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Krishnadasi 21st April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kumudini comes in hospital and says i have to do something but what? she sees Nakku coming in hospital, she follows her. Nakku comes to nurse and gives her money, she says doctor came for DNA test right? you have to do my work, she gives her hair and says this hair is of Shashwat Rao, do his DNA test and match it with Aradhya’s DNA, you will get more money after work, she leaves, Kumudini listens everything and thinks why Pavitra is doing shashwat’s test? she thinks Aradhya and Aryan are brother and sister? she laughs and says i know they are not siblings and whose childern are they, i have to do something. Kumudini is walking in hospital, she strikes with Damini’s mother, she says Kumudini right? Kumudini says you are ill, go to your room mental case, Damini’s mother says why did you come here to do some cheating again? you didnt change at all, remember you made me cheat 21years back? you made me switch babies at birth, Kumudini says you dont remember your name but remember everything about my deeds, how? Damini’s mother says who are you? i forget things but i remember few things, you remember you switched babies 21years, that child with other family and other child with that family, remember? i want to eat ice-cream, Kumudini asks her to be silent, Damini’s mother says i will not remain silent, i remember child switch, Kumudini thinks that if she keep talking then my plan will be destroyed which i made 21years back, she takes Damini’s mother from there.
Kumudini brings Damini’s mother Shankari in isolated room and ties her to chair, Kumudini says i have done many things to take revenge of my insult, i wont let you destroy my plan, Shankari says you switched babies right? Kumudini says yes i did it, i had to do it to take revenge for my insult. Flashback shows 21years back, Kumudini in Aaba’s feet, aaba says you have spread filth in whole village, Panchayat have taken decision that you will return to Krishnavati after 21years only, Kumudini says one day you will be sitting in my feet like this and i will be laughing on you, this is my promise, she cries. Flashback shows Kumudini coming in hospital for Tulsi’s delivery. She listens Pavitra saying to Nakku that i have given birth to 2daughters, if i give birth to daughter again then Aaba will throw me out of house. Kumudini comes to Tulsi’s room, shankari says Tulsi have given birth to baby boy, Kumudini says this boy will take my revenge, didnt you see how Aaba insulted me in whole village? this is time to take revenge, i need your help, you are my friend so dont say no. Kumudini comes to Pavitra’s room and sees her sleeping, she thinks that Pavitra doesnt know that she has given birth to daughter, all family members have gone to mandir too, i can switch babies rightnow, she says to shankari that you have to switch Tulsi’s boy with Pavitra’s daughter, my Tulsi’s son will be called Aaba’s grand son but Pavitra’s daughter will become Krishnadasi, i will brign this truth out in world on right time, i have got right weapon on time, she gives baby boy to shankari. shankari comes in Pavitra’s room and puts Tulsi’s boy in cart, Kumudini takes Pavitra’s daughter and says Pavitra didnt want daughter so i am taking her shame with me, stay in that Haveli with my grand son, your daughter will be useful, i will make her devdasi, she will called as grand daughter of Krishnadasi Kumudini, she will teach lesson to aaba, i am your daughter’s aaji from now on.
shankari brings Pavitra’s daughter to tulsi and says you have given birth to daughter, Tulsi says i will name her as Aradhya. Aaba comes to Pavitra’s room and is happy to see its baby boy, he says this boy is my heir, he is my lion, he is Aryan Vidyadhar rao, Kumudini listens this and thinks that when Aaba will know that his grand son is actually Krishnadasi’s son then he will be shocked till then his grand daughter aradhya will stay in our house, lets see if blood is strong or upbringing more, flashback ends. Kumudini says to shankari that only we know that Aradhya is Shashwat and Pavitra’s daughter and Aryan is Tulsi’s son, we cant bring this truth out rightnow, i have to stop this DNA test thing else aaba will br proven right and he will throw stones on my daughter which i cant let it happen, if he knows that Aradhya is Shashwat’s daughter then every relation will be mess, i will bring this truth out but on right time, i will free you too but first i have to clear all mess.
Aradhya comes in hospital and does DNA test, Tulsi says to Aradhya that i am sorry, you are going through this because of me, Aradhya says this is happening for good, remember i will always be with you, Tulsi nods, Kumudini sees them in hospital. Aaba comes in hospital with Chimaji, Kumudini hides. Tulsi and Aradhya looks at Chimaji, aaba says lets go, people are waiting to see these devdasies truth coming out, Aradhya says to Tulsi lets go somewhere else, she leaves with Tulsi, Aryan is there too, he looks on.
Chimaji goes in lab for DNA test, aaba says take his sample fast, Kumudini thinks i have to do something, Chimaji’s test is done too. she sees test tube trolley coming out of lab, she hides under trolley.
Aryan comes to Tulsi and says i am really sorry, because of Aaba’s thinking, you have to go through all this, nobody has right to ask any women to go for DNA test, you know Aaba doesnt listen, Tulsi says you thought about us thats great, why are you saying sorry? Aradhya says why are you saying sorry? people have right to ask questions about father to single mother, people dont ask about mother but they link child with father only, why cant i put my mother’s name with my name? why do we need father’s name stamp for everything? i am proud of my mother, i am sorry Aryan i am not scolding you, Aryan says dont say sorry, its very wrong to do DNA test of any women like this, he says to Tulsi that i will meet you later, he leaves, Aradhya looks on.
Nurse is taking trolley inside lab, Aaba says Chimaji is inside, you cant go inside, nurse says i have to take medicines inside, Aaba stops nurse and asks whats on trolley? nurse shows test tubes and medicines, Aaba asks whats under the trolley? Kumudini gets tensed listening this, aaba says leave it, go inside, Nurse goes. Nurse brings trolley inside lab, doctor says to Chimaji that your blood sample is taken, you can go, Chimaji leaves. Nurse is there, Kumudini sees shashwat’s hair on table, nurse takes hair, Kumudini thinks that i have to get Shashwat’s hair, if i dont take this hair then shashwat will be proven as Aradhya’s father, people will think that Tulsi and shashwat had extra marital relation, i have to take that hair then i will see Chimaji’s test too.
Pavitra says to Nakku that no one should know that i have given Shashwat’s hair for DNA test, they turn to see Shashwat standing there.
Nurse starts doing Chimaji’s test, Kumudini thinks that i have to stop Shashwat’s test, sorry Tulsi i cant stop Chimaji’s test and you will be going through all this but i have to protect my secret rightnow.
Aaba says to Chimaji that i am sorry you are going through all this but once results are out then we will answer that devdasi, Chimaji thinks if results are out then people will be against me, my truth will come out.
Shashwat brings Pavitra in lab and says what should i do with your doubt? because of your doubt, we live like strangers in same house, Pavitra says its not doubt but my fear, Shashwt says i had no relation with Tulsi, she was just Saras’s friend, Pavitra sys let me do this test then, whats wrong in it? Shashwat says this is wrong, you cant doubt me like this, he find his hair brush and says i wont let this happen, Pavitra takes knife and says give me your hair brush else i will cut my pulse, Shashwat snatches knife from her and says your doubting nature will destroy us, i will end this matter rightnow, he burns his brush which had his hair, Kumudini sees this hiding under trolley and gets happy.

PRECAP- aaba orders to tie Tulsi to tree in middle of village, loyalists tie Tulsi on tree for stone throwing, Aradhya sees this and gets tensed. Aaba says to banwari that dont know why blood Aryan is going against me, handle him. Banwari mixes medicine in Aryan’s juice, Aryan drinks it and faints, Banwari locks unconscious Aryan in room. Aradhya thinks Aryan comes to help me everytime without me calling him, i need him to save Tulsi, where are you Aryan? she finds Aryan in market.

Written Update by Atiba

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