says take it off, Aradhya says you want me to call police? you want me to send your family to jail? she pulls Aryan and takes him, Aryan asks where is key of handcuffs.
Aradhya brings Aryan to store room, Aradhya says i have decorated this store room for you, this is weird that we have our first marriage night here, i never thought that Aryan Vidyadhar Rao will have to stay here, Aryan says i will leave from here, if not now then maybe tomorrow but you will stale here in this store room. Aryan says do as much as drama you want to do. He moves away and sits on stool, Aradhya slips and falls on him as being tied to him with handcuffs, they look at each other, music plays.

PRECAP- Aryan is sleeping on Aradhya’s shoulder in store room. Aradhya wakes up and caresses his hair, she laughs seeing their state, Aryan falls off from her shoulder and wakes up, they look at each other. Kumudini has sent saree for Pavitra, Pavitra throws away saree and says i will use it to clean our washroom, Kumudini sees all this and says i will force Pavitra to wear this saree before tomorrow night.

Written Update by Atiba

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