Krishnadasi 19th September 2016 Written Update

Krishnadasi 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Krishnadasi written update

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Krishnadasi 19th September 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Aaba is driving car, Raj is sitting one backseat while Bhamini is sitting on passenger seat, she says you didnt find any proof since yesterday, why you keep doubting Shravani? today is her wedding, we should be with her. Aaba says i will find proofs against her, Bhamini says she didnt do anything wrong. Aaba says to Raj that were you her slave? if she was widow then there must be her fake husband somewhere. Raj removes ropes from his hands, Bhamini says i will call police. Raj puts ropes around Bhamini and asks her to shut up, aaba says if anything happens her to then i wont spare you, Raj says i wont be caught by police easily, Aaba tries to free Bhamini from Raj’s clutches. Car bangs into tree, Aaba’s head strikes with steering wheel and he falls unconscious, Raj takes aaba’s gun and runs from there, Bhamini panics seeing aaba unconscious.
Shravani gets ready as bride and says thank you God for giving me everything, i should put black spot under ear to not get cursed, i will do something about this fake pregnancy after marriage, i will have marriage night with him too then i will plan something, I will look so good with Aryan as a couple, i am looking so good, i wish i didnt have to lie so much for this wedding then it would be more great but everything is fair in love and war, all sins are forgivable for love.
Bhamini is trying to stop cars to get help for Aaba, she says nothing will happen to you, she says this happened because of me. She takes his cell phone and calls Shravani. Shravani asks where are you? Bhamini says Aaba had accident, he fainted, Shravani says let him lie there, he was not happy for my marriage, come here fast, Bhamini says how can you say that for your Aaba? Shravani says i have many works to do, i have to get ready too, come fast, she ends call. Bhamini says Shravani is not listening to me, what to do? She cries for Aaba.
Aradhya is sadly sitting in her room, she gets call from Bhamini, Bhamini tells her about Aaba’s accident and says he is unconscious, she tells her address, Aradhya asks if she is fine? she says yes, she says i am coming, is Aaba too much injured? she ends call and runs. Bhamini says aaru and Shravani are so different, Shravani wasnt even listening to me and Aradhya agreed instantly, Shravani have become so selfish.
David says to Gayetri that we have to meet Aryan and tell him truth, she says he is getting married, whats the need? David says it was our fault, we have to tell him truth, she says okay.
Nakky brings sherwani to Aryan and asks him to wear it, she leaves. Aryan throws away sherwani. Gayetri and David comes there, Gayetri says i have to tell you something, Aryan asks if Aradhya is fine?
Aradhya is running on road and calls Bhamini, she says to bhamini that i am coming and i have to called ambulance too, dont worry.
Gayetri says we made uday meet Aradhya to make you jealouse but Uday married her for real. Aryan says what you guys did? Gayetri says i dont know what to do now, David says we are sorry, Aryan says you people had good intentions for me but Aradhya is of someone else now, and knowing Aradhya, she wont comeback now, Gayetri says Aradhya did mistake in haste but why you are marrying? Aryan says i keep trying to tell her that, she will live life with suffocation and i will be in pain too, maybe this is result of our relation, he looks away in tears, Gayetri cries for him, David feels bac.
Shravani says Kumudini didnt gift me nice bangles, Bhamini has more good bangles, i should call her and asks why she didnt come till now. Raj comes there and says hi, he points gun at her, she is stunned and says you? i was thinking about you only, only few days are remaining to complete our plan then we will fly away from here, Raj says you love me that much? she nods, Raj says then lets play love-love game, you Juliet and Romeo, what can you do for me? will you give your life for me or call police for me? she says anyone can see, Raj says lovers are not scared of anyone, Aaba tortured me a lot but i didnt open my mouth to speak against you, Shravani says bhamini saved me before our plan could fail, she tells him how bhamini told her that Aaba would be sending Raj to her, she says otherwise we would be in jail rightnow, Raj says so Bhamini aaji saved? but who? you? or me? he comes closer to her and puts head on her shoulder, he says you can you be clever but i am smart, i didnt open my mouth so you marriage happens smoothly, i didnt allow Aaba to get any proof against you, he grabs her arm tightly, she says leave my hand, anyone can see, after marriage, i will transfer property in my name for us, he says what about me? she says whats mine is your too, Raj says mine is only mine, soon you will be married and wealth will be transferred to you then you wont even recognize me, do one thing, make property in your name before marriage and sign anywhere i ask you to, i will get whats mine, dont try to be smart because i will take two minutes to open your secret, and we will go to jail together, Shravani says you are crazy, who will give me property before wedding, you think Aryan is fool? Raj says kumudini will give it to you, i know you can wrap her around your finger easily, Shravani says she is not that innocent, Raj says use your unborn baby and take their wealth, they will give you property in two minutes, only 2hours are remaining wedding, do this work as soon as possible, you understand?

Scene 2
Aradhya arrives at accident, she says to bhamini that i am here, she sees Aaba unconscious and tries to wake him up, she says i have called ambulance, she wipes his wounds and bandages it, Aradhya asks how this accident happened? Bhamini says Aaba and Raj.. Aradhya says what he was doing with you? Bhamini says Aaba had him abducted but he ranaway, i know he will go to Shravani directly, her life is in danger, he can kill her, i am scared, Aradhya says why will he kill her? bhamini says because he thinks Shravani called police and arrested him. Markand and Banwari comes there and says there is no ambulance in hospital, Aradhya asks Bhamini to take Aaba and trust me, i wont let anything happen to Shravani, she leaves.
Aryan says to chimaji that Aradhya married guy whom she doesnt love, he says she married after thinking and now you should think about your happiness too, Aryan says i dont have any happiness, Chimaji says Shravani is good girl and is pregnant with your child, sometimes happiness of others matter more than our own, now go and get ready for wedding, Aryan nods and leaves. Aryan comes in market and sees Uday giving money to registrar, he says to registrar that what will about this marriage certificate, we didnt get married, he gives it to him and leaves. Aryan thinks why he gave wedding papers back and said he doesnt need them anymore? Aryan deliberately strikes with registrar and picks up wedding papers, he sees that Aradhhya didnt sign wedding papers and thinks why Aradhya didnt sign? he says to registrar that Uday’s signature are there but not Aradhya’s why? Registrar says i will tell you.
Raj puts gun on Shravani’s back and brings her to lounge. Aradhya calls Shravani but her phone is on silent. Raj hides behind pillar and points gun at shravani. Shravani thinks that it will not be easy to get property from oldie Kumudini but i have to do something Shravani, Raj points her to go and talk to Kumudini. she goes. Aradhya is calls Shravani and says why she is not picking up? is she in danger? Aryan is not picking up too. I have to reach her fast.
Kumudini says to Nakku that i thought i would arrange great wedding but Aryan even didnt agree for good mandap because of that Aradhya, Nakku says lets get them married, you have whole life to fulfill these desires, Kumudini says go and check preparations and i want Aryan ready on time, Nakku goes to check. Shravani comes there and sees Raj hiding behind pillar and pointing gun at her. Kumudini says why you didnt get ready till now? why you are not wearing any jewelry? Shravani says i thought Aradhya was out of my way but she is still in Aryan’s mind and heart, Kumudini says nothing like that, Aradhya got married to Uday, everything is done. Shravani says but i listened that Aryan gave his whole property to Aradhya, you are alive so i am protected but if anything happens to you so Aradhya can throw me out of house with my baby, i am sacred that i might have to live on roads with your grand child, Kumudini says why you are saying this? Aryan will give her property when he himself have it in his name, he doesnt own property, this happened when we all thought Aradhya died and Aryan became devdas. Flashback shows Kumudini saying to Aryan that Aradhya has died, why you are destroying your life becoming devdas? get control Aryan, Aryan says till i am alive, Aradhya cant die, i want peace, leave, Kumudini says dont forget that this property, this business is in your name, you are lone heir of all of this, if you become drunkard then some thief will take all this away, Aryan shouts that you are worried about property right? he brings papers and says i am giving you all property and business, go and handle it, i dont want it, he sign papers and gives all property to her, he leaves. Kumudini check papers, fb ends. Kumudini says i tried to make him understand but he didnt listen but now i think that it happened for good, those property papers are with me, Shravani says they are with you? or if anyone stole it? Kumudini says i will check it, she goes. Shravani thinks that somehow Kumudini give me property then i will be happy, i have thrown Aradhya out of way, now its time to throw Raj away.
Uday is looking and caressing Aradhya’s picture. Aryan comes there, uday hides picture, Aryan asks what you are doing here? you got married to Aradhya then why not sharing room with her? Uday looks away and says we were both tired and we thought that if we stay in same room so we will keep talking and wont take rest so we didnt share room, Aryan says stop this nonsense, truth is that you both didnt get married, what you thought that i will not know it? Uday says you are behind us.. Aryan grabs his collar and says i saw your marriage papers and saw that Aradhya didnt sign it, marriage doesnt happen without bride signing papers, tell me truth now, i want to hear it, Uday frees himself from his clutch and says you are right, Aradhya and I didnt get married, we were doing drama so that you will marry Shravani, Aryan sighs heavily.
Kumudini shows property papers to Shravani and says see Aryan gave property to me, Shravani says thank God, till you are with me, me and my baby are safe then only God will be our savior, Kumudini says why you are saying this? Shravani says you dont have name this property to me, till i am under your shadow, i will serve you and Aryan, Kumudini says nobody has guts to snatch this from Aryan’s baby, this property is right of Aryan’s child, Shravani says but what if anything happens to you? .. i am sorry, i shouldnt have said it, Kumudini says you are right, till when i will live? what if anything happens to me? who will take care of Aryan’s baby? you are only there for him, i am old now, i can do one thing, i can name all property to you, i am not doing this for you but for baby, nothing should happen to that baby, raise him in this palace with pride, i may live or not but i want Aryan’s child to have good life here, Shravani says but i dont need any of this, Kumudini says its needed, i am going to give you property now only, this is for my grand child. She writes her will that i am giving all this property to Shravani who is my daughter in law in my full senses -Krishnadasi Kumudini. She gives will to Shravani and asks her to take it, Shravani sees it and smirks.

PRECAP- Raj is grabbing Shravani by neck, Aradhya asks Raj to leave, she holds gun and says leave her otherwise i will shoot you Raj, Raj strangles Shravani, Aradhya shoots him on chest. Damini comes and says sorry Aradhya but we have to arrest you. Aryan says to Aradhya that if you ever loved me then marry Shravani, if you want my sentence in jail to be peaceful then do it please. Damini handcuffs her and takes her away. Aryan is shown taking pheras with Shravani while Aradhya is standing there in criminal’s saree and watching Aryan in tears.

Written Update by Atiba

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