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Krishnadasi 19th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Aryan asks Aradhya how did she got stuck in cave? he sees her hands bitten by rats, he asks how it happened? he gets worried for her, Aradhya sees Purva and asks who is she? Purva says she is same girl who irritates you in your dreams right? Aryans says i will explain you everything later, he lifts Aradhya in arms and takes her in jeep leaving Purva in jungle, Purva is stunned.
Tulsi asks Chimaji where is her daughter? he says i am not liable to answer you, you shouldnt have come here, Tulsi says even i dont like to see your face and your fake acts, where is my daughter? Chimaji says she getting punished for her deeds, Tulsi says this is lie, you are faking everything in lure of rectifying people’s deeds, Chimaji says you are talking as mother, you should be thankful to me that i am making your daughter learn custom and traditions, Tulsi says if i open my mouth then your truth will come out, Chimaji says your daughter where she should be, she was trying to lure nice man, Tulsi says my daughter is pious and innocent, Chimaji says you are saying that devdasi’s daughter is pious and clean? she has filthy blood, Tulsi says filthy blood? you are calling her unclean and illegitimate? dont force me open eyes, you know you are calling your blood filthy, you know Aradhya is your daughter, Chimaji is shocked, Tulsi says yes, Aradhya is daughter of yours, she came in my life because of your cheating, you cheated me, Banwari listens all this and calls Aaba, he asks aaba to come here soon.
Aryan brings Aradhya in hospital, Aradhya has fainted. doctor checks Aradhya. Aryan sees her hands injured, he caresses them, Tum hi ho song plays, Aryan puts hand on her head and feels sad for her, he prays to God to make Aradhya fine, he holds her hand, he is worried for her. he sits down on chair and keep looking at Aradhya, he gets tensed, Aradhya wakes up and looks at him, she calls Aryan, Aryan comes to her and asks if she is fine? Aradhya stares him and thinks that Thank God he came here, now no one can do anything with me, Aryan smiles at him.
Banwari brings Chimaji’s loyalists, he says this Krishnadasi didnt even leave great Chimaji, she is pointing fingers at his piousness, Tulsi says i havent blamed anyone, i said what the truth is, loyalist says she is still spitting poison, her tongue should be cut. Aaba comes there and says culprit is always punished, this devdasi has insulted great Chimaji, we will call Panchayat and that will decide her punishment.
Kaka comes to Kumudini and says Tulsi is taken to Panchayat, she will be punished, Kumudini is shocked and goes with him.
Purva comes home and tells Pavitra that Aryan has gone to hospital with Aradhya, she was injured, she leaves, Pavitra says i knew these devdasies have done magic on my son, this boy will destroy my image.
Aryan asks Aradhya what are you thinking? she says nothing, Aryan says you will be given injection then we will go home, Aradhya is shocked listening injection, he says are you afraid of injection like kids? Aradhya says i have allergy from injection, i will be fine, Aryan says there is no allergy from injections, you have to take it as rats have bitten you. Aradhya sees injection in doctor’s hands and says i will not take it, i am afraid of it, Aryan says you are my lioness, you are afraid of this injection? Aradhya says doctor and Aryan you will be punished for this, i wont take any injection, Aryan says you will become rat too if you dont take injection, he holds her, doctor gives her injection, Aradhya says that i hope the girl you are marrying will be punishing you like this, Aryan says oh shit, i left Purva in jungle only, i will have to find another girl for marriage now, its good, she must have gone, she says what? why you wanted her to go away? Aryan says i was not ready for marriage, Aradhya says you are bad, you left girl in jungle, Aryan says i could save you or her, its good that i did one work fully, she must have gone to house, i will take you home, aradhya says i have to call Tulsi. She calls home, Gayetri takes call, Aradhya asks to give call to Tulsi, Gayetri says thank God you are fine, your Aayi went to Chimaji to find you, something went wrong and she is now taken to Panchayat, dont know what aaba and Chimaji will do with her, reach Panchayat and save your mother, Aradhya says yes and ends call, Aryan asks everything fine? Aradhya says Tulsi will be presented in Panchayat, they are going to punish her, aryan asks why? Aradhya runs from there, Aryan goes behind her.
Tulsi is presented in Panchayat, Tulsi says the one who is criminal has heis head bowed down, i am saying truth and i am not afraid of anyone, Banwari says she has tried to lure Chimaji, her face should be blackened, Tulsi stares Chimaji.
Nakku tells Pavitra that Tulsi is presented in Panchayat, she tried to insult Chimaji, we will find Aradhya and Aryan there only, Pavitra leaves for Panchayat.
Tulsi says to Panchayat that i am devdasi but that doesnt mean anyone can insult me, i have had relation with only one person my whole life and that is Chimaji, Kumudini, Shashwat, Pavitra comes there. Tulsi says i loved this Chimaji and he cheated me, Kumudini says she never told me that Chimaji is that person. Tulsi says 21years back, he was not that great piuos man, he was Poojari in our mandir, i loved him and trusted him, i gave everything to him but when his duty started, he became great Chimaji, Aryan and Aradhya comes there. Tulsi says truth is that this Chimaji is father of my daughter, all are shocked. Nakku says to Pavitra that it seems like your problems will be solved today, this Tulsi is gone today. One person says that this Tulsi has no shame, Chimaji is silent but she is saying rubbish, Tulsi says i have never allowed any other man to touch me, i never complained to anyone, i never wanted to tell this truth,if i was not forced today then i wouldnt have told this truth, i have raised my daughter, i didnt tell her about her father, in all these years, i have never let anything bad happen to her, all i want is my daughter’s safety and for that if Panchayat wants to punish me then i am ready for it but people will lose faith from Panchayat, i am saying truth and why should i be punished for saying truth? Banwari says she is not getting silent, One loyalist says that she has insulted our great Chimaji infront of all, we all are waiting for her punishment, Kumudini says Panchayat’s rule is that we listen to both sides, now Chimaji will present his case, if my daughter is lying then why he is not answering her? why he is silent? why he is not denying my daughter’s allegations? Great Chimaji, please answer her claims or maybe there is some truth to what my daughter is saying, aaba says he will not say anything, he is insulted enough, he doesnt to clear himself, Kumudini says what about my daughter being insulted? what you thinks Rao that you will keep ordering me and i will keep following you? dont forget that i am part of Panchayat too and i want justice for my daughter, all are aware about how great Chimaji is, he has gone to God’s side and no world relations right? he should clear himself, he came here for Shuddi karan so he should clear himself too, Krishanji knows everything and being father of someone is not bad thing, tell Chimaji if you are father of Krishnadasi Aradhya or not, Aaba says this is not way to question great Chimaji, Kumudini says then tell your way to solve this problem, Aaba says i have solution of this problem, you want to prove that Chimaji is culprit but i know he is innocent and to prove that i will do DNA test of him and Aradhya, Chimaji is stunned, Aaba says then we will end this matter, after DNA test, it will be known if Aradhya is Chimaji’s blood or not, when truth will come out then we will provide justice, people say it will clear everything, its good, Kumudini thinks what i have done? i have provoked Chimaji and did mistake, if this DNA test is done then everything will be ruined, what will i do now. Banwari asks what is DNA? Markand says DNA test is done to match father’s identity with baby, by this we get to know if baby is of that person or not, Pavitra listens this. Shashwat says to Aaba that this is not good idea, its not good to point fingers at some women’s honor, Aaba says you are taking side of this Devdasi? these dancers have no honor or shame, she has insulted chimaji, you have no regards for him? stay silent, Nakku says to Pavitra that your husband is fighting for this devdasi infront of whole Krishnawati. Aaba asks Tulsi if she has guts to do this DNA test? Tulsi says i am right and i am not afraid of any test but ask this Chiamji if he is ready, with this test, my daughter will get her answers too, she kept asking about her father, Aaba says okay we will call doctors from Mumbai so that there will be no chance of rigging in DNA test but if Tulsi is proven wrong then she will be punished, Tulsi says i am ready for punishment, Aaba says tomorrow she will be punished, stones will be thrown on her from all sides, chimaji agrees, Aryan looks at Aradhya who is stunned.

PRECAP- Aradhya says to Tulsi that when i was kid, all parents used to come to school for parent-teacher meeting, i would my father so much that i would write card for him and would write that i miss you father but my father has no guts to even say that yes Aradhya you are my daughter, he has not guts to hold my hand, Chimaji listens this. Pavitra says to Nakku that i dont care if Tulsi had relation with Chimaji and if Aradhya is his daughter or not, all i want to know is that if my husband had any relation with Tulsi or not, she gives Shashwat’s hair to Nakku and asks her to get DNA test done and match it with Aradhya. Nakku comes in hospital and asks nurse to do Shashwat’s DNA test and match his hair with Aradhya, Kumudini listens this and thinks that the secret i have been hiding for years will come out now, i cant let it come out like this, i have to do something. damini’s mother meets Kumudini and says you are same women who made me do an act 21years back right? Kumudini starts leaving, she says you made me switch babies at their birth right? Kumudini is shocked listening this.

Written Update by Atiba

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