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Krishnadasi 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update


Scene 1

Aryan gets angry, Aradhya says i know one man like this, i will forward his image to you, we will put it on social media so that people know about it, aryan says people debate about equality and in their village, they talk about women rights, these women try to trap men specially Devdasies, they are filthy people, Aradhya is hurt listening it and says i dont wanna talk to people whose thoughts are so dirty, she ends call, Aryan throws his phone away too. Shivani says to Varun that why they were fighting with each other? Varun asks if they met each other? Shivani says Aradhya has gone to Krishnavati, Varun says its Aryan’s village too but why was he talking about devdasies? Shivani says Aradhya is daughter of devdasi, Varun is shocked and says Aryan hates Devdasies but i know he likes Aradhya, we will make them friends again, he shows her Aryan and Aradhya’s picture when they light lantern, he says i will send this image to Aryan.
Aradhya comes to Tulsi and says i am ready to leave this village but we have to complain against these people, i will file FIR, Tulsi says dont you remember last time you tried it so you were jailed instead, all police officers are Aaba’s loyalists, Aradhya says there must be some honest officer too, dont stop me, Tulsi says okay you try last time then we will leave from here.
Aradhya comes in police station and says i want to file an FIR against Aaba’s grandson, officer says you are mad, they throw her away but a lady police officer comes there and asks Aradhya if she is fine? Aradhya says yes, they are not filing my FIR, i will go to another police station, lady stops her. She comes to police officers, officers ask her to leave, lady says i am new to duty here, say sorry to that girl(Aradhya) else you all will be suspended, she says i am new inspector here, i am Damini Lokhande, i knew that there is jungle rule in Krishnavati but now there will law enforced here, Aradhya smiles listening it.
Shivangi tells Aryan that Aaba’s saw Gayetri’s picture in newspaper, she wasnt wearing Dupatta so he has locked her in room, Aryan is shocked.
Officers say sorry to Aradhya, Aradhya says i want to file an FIR, Damini asks against whom? Aradhya says against aaba’s grandson Aryan.
Aryan comes to Aaba, Aaba asks why he seems tensed? who has put his mood to off? Aryan says its you, you have locked Gayetri in room? you have to free her, i am requesting you, Aaba says i cant say no to you specially when you have done such great work, he asks Markand to free Gayetri, Markand thinks that now i will get to see her again, its good. Aryan says to Aaba that you didnt do good with Gayetri, Aaba says you love your sister like i used to love my sister Sumitra but she was so nice and cultured, Gayetri is out of hands, she doesnt know her limits, its not me but God has created difference between man and women, women should stay at home and look after family, Aryan says i dont agree with you, Aaba says leave it, you are our future.
Markand comes to Gayetri and says i requested Aaba to free you so he agreed, i am like your friend, i dont see difference between girls and boys, you have made me proud but i cant take stand against aaba, girl like you should get love, you are free now so smile, Gayetri smiles, Markand hugs her and says dont worry, get fresh, your friend Markand is with you, Gayetri smiles and leaves.
Shashwat and David are waiting for Aaba in house. Aaba comes there, David angrily looks at him. Shashwat makes David meet aaba and says he is Devaish, he is honest, i was thinking to give him job in factory, Aaba says you will not decide who will get job in factory, he asks David to leave, David says if you had given me one chance then.. aaba angrily looks at him, Davids starts to leave but Damini comes there with police and says nobody can leave house now, she comes to Aaba and says we will investigate everyone, i am inspector Damini, Aaba laughs and says so you have come as new inspector here, i asked commissioner to send some manly man but this women? he laughs, Damini says i listened right about you, you think whole world revolves around you, Aaba says if you need my blessings then i will send it to police station but if i dont give blessings to anyone then they are doomed, Damini says i you know its crime to offer bribe to government officer, i am respecting you as you are elder, Aaba says to Shashwat that see this is result of making girls study much, Damini says i am here on duty, who is Aryan? an FIR is filed against him, he tried to burn Krishnadasi’s Kumudini’s house, i can arrest him, Aaba says dont you trust Aaba who is trusted by everyone, Damini says i have proofs against him, dont try to come inbetween my duty else i will take action against you too and please dont give me warnings like you will call commissioner and all, it doesnt matter to me, Aaba calls Aryan there. Aryan comes, Shashwat says you can ask anything to him, Aaba says let her ask, Damini says to Aryan that so you were the one who broke things in Kumudini’s house, you tried to put her house on fire, an FIR is filed against you, Aaba says he was with us since morning, Pavitra says i gave him breakfast too, Damini says whole family is trying to protect him, rich families always try to protect their sons, i cannot consider statement of anyone here, i have to ask people in village, David says i am not from this house, you can consider my statement? Damini asks him to speak up, David says i had an job interview here, i was here since morning, i didnt see Aryan leaving house, Aryan tries to speak but Pavitra stops him. Aaba says to Damini that you can ask anyone, if you find any witness then come here but before you should go to Krishnadasi’s house, they are dancers, its their work to trap people, Damini says nothing can be hidden from me, i have eyes on everyone now, she leaves. David starts to leave but Aaba stops him and says why you did it? David says i came to get job from you so i had to help you when you were in problem, you are my owner so i can lie little for you, if a lie is said for betterment then its not bad, aaba asks him to come to job from tomorrow, he asks shashwat to give him good salary.
Aradhya meets Damini and says they are lying, Damini says we cant do much, no one will give statement against them, Aradhya says so we wont get justice? Damini says i will give you justice, i have to catch them red handed then i will put not only Aryan but aaba in jail too. Kumudini comes there and says you are right, justice is in Krishan’s hands, if Krishan want us to leave from here then we will, she asks Kaka to put bags in car.
Gayetri says to Aryan that did you go to burn Krishnadasi’s house?m Aryan says yes and i have no regret for that, i am feeling bad that aaba had to lie for me, Gayetri says i can never see my brother misbehaving with women, dont try to become another aaba, aryan says i did right, those women are filthy, they are trapping people, they need to go away, Gayetri says i dont understand you, sometimes you are like shashwat who is good at heart but sometimes you behave like aaba. Aryan says lets go out somewhere, i am feeling suffocated here, he leaves with her.

Scene 2
Aradhya comes out of house, Tulsi says to Kumudini that everything happens for good only, Kumudini says i know. Aradhya sits in car, Tulsi asks Kumudini to not look back, your Krishna wants us to leave, Kumudini says to Kaka that take me Mandir last time, i cant leave from here before seeing my Krishna, they sit in car and leave.
Aradhya, Kumudini and Tulsi comes to Manidr. Kumudini prays to Krishan. They come in mandir and are shocked to see Krishan’s idol gone from there, Kumudini says Krishan’s idol is lost, where did it go? where is my Krishna, Pundits come there, Kumudini says God’s idol is lost, its not here, Kumudini says this shows that village is in problem, people say that idol had many jewelry on it, someone must have stole it in greed, Kumudini says we should file FIR in police, Pundit says but we should inform Aaba first, Kumudini says its important to file FIR, Aradhya says i will go to police station to file FIR, she leaves. Tulsi says we should leave, Kumudini says i will not leave from here, i will not eat or drink anything, i will keep sitting here till i dont get my Krishna, i wont listen to anyone, bring my Krishna back, she cries.

PRECAP- Aryan’s courier come to house, it has Aryan and Aradhya’s picture which Varun has sent, Pavitra receives courier and opens it.

Written Update By Atiba


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