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Krishnadasi 1st June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Pavitra comes in kitchen and asks Nakku to do work fast, foreign clients are coming to invest in Aryan’s business, Purva comes and says no one has to work in house, they will not eat desi dishes, i have ordered continental, thai food for them, Aradhya comes there, Nakku asks whats that? Pruva says they are NRI so will eat foreign food only, Aradhya says they must be living abroad but are indians and will like indian food only, Pavita says i know you are doing this so that they dont do deal with Aryan, Nakku asks why she keep interfering? Pavitra says to Purva that do what you want, she asks Aradhya to not come out in hall, you will destroy everything, Pavitra leaves with Purva. Aradhya brings out ingredients and starts working, Nakku says we wont be making indian food then why you are working? aradhya says even if they dont eat, we will eat this food, Nakku says we will eat continental food calling it contimental, if this food is wasted then it will be bad for you, she leaves, Aradhya works in kitchen.
Gayetri comes to David outside house. Markand and Banwari spy on her. Gayetri says to David that my brother is starting work, investers are coming, please leave from here, David says i just want to tell that i did mistake and i want to rectify it, give me once chance please, Gayetri says i dont know all this, i just dont want to do anything wrong for Aryan, please leave, David says i will leave if you are insisting but i will be on hunger strike till you dont forgive me.
Aryan brings invester Anurag to house, aaba greets him, Anurag says i have come to india after much time. They sit down. Markand asks Anurag to have juice, its desi, Anurag says i am from Maharasthra too, Aaba says i am hopeful that with your help, Aryan and Raj will do good business, Anurag says i have trust in these boys and i got to meet your family too, Aryan says we are excited to work with you, he says me too. Shashwat comes there and greet Anurag, Aryan gives his seat to Sashwat. Aaba asks Pavitra to prepare breakfast for him, Anurag says i will have lunch directly, Aaba says our daughter in law is working for it since morning, Pavitra says she has done all preparations, Aradhya goes to burn food. Anurag says to Aaba that i would like to meet your daughter in law, aaba calls Purva and asys she is my daughter in law. Purva shakes hands with him and asks what he would continental, thai or anything? Anurag says to Aaba that why you are joking with me, she is not your daughter in law, all are shocked.
Aradhya is preparing desi food, Nakku comes and says these dishes will not be served, he wont like it, aaba has introduced Purva as his daughter in law so dont come out, stay here and dont do any drama, i will give your food to poor later, she leaves. Aradhya says how can aaba introduce her as his daughter in law?
Aaba is tensed and says i will explain, Anurag says i recognize your daughter in law, i am NRI but i keep a tab on indian news, i have all news about here, i was so happy that Aryan tried to change norms and his family supported him to marry devdasi’s daughter and give her respectful life, i was impressed by Aryan and did this deal on that basis only, i thought thet person who can challenge norms of society will do good business too, call your real daughter in law, i am sure she must have prepared something special for me, Pavitra asks Pruva to call Aradhya, she leaves.
Aradhya says in kitchen that if it was not about Aryan’s business then i would have gone and told truth, Purva comes there and says you are called outside, dont you listen? aaba is calling you outside, Aradhya is confused and goes. Purva is angry.
Aradhya comes in hall, Anurag is happy to see her stand beside Aryan, Aradhya greets Anurag saying nameste, Anurag sees her wearing saree and says you have indian roots instilled in you, Aradhya says you have made me happy by praising me, i read your portfolio and i am really happy that you are investing in indian business, Anurag says you are educated, i read that you are devdasi.. sorry dont mind, aRadhya says you are right, i belong to devdasi family but my family have given me education and i and Aryan were in same college, Anurag says thats impressive, i want to eat something indian as i am bored with continental, mexican food, Aradhya says we didnt know about your taste so we prepared many dishes for you, i will serve it, she leaves.
Aradhya serves indian food to Anurag, Anurag says its so tasty, nothing can be compared with indian food. Aradhya serves him more, he says its yummy, he says to Aryan that after eating your wife’s food, there is no doubt, this deal is final from my side, all are elated, Aryan thanks him. Aradhya goes and brings gift for Anurag, is God’s idol, he says its so nice, god bless you and your sweet family, all are angry with her, Aradhya looks at Aryan hopefully.
Gayetri comes in kitchen and recalls how David said that he will keep sitting under tree and wont eat anything, Gayetri says i will take food for him, he must be hungry.
Aryan comes in room and looks at ARadhya. Aryan thinks that Aradhya was against working with Raj but she supported me, that NRI said yes t deal because of her only, aRadhya looks at him and thinks that he is not in mood to fight it seems. Aryan and Aradhya goes towards bathroom, they both stare each other, Naina song plays. Aryan moves to let Aradhya go in washroom first, Aradhya glares at him and closes door of washroom’s locked door. Aradhya stand on chair to get curtain from cupboard’s roof, Aryan looks at her and thinks thats she wants to become superman, she could ask me to do it but her ego will be hurt, she will fall down only then she will know, let her fall, i dont care. Aradhya loses balances and falls off from chair, Aryan runs and holds her but they both fall down on floor with Aradhya on top of him, curtain falls over them, they share eyelock, Tum hi toh ho plays. Aradhya takes curtain off and gets off from Aryan, she stands up. Aryan brings curtain, Aradhya says i will tie it on bathroom’s door, Aryan says i saw how expert you are, we need to tie curtain nicely else i will have to see you changing clothes and you will have to see me changing clothes, Aradhya gets shy, Aryan puts curtain on washroom’s door.
Gayetri asks servant to give food to David. Servant comes to David and says Gayetri gave this food, David asks did she call me her husband? he says no, David says then tell her that i will not eat food till she doesnt make me eat as wife, servant comes to Gayetri and says he said no to food, David sees Gayetri standing there, he tries to talk to her but she leaves with food.
Pavitra says i am happy with Aryan’s deal but i am angry with that Devdasi, dont know what she eats, that invester was so impressed with her, i am worried for Purva, she can lose hope, i wont let her go from this house. she says to Nakku that you gave me good idea of getting free from ARadhya but i cant kill anyone, cant we have any other way? Nakku says i have to think of something for you, Pavitra says if we dont do something fast then this black magician will destroy us, think something, Nakku thinks and says i got an idea, we will throw her out with magic only, Pavitra asks what she means? Nakku says we can use ghosts and spirits on her, Pavitra says how will it happen? Nakku says i will do it soon, Pavitra says start working on plan.

Scene 2
Its morning. Aryan comes in washroom. he is in sleep and takes toothbrush in sleep without seeing it. He blabbers that my life has ended, i used to have peaceful mornings, i used to brush teeth in lazy manner but now i have to run to washroom in morning so that she doesnt come here earlier, i feel like Aradhya will come and will book washroom for 1hour, dont know what girls keep doing in washroom for hours, they must clean it then take bath. Aradhya comes there and bangs with Aryan, Aryan asks if she will break his mouth? Aradhya says i will break it from front, you have messed whole washroom again, i will have to clean it again now, go out soon, Aryan brushes in anger, Aradhya says a maid should be applied to make you brush your teeths, Aryan shouts on her and says there should be bouncers applied for you girls to throw you out of washroom. Aradhya says this is my brush, Aryan says yes this house is yours, this room is yours, this washroom is yours and now this brush is yours too? dont make me angry, this is my brush, ARadhya says clean your brain too, she shows him his brush in stand, he is stunned and spits, Aradhya says it was my brush only that you used, its not filthy, Aryan says i used your brush, i dont see any girl using blus toothbrush, Aradhya says is this some rule? Aryan says blue is for boys and pink is for girls, Aradhya says i use blus brush only and i will not change its color, Aryan says my brush’s color is blue too and i wont change it, Aryan says this i my washroom and my rules will be followed here, Aradhya says this my washroom too and my rules will ryle here, Aryan pulls his hair in anger, aRadhya asks if he ash dandruff.
Pavitra and Nakku comes to mandir, Nakku says to Pavitra that Chimaji should not know anything about our plan. Pavitra comes to Chimaji and greets him, she says we are having problems in our family, first Aradhya married by cheating then we didnt accept her but then you came to our house.
Aradhya brings marker and says i will write intials on brushes, she writes AR on her brush, Aryan asks how this can be her initial? AR is his initial, ARadhya says i am Aradhya Rao so AR is my initial from the time i married you, Aryan says take everything from me, take my room, my bathroom, my initial everything, i will keep my brush in locker from now on, which is my brush? Aradhya says the one which is more dirty, Aryan gets angry and brushes again, Aradhya says laughs and says the brush you are using, i thought that it was old and dirty so i used to clean washbasin, Aryan is shocked and starts gargerling, Aradhya says relax, i am joking, i cant use my husband’s brush to clean washbasin, i am nice wife, i just wanted to see your reaction, Aryan says i will take revenge from you one day, he leaves, ARadhya laughs.
Pavitra says i accept my mistake, will pur peace comeback? Chimaji says yes, my blessings are with you, if you take her as your daughter then everything will be fine, Pavitra says i am mother and Aradhya is like Gayetri for me but Aaba will nevre accept her, only you can make aaba understand to accept her, it will be good if you come to out house in evening and make Aaba understand to accept Aradhya, Chimaji says why not, its my duty to maintain peace in all house, Pavitra thanks him and thinks that let him come in evening then he will know what i want from him.

PRECAP- Aaba feels dizzy and calla out Aryan’s name but Aryan is not around. Aradhya comes to Aaba and asks what happened? Aaba says my B.P low and faints. Aradhya tries to give him medicines, Purva and Aryan comes there, Purva takes medicines from Aaradhya and says she was giving medicines to Aaba which will lower his BP more. Aradhya says i was just helping him, Aryan says are you uneducated? this bottle is labelled so that even servant doesnt do any mistake too, your place is room and you should remain locked there, he drags her from there. Nakku and Pavitra are in kitchen, Nakku says to Pvitra that we are trying to do something and who helped us? its Aradhya’s mother only. Pavitra mixes powder in juice and smirks.

Written Update by Atiba

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