Krishnadasi 21st July 2016 Written Update

Krishnadasi 21st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi written update

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Krishnadasi 21st July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Aradhya comes to Aryan stealthily, he is surprised to see her while he is tied, they share eyelock, Aryan says why did you come here? Aradhya says your life was in in danger, how could i stay silent? she frees him, villager sees Aradhya freeing Aryan and shouts to stop, they try to come to them but Damini comes there with force and says dont move ahead else we will shoot, Aradhya free Aryan, they look at each other and shares eyelock. Head villager says to Damini that dont stop devdasi ritual, Damini says this is illegal and you cant make widow a devdasi, villager says she is not widow but she is characterless girl, we will die but wont leave this devdasi ritual, dont interfere in it, Damini says please dont take any action else i will have to take action. Aryan says to Aradhya that we have to free Shravani from this, villagers starts fighting with police, Damini announces to stop it but no one listens, Aradhya gets hurt in fight too, Aryan comes to her and asks if she fine? she nod and says we have to save Shravani else they will make her devdasi, Villagers start taking Shravani from there but Aryan tries to stop them, Damini shoots in air, everyone stops, Damini says you people cant force anyone to become devdasi, this is against law, i will investigate accident case and if Aryan is at mistake then we will punish him, you all should leave, villagers say we will comeback again, they leave. Aradhya asks Shravani if she is fine? Shravani says where will i go? they will capture me again and will make me devdasi, where will i go? Aradhya says asks her to not worry.
NGO people are chanting against Kumudini, journalist says you owns devdasi ritual and because of people like you, widow like Shravani is forced to become devdasi, Kumudini says its not me but people like aaba who has abused this tradition of devdasi, NGO people chant against Kumudini, Aryan comes there and asks what is happening here>? Kumudini asks if he is fine? he nods, Kumudini says Gayetri has brought these NGO women and they are accusing me, journalist who is Gayetri asks if they made Shravani devdasi? Shravani comes there with Aradhya, Aradhya says Aryan didnt let it happen, he stopped it, Aryan says Aradhya brought police there and we stopped ritual, NGO people apologizes and leaves. Kumudini says to ARyan that how can you do this? you stopped devdasi ritual, its a sin to do it, Aryan says they were forcing her to become devdasi, is it sin to stop it? Kumudini says yes it is, the one who stopped devdasi ritual, he has to face the wrath of God, Krishanji will not let it slide, whole village will have to bear it, Aryan says they were forcing her to become devdasi, i dont think i did anything wrong, Kumudini says i know this girl Aradhya must have provoked you to do it, Aryan says Aradhya brought police there and literally saved our lives, animosity is on one side but she saved us, Kumudini says this Aradhya has become evil cast on my grand son, why dont you die Aradhya? you have made our lives hell, and this Shravani, her villagers will come and will kill you Aryan, Krishan ji can forgive you but they will behead you, Aryan says this is our village, no one can touch us here, dont worry and this Shraavni will live here, whatever happened with her, its because of me somehow and she will live here from now on, Kumudini says you do what you want as you think you are owner of this house, she leaves, Aryan asks Nakku to take Shravani to room, she leaves, Aradhya tries to stop Aryan but Aryan says i dont want to talk to you, he leaves. Gayetri asks Aradhya if there is danger for Aryan? Aradhya says Damini is searching and trying to help but i have to stand by Aryan’s side, he needs me, Gayetri says Aryan is lucky to have wife like you, Aradhya says he doesnt even accept me a his wife, i need to do something to gain his respect back, there are too many problems between us and i have to solve them, congrats that you have become journalist, Gayetri hugs her and leaves.
Pavitra comes home, Shashwat asks if she brought veggies? she says yes, he says i dont see it in your hands, Pavitra says i have become old, i forgot it, its strike so i didnt get any grocery, she leaves, Shashwat says when Pavitra rubs her ear, it means she is hiding something, what she can be hiding?
Aradhya is with Shravani, she asks Shravani what she is thinking? Shravani says there is no life with husband, what will i do? Aradhya says i know no words can sooth you but you have to compose yourself , there is whole life ahead of you, Shravani says but you saw how people treat a widow, they were making me devdasi so that i become their thing to use as per their wish, what will i do? my villagers are really dangerous, Aradhya says dont worry, Aryan will protect you, Aryan listens their conversation, Shravani says why will Aryan save me? he did today because he felt bad for me but till when he will protect me? Aradhya says dont worry, you dont know Aryan, when he decides something to do then he does it passionately, he is very nice human, he is always ready to fight for people, for fight thing, he even stopped when people were making me devdasi, he always stood infront of me when i was in problem, he always protected me, Shravani says you were gone through devdasi ritual too? Aradhya says yes but Aryan saved me, he wont let anything happen to me, Shravani asks if you trust him this much? Aradhya says i trust him more than my life, dont worry if he has decided to take your responsibility then he will protect you, he is not going to back away, i know he is like that, thank for not filing complaint against him, Shravani says if he wasnt a nice man then i would have filed complaint against him, Aradhya thanks her, Aryan has listened all conversation standing outside room and Aradhya is oblivious of it.

Scene 2
Aradhya comes to Aryan’s room and says his room is always a mess, its like godown, she starts finding first aid box, she finds it and says atleast one thing is at its right place, she sees it on cupboard’s roof and tries to pick it up, Aryan comes there and asks what are you doing in my room? Aradhya says i didnt come to steal, its not my habit, i got wound so i came to take first aid box, she tries to climb cupboard to get it, she get it and sits down to apply ointment to her wound, Aryan glances at her, Aradhya says its paining alot, how to apply it myself, Aryan ignores her, Aradhya says i got hurt so bad, Aryan says you cant apply ointment to your wound but you want to fight whole world, give it to me, he holds her hand, sits down infront of her and applies ointment on her wound, they look at each other, music plays, Aradhya says if i had to save everyone then i would have become welfare girl but my husband’s life was in danger so how i couldnt come? Aryan just stares at her, she says hmm? he says what hmm? Aradhya asks if you said anything? Aryan says nothing, ARadhya says but i listened you saying that we have got divorced still i am clinging onto you, your certificate wife, Aryan says i have stopped thinking these rubbish things, Aradhya winces in pain, Aryan gets worried and touches her hand, he says sorry, Aradhya smiles and says pain goes away when you touch me and you dont know such simple thing, Aryan gets up and starts leaving room listening this but says its my room so why i am leaving? if you done then go, Aradhya looks at him, they share eyelock before Aradhya leaves, she turns to look at him once more, he looks away, she leaves, Aryan looks at her going.
Kumudini says dont know which bad time it was that Shravani came to this house, Chimaji you are Aryan’s father, make hims understand that other villagers can come here for Shravani, Chimaji says Aryan didnt do anything wrong, Kumudini says he stopped devdasi ritual, he has taken animosity with villagers for a girl, did you forget that earlier too two villages fell in fight and so much chaos happened, Aryan is trying to do that again for this unknown girl. Markand and Banwari comes there and says people from other village are coming here, seems like their Sarpanch is about to come here, you are damned, i mean Krishnavati is damned. other village’s Sarpanch comes there and says to Kumudini that you are devdasi and still you didnt make your grand son understand to not stop devdasi ritual, now we will have drought in our village again, he has done wrong thing, Kumudini asks to sit down and talk, he says i am not here to talk, Kumudini says my grand son was about to lose his life in your village, he was about to get killed, it wasnt right, Sarpanch says lets forget whatever happened, we will forgive your grand son but just give her girl(Shravani), we dont have any animosity with you grand son but we will take Shravani, will complate devdasi ritual in mandir here and will take her to our village, Kumudini says fine, take her, we dont have anything related with this girl, my grand son just saved her, she asks Nakku to bring girl, Sarpanch laughs and says then there is no problem, bring girl to mandir and you come to for devdasi ritual, we are waiting there, she says okay, he leaves. Aryan says to Kumudini that what you did? i told you she is my responsibility now, Kumudini says enough, you dont know same thing happened earlier too and so much chaos and fight happened because of stopping devdasi ritual, Shravani says to Aryan that you brought me here and said you will protect me but your aaji is taking me to make devdasi, Kumudini says stop your drama, she asks Chimaji why he is silent? make your son understand, Chimaji says to Aryan your aaji is right, its better to take her there for village’s safety, Aryan says but this is not right, Shravani says fine if you people are not protecting me then i will file complaint against Aryan too as this is all happening with me because of him only, she says to Aryan that i am sorry but life is important to everyone, i will file complaint against you, Kumudini thinks that i have to do something to bring Aryan out of this problem.

PRECAP- Shravani calls someone and says i have come in his life as evil cast on his fate, now see what i will do. She dances like Devdasi.

Written Update by Atiba

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