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Krishnadasi 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Aryan comes to Gayetri and gives her jewelry, Aryan says these are your things, Pavitra have sent it, these are yours and you have right on it, she has given your scholarship money too, Gayetri looks on, Aryan asks if she is fine? Gayetri says i am fine, you know Aradhya’s family loves me alot, her aayi Tulsi never makes me feel that i am daughter of her enemy, they keep me happy, Aryan says i will leave now, you fine? she nods, Aryan says i will come to meet you later.
Aradhya comes to aaba, aaba says you people want to get insulted again and again, earlier you made drama of gayetri’s marriage, what you want now? Aradhya says i know my aaji have done many mistakes and i have come here to rectify her mistakes, please give me one chance, Aaba says with your rectification, my anger and your aaji’s sins will not get less, just get lost, Aradhya says just give me one chance, Shivangi says aaba doesnt have time to talk with you, she drags her out of house, Aradhya says let me talk to aaba.
Aryan comes to Kumudini and tulsi and says i have not come here to make any issue, Tulsi says you came to meet your sister, you met, now leave, Kumudini says he wants to say something let him say, Aryan says actually.. i.. i want to stay at your house and work here, Tulsi and Kumudini are shocked, Kumudini says what has happened to you? Aryan says i want to help you, i will do all work, i will buy things from market, anything you say, tulsi says this is not time to joke, just leave, Aryan says you women live in this house, kaka is aged too, like if you had son, you would have given him work, i will do all work like son.
Aradhya says to Aaba that give me one chance to rectify my aaji’s mistake, i will do all household work of your house, i will wash dishes, clothes, will sweep floor, anything you say, just give me one chance, Aaba gets up and breaks glass, all are stunned, he asks Aradhya if she will do all work? she says anything you say, Aaba asks her to wipe glass pieces, he asks Pavitra to tell her all work, she will do all work of house, Nakku asks Aradhya to come with her, she brings broom and asks Aradhya to clean glass piece then come in kitchen to wash dishes, Aaba smirks and leaves, Shivangi and Markand enjoys it, Pavitra is distraught, Aradhya smiles while sweeping floor.
Tulsi says to Aryan that there is no work in our house so just leave from here, we dont need help, we have been working alone, Aryan says you are thinking wrong, Tulsi says what your family did with us, after that we cant trust anyone from your family, also our relations are already messes up, dont make situation more difficult, Kumudini says just see truth in his eyes, Aryan says i agree that my family did mistakes and i want to rectify it, i am doing this for my sister, if you dont listen to me then i wont leave, Tulsi says how will you not leave? kumudini asks what is going on here? i can see truth in Aryan’s eyes, why are you so strict with him? if he wants to work for his sister then let him do it, he will clean, wash and do every household work otherwise her sister will feel guilty of becoming burden on us, let him work here and lessen our burden, Aryan thanks her.
Aradhya is washing diesh in Aaba’s kitchen, Nakku comes there and gives her mores dishes to wash.
Aryan lifts heavy cartons in Kumudini’s house, he says to Kumudini that if you need anything then tell me.
Aradhya is mopping hall area, Shivangi sees Aaba coming, she throws tea on floor and says to Aradhya that you can mop rightly, do it nicely, aaba comes there, shivangi says she is not working nicely, Aradhya says i will clean it, she cleans it, aaba leaves.
Kaka is trying to fix swing in Kumudini’s house, Aryan comes and helps him.
Aradhya is washing clothes in Aaba’s house, Nakku brings more clothes and asks her to work fast, she leaves, Pavitra sees Aradhya working and washing, Aradhya sees her, she leaves.
Kaka is working, Aryan says i will do it, he takes bucket from him and starts washing car, Tulsi sees it, she says to Kaka that tea is ready, you both drink it, she glares Aryan and leaves, Aryan goes to take tea.

Scene 2
kumudini comes to Tulsi and asks if Aryan left from house? Tulsi says yes, Kumudini says after two days there will be gudi-parwah function, we will celebrate it nicely. Aradhya comes back home, Tulsi asks where were you whole day? i kept calling you but you didnt take call, how many tuition are you giving, she sees cuts in Aradhya’s hands and asks how did it happen? Kumudini asks how did it happen? Aradhya says i went to rectify mistake, she looks at Kumudini and says what my aaji did with Gayetri, i had to rectify it, i went to Aaba’s house and worked there, i washed dishes, i washed clothes, i swept his floor, Kumudini gets angry and says who allowed you to go there and work? Aradhya says you have no respect for girls, all you can think about is your ego, you can destroy anyone’s life to satisfy your ego, Kumudini says you are talking in Aaba’a talking, will you talk to your aaji like this? Aradhya says dont act, i know everything, i know you planned everything with David, didnt you think that you have grand daughter too? Tulsi asks what are you saying Aradhya? Aradhya says when you will know what aaji did, you will be ashamed too, when i got to know about my aaji’s deeds then i had to rectify it so i did it, Kumudini says i know you want to punish me, Aradhya says when kids mess up house then elders clean it but here elders have spread filth so kids have to clean it, you have spread so much negativity and i will clean it for sure, she leaves, Kumudini is stunned.
Its morning, Kumudini comes in home and says to Tulsi that i have brought things for gudi-parwah, Tulsi calls Aradhya and says see Kumudini have brought gifts, Aradhya takes it from her and thanks her, Kumudini says keep family happy, Aradhya asks if you brought anything for Gayetri? Kumudini says no.. she says obviously i brought it for her, she is our guest, Aradhya says i should leave now, Kumudini says first decide what we will do in celebration, Tulsi says she is going on work, Kumudini says i know you will be on her side only, i thought to be ahead of aaba in celebrations but you both have decided to cut my nose in public, Aradhya says you keep your nose to yourself, you have so many nose rings, what will you do with them then? i am leaving, Tulsi smiles, she says to kumudini that should i cal Gayetri? you apply haldi to her and give saree to her, Kumudini angrily says yes, Tulsi goes.
Nakku says to one servant that dont do any work, Aradhya will come and will do all work, we will have leisure time.
Aradhya comes to Aaba’s house. Aaba comes there with Pavitra, Aradhya tries to touch his feet, Aaba saya i have allowed you to work here but not touch my feet, with your touch my feet will be uncleaned, he says to Pavitra that i will go to factory then to mandir, Pavitra nods, Pavitra stares, Aradhya thinks that they have animosity from ages, it will not go away so soon, it will take time to clean their hearts and win it.
Aryan comes to Kumudini’s house. He sees Aradhya’s room and sees her pictures there, he says so this is her house.
Aradhya passesby Aryan’s room and comes in, she says so this is zero IQ’s room. Aryan comes in Aradhya’s room and says her room is so clean like hotel room. Aradhya says his room is messed up, her mom have spoiled him, she starts cleaning his room and says he watches action movies. Aryan finds love stories based books in her room and says she reads it? Aradhya cleans his room while Aryan messes up her room mistakenly. Aradhya finds dinosaur sketch in Aryan’s room and face is of Aradhya. Aryan finds Aradhya’s personal diary, he opens it to find disclaimer that if someone reads my diary then he will be live Aryan, he reads her diary in which Aryan is compared with donkey, kerala, i met him outside mandir and felt like punching him. Aradhya says he calls me dinosaur, she messes his room. Aryan says i will punch her.
Aaba is in mandir, Kumudini comes there, aaba starts to leaves but kumudini greets him, aaba says i have no interest in talking to you, you are now aaji of our servant Aradhya, Kumudini says you are also Aaba of Krishnadasi’s servant Aryan, your grand son came and begged to give him job of my servant, aaba is shocked, Kumudini says he said my aaba have done sins and is cruel so i want to rectify it, i told him that your Aaba did it and you dont need to say sorry, Kumudini says he said that if you had son then he would have done same in your house, he does everything, he cleans my house, goes grocery, he has become servant, he is so nice kid Aryan vidyadhar Rao, i have given him place like my grand son in my house so that he can work there, Aaba gets angry listening this.

PRECAP- Aradhya finds salary and says to aaba that you gave 5thousand rupees extra to me, aaba says to Aradhya that you are devdasi’s daughter still you have good intellect, he gives her money as reward, Aradhya thinks that atleast he showed softness towards me. Aaba says to Banwari that she wants to rectify? after this gudi-parwah, there sill be sadness in her house every year.

Written Update by Atiba

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